Let's hear you guys' craziest physical evocation

So let’s hear your craziest physical evocation, mine was when I was younger I called and summoned a spirit at the bottom of my bed.

I summoned Azazel he appeared physically his manifestation was extremely quick.

It looked like black serpents were crawling on my bed I could even feel them, even heard a physical auditory voice that I could feel and hear on the back of my neck.

This isn’t my craziest or best but one that was unusual for me and memorable, so let’s hear yours ?.


No physical manifestations exactly but I had some physical things happen around me.

Once I had an unknown spirit enter my hotel room while I was first attempting soul travel. I asked it to show me a sign and nothing happened, when I turned the lights on and passed my BUNE sigil, which I had agreed to ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS face outwards, was turned upside down facing the floor. 100% checked it. Interesting part is, right next to where I had the sigil on the hotel desk is where the spirit appeared to me.

First time I ever had a spirit come into my room, I had a candle lit. It sparked 3 times as I asked if there was a spirit in the room. Then I asked for a sign, and my hallway light turned on on the very second my sentence was over.

Pretty sure I am forgetting some things.


Damn that’s great dude :slightly_smiling_face:.


It’s not entirely physical but the closest thing was when I evoked Nemesis.
It was strange first time I felt a spirit touch me she touched my face and I was so confused like “oh shit it worked lol”


Didn’t see a physical manifestation but asked for a sign and heard some thuds here and there. Asked for a stronger, unmistakable sign, and water from the shower in my bathroom turned on. It didn’t stop until I acknowledged and thanked the entity for the sign.

It was awesome!


I haven’t had a physical manifestation, but the craziest experience I had was poltergeist activity. I was calling on a someone I had never worked with before, and the walls around me started banging. Surprisingly, I didn’t freak out. Also, one of my bags started swaying back and forth.

Besides that, I’ve had candles relight themselves as I try to put them out. But that’s pretty much it for how crazy it’s gotten.


Great success :ok_hand:

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Not “craziest” (I never kiss and tell! :blush: ) but most unexpected was when my Personal Daemon reached out and stroked my skin.

I hadn’t intended to evoke him to physical touchable presence, it just happened. He wanted to get my attention, and it worked. :wink:

Link for people who may have just joined because i think this is an awesome working to do, and you can base others off the concepts in it as well :thumbsup:



Spontaneous manifestation of a spirit, don’t you just love it when that happens.


One of the best for me was 31st oct 2015. When the veil opened and Hekate, Ceredwin, Lilith & Lethe took shape in the mist then released the spirits of the underworld. Was effing awesome to behold.


You’re all “didn’t have a physical manifestation”, yet perfectly described such experience? There’s a difference between VISUAL manifestation - seeing a spirit - and PHYSICAL manifestation - feeling a spirits physical presence by touch or witness a spirit moving objects. It’s perfectly described as it’s written, as I see it.

My two spirits are in a permanent physical manifestation, so I feel their presence 24/7. Their currents, or levels of energy, comes in different strengths and shapes. Sometimes in a divine state, sometimes in a dark state and sometimes within astral projection. The latter extends the experience to the extreme, and a few times, one of my spirits has manifested through my bed by climbing out of it and crawling on top of me.

There’s also a combination of these two forms of manifestations, making their presence a Physical-Visual Manifestation. That combination seems rare, but it’s easiest to experience that through a half-awake-half-asleep state.

I think Leslie Nielsen from the “Naked Gun”-trilogy nailed it by this classic line:
"Like a blind man at an orgy, I was going to have to feel my way through.”


Not the craziest, but one of the more interesting ones:

When I was practicing evocation, I had a list of demon names and their enns on my altar. I was sitting there, thinking, “What demon should I evoke?”

Immediately, a fly showed up and landed on a name on the list:


The fly then turned to me; it was almost as if it was looking at me expectantly.


So much love for this! :thumbsup: :sparkling_heart:


You’re right. I meant visual manifestation but said physical instead.


Hell yeah man :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


You’re right,



I knew it! A fly landed on my sigil today as I was charging and sealing it and my guy said it was Him!


Haha, who else but Beelzebub?


All the physical manifestations I’ve had weren’t evocations. There have been many times when I have awoken to see entities standing at the doorway of my bedroom or by my bed staring at me. There was this one time where I thought I was fighting an entity in a dream, only to fully awaken and realise that the entity was in my room and the fight was real. It literally dragged me half way down my bed.

The most interesting for me was in Bali. Had an argument with my ex and went for a walk. When I came back, I found that she had taken off to another hotel. It was around 7pm. I was completely sober. I reached into the bar fridge to grab a bottle of water, only to turn around and see a full manifestation of a spirit, dressed in some sort of brown outfit, standing on the balcony looking at me. Given that I was pissed off from earlier, I told it to fuck off, then lay down. Never saw it again. Later, I discovered that it was the spirit that had caused the fight in the first place. Mind you, my ex was a freakin lunatic.

The closest thing to physical manifestation that I get during evocations is feeling their energies brush against my hair or skin.


Yesterday I set up a sigil ritual, but while I was charging the sigil I had the thought to go ahead and evoke Azazel. Once I stopped chanting his enn I looked up and saw him as a semi-transparent shadow, in his goat/satyr form. My initial thought/reaction was astonishment an how tall and large he is! And it occurred to me how willing he is to respond!