Left Hand Path, Loneliness

I am severely lonely. I can talk about any topics but it seems like nobody in my circle enjoys my company as much as I appreciate interpersonal relationships, and when I do make friends with people - they always want me for money/assets instead of grow with me. I thought I was doing something wrong or maybe I’m socially anxious. Then I thought, maybe this is just meant to be.

It’s impossible for me to live without interpersonal relationships with anything. A dog would be nice but I’m not allowed to own them. How about spirits? Any input or anyone can relate? I don’t mean bringing up topics that sound like the devil’s talk that strays people away. You just simply feel alone and therefore you are.


There’s no such thing as “devil’s talk” unless you’re some sort of wacked out fundie xtian so high on the bullshit you can’t tell truth from dogma, and there’s not too many of those here. :joy_cat:

You want to fix that then. Being an occultist is a rare thing. You can give up yourself to conform and fit in with normies, or you can be true to yourself. I think you can do both actually - there’s no reason to tell people you know at that art class or the gym that you’re an occultist - relate to them on the common ground you share and nothing else. Then discuss magick with the global community online.
In this way you can have your cake and east it to.


U gotta workout n do things that make you
Happy on all layers of reality - spiritual and nonspirirual related . When you are vibrating loneliness or not becoming the best version of yourself your ego with start to say it’s cause ur too spiritual


No shit there’s no such thing as the “devil’s talk.” I bring it up because that’s the main reason why people are lonely. They can’t blend in topics with people. Whether I do or don’t, I’m still lonely.


Well in that case, this entire forum is “devil’s talk”, despite that fact that most of the people on this forum don’t believe in the xtain devil, because fuck xtianity.

Whatever dude, I think if that’s your reaction, being lonely isn’t other people’s fault. Maybe you need to work on your social skills.

Um, what? I don’t talk the ‘devil’s talk’ and I don’t do normie friends and I’m not lonely beacuase don’t need people.

You’re lonely because you want to make friends with people with different values than you and have them accept your values. Stop that.

I’m saying don’t bother - relate to people in your life for who they are at their level. You don’t need to push them away by insisting on talking about the occult.
That’s no different than the geek who only knows xmen, pushing people away because all he knows to talk about is xmen. He’s boring at best and scary at worst - don’t be that geek.
Talk about something else, it’s not rocket science.


Being in this forum you just may have surrounded yourself with like minded people (@Mulberry I saw you on here but didn’t read so sorry if I repeat anything oh say you always give good advice on these topics). Be you and will attract people you want and need to you. I love the saying your vibe attracts you tribe and I found them in here for sure.


Have a big goal also helps cause everthing you do will be a stepping stone to something great n will meet people along the way


I think we just found out why you have no friends.

Try remembering that you’re speaking to a human being and showing some basic courtesy, it will take you far in life. :+1:


As an occultist, you can always perform a ritual to bring you a group of friends that share your interests. :man_shrugging:


When someone misinterprets my post, sure I guess. Haha thanks.


A few suggestions. Emotional intelligence is a skill that most occultists can improve on, myself included. Work with Venus, understanding the good and bad of connections will aid you overall. Lastly, being different (talking to spirits) does make you a bit of an oddball. I’ve been doing this for 5 years, and I have maybe three genuine friends. Some of my friends are at a bar right now, and I wanna take a hike and chat with some spirits.


Thank you for your answer. What other deities from your personal experience that has helped guide you with emotional intelligence and understanding bad/good intentions of other people?

Prince Orobas can easily make you more esteemed and dignified in the eyes of others. He can reunite friends and reconcile friend and foe.

You might give thought to petitioning or evoking him.


Honestly, I feel like it is a disservice to tell you that XYZ is best for you. Why? I know my experience and my life story, I do not know what your story is. I suggest spend some time meditating (yes, we all have to do this lol), and use the search option. Do this for a few days, or weeks and some names will stick out to you. That is your clue and entry point.
Also, I think understanding your intentions can save you alot of extra work. Understand yourself before you worry about other people. (I always try to physically write out when I have an issue or problem - to physically see how much of myself I can externally communicate.)

Edit: I’ll use myself an an example. When I started, the occult was the only item I choose to talk about. My experience told me this is faulty. A well rounded occultist should, at a minimum, be capable of talking about normal things. Why? Suppose you wanna connect with a person you find attractive. A connection is formed by simply interacting, not by trying to use the Goetia as an icebreaker :joy: So, maybe Venus can teach these lessons experientially. Which is more profound than this wall of text.


Hmmm alone as lhp? Probably you live in a little village, witchcraft is practiced by lots of people and accepted. Under an umbrella term like eclectic witch you are accepted everywhere. Less and less light workers do rituals with angels but normally the wiccans are opened to Pan and have the picture of the Devil or Baphomet even if they don’t really understand it.


Angels work well for this sort of thing, if youre an edge lord and dont work with angels than a demon that will let you live up to your potential. You can do all the magick you want to talk good, be funny, and be compelling but at the end of the day YOU STILL HAVE TO DO THE WORK, magick is a shortcut yes, but you cant take advantage of a shortcut in a race if you havent even begun the race.

Take the advice above, dont talk about the occult with normal people, theres just no point. Your going to alienate yourself from 99% of the population if you do that just like how super religious people or super atheist people do the same thing if all they talk about is one subject. Create distance between your magickal life and your mundane, do your magick and forget about it. Plug back in.

If you can make conversation about anything you are not socially awkward, the key to making friends is asking interesting questions, ask about their life and what their goals are. If you ask the right questions you can gauge what sort of person they are and if they are interesting enough to be your friend, they will likely do the same. Keep your mouth shut about the time Lilith gave you life changing head or the time Lucifer really knocked your socks off, the other person is going to look at you like you are crazy, just like they would if you talked about the time you prayed and heard god speak to you.

Get some hobbies, work on yourself, ask yourself why you even want friends. My friends are interested in getting to the money 2 of them are into magick and 2 of them are religious. We all share the common interest of self improvement.

Just work on yourself and ask interesting questions hangout with the people that are going somewhere.


If you’re looking for dirty sex I highly recommend Naamah. Her evocation is posted on these forums. Really material and really quick, I’ve found. Also good with love on the hot and sweaty side. Remember quid pro quo.


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It won’t fix all your problems, and certainly not your social anxiety but it can be a beginning to forge relationship and sexual regular relation with a spirit.

Dont do it lightly however.

For the rest, work your magick and use rituals to enhance your social life in the same time you work on your skill to become a friendly human being honestly interested by others.

Being on the LHP doesnt have to isolate you. You can keep it secret as your private secret garden, and endoss the social role you choose in life.


I don’t talk about demons or the occult or anything spiritual with anybody. I never did…


Then work on your people skills. Read some books and practice

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