Hi forum sorry I have been away for a few months

Last month I did my very first evoking legions of angels with the angels I started off easy i was able to get an exact amount of money I desired within a few days AKA 2 days

Evoking legions of demons I asked for something big I asked for the same thing which was money buy I asked for quadrupled the amount I got from the angles but the demons succeeded my results came fast which was 2 days

When you evoke legions of spirits no matter what kind they are your results will come almost in record time from my experience compared to evoking one entity where you will have to wait a certain amount of time to what you desired

Thought I would share my experience with you


Bradley fields


I always thought that when you evoke a goetic demon… That discarnate will implement their legions as

From my understanding they do but it is like dealing with a large company things have to go through the chain of command. And when you consider some of these chains potentially involve thousands if not hundreds of thousands of entites it can take a bit.

Evoking legions would be like bringing all the deparments into a conference hall and going “here is what needs to be done lets get to it!” Versus the Boss going to deparment heads, going to managers,assistant mangers ect all the way down to the people on the ground floors.

That is how it seems to me at least. Been pondering ln trying this with planetary and elemental spirits once im dont with a few projects and have some free time.


Thanks for sharing. Your experience does make sense. More hands make the work go faster. Do you mind going into more detail about how much you asked for and how it ended up coming about for you on both occasions?


With the angels asked for 200,000 to try it out I thought 200,000 was responsible

With the demons I asked for 1 million both amounts I needed bad came really fast an unexpected way

Does that make sense


whoa…200k? a million? in what currency?

Wow… I would definitely like to hear more details of how you achieved these results, and how the money came about.


Lol seriously… if that is in US dollars i need the names and numbers of those demons


ikr? xD


Well I read ea koetting book evoking eternity he had a full chapter on evoking legions of spirits Wether they angles,demons, whatever. EA koetting said how when evoked legions of spirits in one single evocation he was able to request a large sum of money within hours and at longest within days


i know i know! but seriously though…was that one million U.S. dollars or another currency? because if thats U.S. dollars, thats probably the most impressive money magick ever written on these forums


It could be channels such as new areas of opportunity open up with high income earnings, you make yourself indespensible and even learn and master new skills, and thieves and competitors are turned away for an upper hand.

No it was not it was in Canadian currency

And question for you why would it be so impressive if it were u.s currency compared to other nations currency

If you don’t mind me asking


Canadian? Thats pretty much the same as U.S. dollars then. The reason it matters is that not every currency is equal. You can have a million zimbabwe dollars for example, but all that would buy you is an egg if you’re lucky. One million canadian dollars or U.S. dollars however can buy you a couple houses.

I think i speak for everyone here when i ask for more details lol. Like…what entities did you use…and how did the money come to you…like, did ýou win the lottery? inheritance from a dead relative? huge bonus from work? Inquiring minds must know! I mean hell…4 days to acquire 1.2 million dollars? Not even sure if EA himself has ever pulled off a windfall like that in such a short time


Why not call upon a certain amount of entities to come and watch the crowd come to you

Well for how I got that kinda money

It’s extremely bizarre and very rare for entities of any kind to deliver money to you this way

It happened about 1 or 2 months ago when i did the ritual I had to work that evening night so I performed it in the late morning going into the afternoon

I got paid 2 weeks ago before the ritual wasn’t happy with check because I have backed bills to pay on top of schools loans and car issue and bank issues

And I logged into both my bank accounts

In matter of days from the angels 200,000 dollars as put in my account from money the federal government Owes me and my dead grandmother’s will each was 100,000 from each source

And from the demons they put 1 million in my bank account they said it was from an unknown source

Does that makes sense


Very interesting. Well shit man…i’ll be adding this one to the the BALG Repository of success stories right at the top. The most anyone had managed to get so readily on here was about 120k, so you’ve set a new record. Of coarse, your particular circumstances are unique to you, but still impressive regardless!


That was a intellignet smart move…but how many angels (legion) did you evoke…Goethic or Biblic…?And what did you give in return ?


I need more info.
What was the name of the angels and what was their seal or sigil
Same for the demons


So you just up and got a random deposit of a million dollars in your account, huh? :thinking:

And why do you not come back and share the demons you worked with…?