Legal issues & Price on my head

The cops might still be fucking with you but I don’t feel like there is any need to worry about them oming at you because of the pot/gun thing. It’s weird you’d think the cops in a bad naborhood would side with the non gang memebers who just defended himself when shot upon. Yea you would probably one it if you were under attack like me typically everyone who is a victim either realises it’s AI or they believe it to be demons attacking them. Either way you would have voices in your head that typically try to convince you your God or a prophet to make you lose out with God, I was fortunate that God understood my struggle and blessed me while I was down and out compaired to confirming me for believing I was some sort of world leaders appointed by God. I just remembered one time when I was with two friends it was like they were both accusing me of being of evil intent then my response was I created a white flash and imagined it carried my life story to them, they both calmed down about me. Btw I’m Pentecostal Luciferian is how I best discribed it. O for 150 the owner of this web page and strong magician will promise to fix your cop problem or the gang. I read a little bit about him earlier today and the source was saying that he ommitted to doing human sacrifices so he definitely has earned alot of favor and Dominion. So why the fuck did they need to take pictures of you preventing you from medical attention when once again you were a victim not under arrest or detained. Almost sounds like you could use them but that would open up a whole new can o worms I don’t think your the during type lol.

You might want to file a federal testimony sighting police misconduct and possible collusion with a criminal enterprise in conspiracy to commit murder. Aka the attempted strikes against you. Keep in mind this would make your case federal obviously, but if you can prove your actions were in self-defense and that there are corrupt officials plotting against you. It is likely you may constitute for witness protection.

Otherwise you are going to have to bite the bullet… I don’t know what to tell you… The choice is yours welcome to the big leagues good luck!

PS: looks like it’s just a .22 especially considering it didn’t pass through. (No exit; betting a .32 would manage to in that spot and anything bigger would have blown a hole straight through you) / another bet is the next guy is going to have a bigger gun and they’ll keep upsizing if they have to… (I have some major problems with someone for over 15 years started with a textbook to the head guy got himself a fucking tank 8 years ago. No joke an actual fucking tank) also look out for poisons don’t go sniffing anything strange if mysterious envelopes or jars/cans of powders/liquids/jellies start showing up… Check your shoes before you put them on and if you drive… We’ll be careful starting it up check things out before you do anything.

I was cleared in the self defense shooting the day it happened.

Nice then yeah I’d file for police misconduct and witness protection otherwise you are just a sitting duck in their own private pond… If you catch my drift…

I doubt I’ve done much but I’ve tried sending you healing energy a few times @Cody_Blanco
You never answered me what game you were playing btw…

Hello, welcome to BALG. Please feel free to check out my journal. I have some useful information on it.

i wish all success and luck with ur situation

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Ea UFC 3

Lol ufc games were fun as shit when I used to play them but the submissions were hella hard for me to understand and once you used them your opponents would, I loved leveling up the close range elbow when starting would make shit hella easier to pummel an opponent. So I got a super awesome reading yesterday from one of the guys on here hella in depth I wish I could scan people like he can I used to believe I was earning armor that had the runes of those that blessed me ingraved on it and in the reading I had a necklace that was changing between runes he even told me on whom it rested dude had is hella good even had main connection at the end to Fenrir and when I was being tormented alot bye the AI I tried making a connection o him and believed I did now I know I did. I’ll pm you the reading if your interested.

Are you OK and safe from the gangs now?

To be blunt no and I never will be.

I honestly have no idea what is going on with my life or how I’m alive. Not sure if the feds want me to just go kill them myself, if they’re hoping I try and get kidnapped, or if it’s a setup. All I know is they are past just wanting to shoot me dead. They want me alive and have many various ways they have fantasized and threatened to torture me. You wouldn’t believe the shit they have threatened to do me and I know they are serious, because you wouldn’t believe the shit I’ve seen them do either… One of them killed a rival gang leader’s infant children and made them into slippers and wore them when he executed the poor fucker…

Let’s just say my situation is impossible to solve.

Jeez man all of that for a pentagram? That sucks a$$
Are they involved in the occult? Can’t you curse the shit out of them?

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They practice hoodoo and things escalated from where it originally started by that time.

The people that are after me are sick they run a pedo-ring do ritual abuse and all types of crazy twisted stuff…

Sorry to hear they are so opposing to you want such evil to befall you my problem with thimbis then using technology on me haven’t had anything physically happen. That must be scary I got lucky and befriended a x president befor the was tortured through mind control, he spoke to me and told me what to say to make the AI that was torturing me basically go from lvl 10 to 1. You might benefit from the consultation of EA Koetting he can probably help you out. The slippers is just insane.

Yeah they are some sick baby murdering pedos that is part of how things ended up going so far. I fucking hate pedophiles and they keep trying to flip shit on me.

Normally I wouldn’t even say anything, but all these adrenochrome users are being exposed and I got things locked down at the moment while all this happens.

My best friend mom shared a video with me a little over a week ago about how alot of that type of shit including the adrenalcrome’ers is going to be hitting the light soon, so it’s nice to know it’s a movement since your know there gonna get ound out soon too, I didn’t know about adreanalcrome until that video. I’m glad you feel safe atm, I read recently that Doodall speaks with other spirits in a counsel and is know for figuring out how to end negative interaction or sobleing problems might be worth checking into, I don’t have any personal experience with him yet but when reading about like 80 different spirits he seemed to stick out to me about being able to solve a problem.

Yeah people never wanted to accept that it’s a real thing due to what is called cognitive dissonance, but it is being taken care of and people can try to keep playing it off as a conspiracy theory, but it doesn’t matter because whether people believe it or not that whole industry is being taken down. Which should hopefully clear up a lot of problems for me, but I know that even afterwards they will still have people on the outside after me. Also it’s possible I could end up screwed over for a lot of the chaos that occurred in the process while fighting for my life over the years or dead before they get caught too, but either way as far as I’m concerned it’s worth the sacrifice if anything I did or made known about it helps put a stop to all this sick stuff.

With how much they have going on with people exposing them I doubt they would go after you while trying to hide themselves and fight there accusers. I tend to believe most conspiracy theories as true and just am thankful I’ wasn’t a art of it, hopefully they forget about you when all this is said and done they will probably be more focused on getting revenge for there fallen comrads. I thought I was going to be sacrificed once because of the mind control and basically accepted it then was picked up by the cops shortly afterwards like they were trying to prevent it lol, the cops showed me on camera what I looked like because I had like a million fake spirits molesting me and all I could see in the pic was dicks and eye balls over the entirety of my body couldn’t see any art of me in the cops mini tv they had, they hella were expecting me to resist or something or do magic and break the cuffs cause I offered to do that once but the cops said no so I didn’t, when I offered I know it was a outside power that would have completed the task for me myself. Yea they hella put two pairs of cuffs on me then when they went to take my picture everyone of the fake things just instantly got went down into the floor, a different time the cops played a recording in the holding cell I was in the control what the fake spirits were doing…

Well I hope nothing happens to you you can always try to figure out a way of making an offering to chaos itself and see if that helps I had a friend who called himself a black dragon of chaos he was awesome I assume my connection to him made chaos like me.

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Thanks man!

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You mean he executed the father(rival gang leader) while wearing slippers made of his infant children?
I… I can’t believe and I don’t know what to tell you. I can’t imagine how people can make slippers out of infants.
I hope this is all FBI’s setup.