Let's do a ritual/curse for my annoying landlords

I’m doing baneful ritual to force my landlords to pay back my rental deposit. Would like some suggestions from you guys and also for anyone to contribute some magickal energy to the ritual if you have any time to spare. Much appreciated.

I was at a low point in my life, had to sell everything and move back with my mom, once I’m strong enough I decided to move out and live on my own again to rebuild my life.

So I got this place in the middle of the city. Basic unit, no furniture, but it was ok for a start. I lived there for two years but the landlord was problematic:

  • he didn’t pay the maintenance fee so my car would end up getting clamped and I would have to bear the fine to get it unclamped.
  • same with access cards, since he didn’t pay the maintenance fees I don’t have access cards and I had to rely on duplicates which were often confiscated by the management and I had to pay out of pocket to replenish the cards.
  • sometimes he would even complain about me deducting all these expenses from the rent but I’m like fuck you I’m deducting anyway.

So one day in April I was going to work and found my car clamped again. I thought ok this is the last straw and I’m not taking anymore of this shit so I got a new place in the same apartment complex but the owner is a nice lady and the place is much better kept.

Here’s where I fucked up:
I knew the landlord doesn’t give a shit so what I should’ve done is to stay another 2-3 months without paying rent and then get another place. But I was just so pissed off and couldn’t take it anymore plus the new unit is on the same floor so moving would just take a few hours so I just jumped on the chance before someone else dropped the booking fee for that house.

So now I know the landlord doesn’t even have money to pay his maintenance fee and I need to get that cash otherwise my cashflow is severely fucked for this month.

My plan on the spiritual:
Get a demon or angel to force the fucker to pay me. If anyone has any experience for what entity to use please drop your suggestions below.

My plan on the mundane:
I’ll create ads on facebook telling people about how shitty this landlord is and target that particular building until
a- the fucker pays up, or
b- until I’ve spent ad budget equal to the amount he owes me and make him famous.

so of course the mundane one is scorched earth, but I’ll feel really good doing it. I prefer to have cash though so I want to force the bugger to pay up using angels, demons, what have you.

Phew that was a long one.

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Baneful wouldn’t be the correct term. I would say it’s more along the lines of manipulation.

Try Zaro or Paimon.


I would also be willing to try.

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Create a servitor to torment the fool until he gives you the deposit back,

In the book Creating Magical Entities, by Taylor Ellwood and Michael Cunningham, the authors talk about doing just that. They sent a servitor to the landlord’s place and made things start to go wrong for him, like pipes bursting, etc, until he paid up.


Alright. But then how would he know that those things happening to him are because of him not paying me back specifically?

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The servitor can plant the idea in his mind.

Every time something goes wrong for him, your name might pop into his head. At first, he’ll shrug it off, but as more things start happening, and your name keeps coming up, eventually his mind will connect the dots.

If you are looking for a quick fix, this option might not be the best one, though, as it would take a little time, depending on how stubborn he is.

The pro is, you don’t have to call off the servitor just because he pays you back :wink:


Ok I’ll do this ritual asap. I don’t have the book though. Are there any instructions to do this online?

And is there a more short term fix?

Yeah, you can find instructions for creating servitors online. They are a standard in the Chaos Magick paradigm.

But try this:

You can also contact King Paimon, as @itsnathanm7 mentioned above, as a more short term resolution, while your servitor gets busy destroying stuff.

You could also sic Belial on him, as he despises people who abuse their power over others.

Ok I’ll do all of em. Servitor, then King Paimon, then Belial. I WILL get my cash even if I burn down half the town.

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