Let's hear you guys' craziest physical evocation

Yeah try seeing him at work! He never not suprises me how big he is. I hope I get use to it or im never going to get any work done. :tired_face:

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My craziest evocation just happened today. I summoned belial and told him to manifest in the shadows of the wall right in front of me i saw spectral swirls of smoke in the wall then proposed a pact of possession and asked he show me his face as a confirmation of agreement his face formed in the quick spectral swirls of the wall just like in this video https://youtu.be/84I3vOUfpgg i finished the ritual sent him off to do his task and finished with the incantation i saw the wall until there was no more spectral trails and watched him go towards the floor. It was quite an experience

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During my apprenticeship rite to the nine gatekeepers they made the shadows become living shadows

There was a physical manifestation, way back when I was younger (I didn’t evoke it, at least not by my own will). I had a nightly visitor for a long period of time and it was not too pleasant. It would stand beside my bed, staring at me. I was frightened beyond belief because I could see it perfectly clear due to a street lamp right outside my window. I became too scared to scream for help because it would lunge at me and shaking me violently if I would make one single sound (it had a brittle voice that would turn into an ear-piercing shriek whenever it got a hold on my wrists or ankles; to this day I wonder how nobody heard it). I didn’t want to look at it because it looked like E.T had a bad car accident and burnt to a crisp. I would often pretend that I was asleep and turned slowly my face to the wall on the other side of my bed; it would come even closer then and I could feel how the mattress would give in under its weight. I was horrified and of course nobody would believe me :smiley:
It ended apruptly when my bedroom was moved to another room inside the house. Maybe it was a poltergeist or something like that. It never showed up since then (my late dogs all refused to walk into my old bedroom long after it has changed into a home office for my dad). I’m kinda glad that my evocations won’t pull any jumpscares on me :smiley:

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Hello Would you be able to preform an invocation or evocation of a spirit and relay the message back to me? Reasons for getting in touch with representatives of the spirit realm: I need them to save my life and the life of many others around heall my body and help me to defend a lot of life and to fuffil my life mission I am ancippating to achieving a way of constant direct communicate from the spirits to give me all the information I need to be able to do my healing and defence work I’m highly spiritually advanced the spirits will know me well from there ill
bring them to physical manifestation so I can hear see and speak to them which I’ve done before so I’m anticipating a highly detailed message on many subjects and most particularly a way acess the higher realms astral and above to coonect with God here’s a recent photo and other info please let me know also wanted to know the spirits you work with to see if they cross over with mine on my light side you can contact archangel Micheal for example one I work with do you work with Angela and demons? Many thanks

Can you do physical manifestations or was it a one off?