I’m going away for a while.
So long, you guys :heart:


Good luck and a following wind!
Hope to see you again sometime :slight_smile:


Best of luck, wherever your path leads you :slight_smile:
We’ll be right here if you decide to come back!

Good journey, @A_Pariah

May you return here to us when the stars are right.


I give you the blessing of my Gods.

Good journey out there @Oddman. May peace, wisdom, and sheer maddening ecstasy come your way. Until we meet again

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Hope everything is right in your life. And also hope you come back soon.

See you when the time comes.

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Be well, cya Oddnan!


I’ll miss Oddnan. She had good jokes.


Good luck @A_Pariah !

Ok bye

Good luck with your journey!

Good luck, see you in a few weeks or whenever you make it back here.


I don’t know why, but your post reminded me of Bilbo Bagging on his Eleventy First birthday.

In similar fashion, I hope you find that you still have many adventures set before you, and may you find many other companions here and across the sea that may beckon to you. Should you return here one day soon, may you bring with you the wisdom and good fortune that you acquired on your journey. ‘Til then, fare thee well! :sailboat:

Good luck with your endeavors. I hope to see you again.

Catch you later. :black_heart::waxing_crescent_moon:


Take care!

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This is super sad. You will be missed.:cry:

If you ever come back, we will make sure we have the chains ready.

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I’m so sorry to hear that you are leaving. May the Gods guide you in the right path and shine light on your eyes to see the path of full enlightenment.