Jason Miller

i bought the book too. Good stuff…though i think he has a more limited view of what magick is capable of compared to myself tbh


Just bought it recently
Great book too!
But I don’t think he sees that highest potential in magick like we do,
Becoming a god and what not.

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I just picked up the book too. I thought it provided a really lucid explanation of what goes into making a successful spell… I wouldn’t say he necessarily has a limited view, rather that he’s more practical as far as providing realistic expectations for developing sorcerers.


He did make it clear that magick can and does produce true miracles. He is just trying to say that it is not the norm. E.A. is not much different in his approach when he said in one of his videos (paraphrased): “For the longest time I didn’t do rituals for hire because people were asking for ridiculous things such as bringing their spouse back from the dead, etc. We have to work within the context of our reality. For example, if you were caught red handed slaughtering your whole family, you are probably going to do some time. But even then you can use magick to help minimize the consequences.”


I bought the same book and am half way through. It’s good shit. A lot of common sense that some of those new to magick seem to lack, especially the info on crappy goals. It’s all well and good to want to be obscenely wealthy or famous, but it’s not going to happen if you have never picked up a sigil before and have no way for the wealth to come.

The info on macro enchantments boosted by micro enchantments is worth the cost of the book alone, in my opinion. Newbies are always looking for that one spell or ritual that will make all their dreams come true without them having to lift a finger. This, and S. Connelly’s book Demonic Prosperity Magick should be required reading for anyone looking to use magick to further their material life. S. Connelly covers similar territory about applying magick to goals as Miller, except her emphasis is on prosperity. Learning to apply the lever of magick in the most strategic way to obtain your goals is something everyone should know.


To have a book or work that focus’s on mundane goals is no more interesting then tony robnins talking about your own personal inner genie to obtain your goals and wishes. I see it as nothing more then clever clever mentalism

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it’s more like how to apply your magick to your goals in the best way. It is always easier to move a small stone, than to wait until it has become a boulder. It is essentially how to get more bang out of your magick. It doesn’t focus on mundane goals, but that is what the majority of posts on this forum are about. More money, more influence, more love, more sex, bring my ex back…the list goes on and on.

Knowing how to apply the influence of magick in the best possible way to achieve what you want is the hallmark of a skilled sorcerer.


In my estimation, the only boundaries to magick are internal, not external.

You literally manifest all of reality around you every moment.

Magick is nothing less than the forces that constitute life itself.

So in my opinion, understand your own limits. Don’t try to be “realistic”. There is no “normal” except for what we allow other people to impose on our perception.

There is no “external” world that imposes limits on our magick.


Granted if you want to do it that way. Lottle goals first but there is nothing stopping you from axheiving greatness only your own doubt

To each their own but Newbies come to the forum all the time with grandiose ideas of what they can accomplish with magick right out of the gate and i think a healthy dose of reality can be helpful, lest magitus and delusion take hold.

S. Connelly, Jason Miller and EA have been practicing sorcerers for decades., and im sure are capable of miracles, but they still stack their invocations and evocations to accomplish their goals. Dont just ask a demon to bring you the job but also invoke Venus to increase your attractiveness to nail the interview and so forth.

It has nothing to do with doubt and everything to do with maximizing the efficacy of your magick.

Anyway, i recommend the book.


I am agreeing with you. Although i will agree that new students do need good direction i remember the day i noticed e.a koetting the spirits had nudged me toward him and i did not listen, and i suffered for it, my greatest asset though is soul travel, im working to improve upon my results and have noticed i am needed in the world not just my own reality which e.a talks about in his videos if im correct.

Anyways still agreeing with you, just voicing my humble opinion of mentalism, but yes eceryone starts somewhere and the journey is fun

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Couldn’t have said it better myself. When you’ve got guys making Physical objects disappear, moving objects With their minds, and having large sums of money sent to them Out of seemingly nowhere, I’m of the conclusion too that there is very little Magick cannot do. The whole reason I made the success story thread was to show people evidence around them that may reveal their own limited beliefs of what Magick is capable of without you. The fact that Magick doesn’t need my mundane help to kill people was really all I needed to see when coming to this conclusion. With all this being said, the book does give some good advice ( the part about links and offerings especially ) to help improve your efficiency with getting desired results


If you want to get a nice idea of what magick can do for you, then you might want to take a look at Franz Bardon’s Practice of Magical Evocation book, if you haven’t. He lists literally hundreds of spirits and what they can teach you as a magician in brief paragraphs. If I told you some of abilities they can help teach you to do, you might not even believe me :stuck_out_tongue: It blew my mind when I first read it and it has acted as a catalyst for my ascent. Whenever I get discouraged and feel like giving up, I turn to the pages within so I can remember why I’m doing all this in the first place, and the ultimate potentials and possibilities is just staggering. :sunglasses:

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ill definitely check it out. What kind of stuff do these spirits teach?

Let’s see…just to give you some examples: Invulnerability( cannot be harmed in any way,not even cuts or stab wounds nor extremes of heat) astral immortality, physical immortality, rejuvenation so you actually look younger than you are, agelessness(so you keep your apparent age), Dematerialization and rematerialization of not only your astral, mental, but physical body as well(teleportation) healing the most severe wounds in seconds, special Kabbalistic formulas that save the magician when in grave danger(like killing a murderer instantly, or making you invisible to get away) flight, walking on water, etc,.

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dayum. i gotta look into that shit xD

Yeah it’s the shit! He has them all broken up into categories starting with the elements then going to the different planetary spheres: 24 spirits listed in the elemental section, 384 spirits listed in the zone girdling the earth(malkuth) 28 spirits of the moon, 72 spirits of mercury, 90 spirits listed under venus, 45 spirits from the sun, 36 spirits of mars(only their names tho), and 12 spirits from jupiter!

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I am very excited about magick now. Verdo’s compilation of very substantial successes, coupled with my own recent success makes me realize that magick can do VERY big things.


@MysticNick whoa! how many pages is this book? if hes got mini descriptions on each, thats gotta be the size of the king james bible, hah

@jboy the sky is the limit man. Theres so many ways to extrapolate magick in ways people in the occult rarely explore. i’ll be doing a few things in time that i hope to share

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370 pages before the sigils in the back of the book start being shown and listed :slight_smile:

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