Leaving Satanism


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I technically agree. There are different forms of Satanism. There is Atheistic Satanism, Theistic Satanism, and others. In fact, it has to do with the self, not Satan.

In fact, it uses the symbolism of Satan, being indulgence and desires of the flesh rather than seeing him as an authority. It places you as the supreme authority.


On the other hand, what was the purpose of mocking him?

Satanism has far more aspects to it than “truth seeking.”

I went down the same route as the OP. I was initiated but I was able to leave. He’s not restrained.


If you don’t mind me asking what made you not want this path?


To a mix of Hinduism and Christian Wicca.


A self Initiation ritual.


Then leaving should be easy.


I lost interest in the path and I realized all the Darkness isn’t for me.


Cool, keep us updated on your results. If i may interject, have you considered the pre-Christian religions of your ancestors?


Yes this would be Hinduism


I didn’t know you were Indian! That’s great then! I expect to be hearing great things from you!


You are always free to do as you wish. But all the responsibility of your decisions fall on you. Whether that’s eating nothing but cookie dough for a week straight and wondering why you’re feeling sick. Or more serious matters like telling off your boss for treating you like garbage.

The edge lords are a downside for sure. Then so are the fluff bunnies. The Infernal, Qliphothic, and Satanic paths aren’t going to resonate with everyone, nor should they fit some mold. However it’s far more than darkness and being “hardcore” it’s joy and warmth as much as it is cold and darkness. Things exist in balance and it’s hard to have one without the other.

Do you. This community benefits from differences in opinion and a variety of paths. The whole you can only work with this type of spirit, or do this thing, or must LOVE black, or jerk off to gore porn versions of Baphomet, or anything of that sort is just silly.


I look forward to some of your posts too!


Everybody does magick different, this platform is a great place to discuss and share information and knowledge.

This was my initial “problem” with this site, my only understanding of Demons was what Christianity taught me and some new age stuff (they were describing unwanted lower spirits though). I took me quite a few pages of readings on the nature of demons and who they are to begin to understand. Same goes for black, grey, and baneful magick. Some people are into cursing every girl, man, woman, and bedside corner that has done them wrong, most people on the LHP are not though. Then there were other people talking about spreading love and working with Jesus, saying God will kill all who disobey and archangel Michael will personally banish all else to hell.

I’m not big on Satanism, I’ll probably delve into it to make contact with the Devil face of Lucifer and some other gatekeepers but that’s probably it. The majority of the LHP suits me well and I dont like hyper-focusing on one pantheon.

Like with anything the deeper you get the steeper and more rigid the beliefs can be especially when you are on the frontline of the topic and people are very VERY PASSIONATE.

Please don’t let the Satanist spoil the Qliphoth for you though! I believe you should definitely follow your own compass I think most people leave due to some misunderstanding or belief within the practice itself. This may happen with lots of other things, you look into something with one view and subscribe to an idea only to later find out they are outdated or not in alignment with your best self.
I think Satanism really wasn’t a good fit for you though. But please dont think all left-hand work, demons, or practices will be the same (I promise you they are not haha). Even if you never practice Lhp again I’d encourage you to keep an open mind about it and the deities. I’m more of a diety guy then a pantheon fella, I make connections then follow the threads. It’s interesting to see how one culture will demonize a deity like Lucifer/Azazel/Venus but then another cultural completely idolizes and worships them, learning about all the different faces and experiences with this other interpretation or at least similar beings gives me a better picture and relationship with mine, it also opens the practitioner up i believe.

I mean, I definitely wouldn’t’ve stayed if I believed I had to chain demons using the power of God or had to sacrifice animals, children etc. Heck, even if I believed all demons were evil or dangerous I wouldn’t wanna stay.

I’ll be honest, a part of the reason I love working with demons is for the “cool guy edge lord” guy card, I mean its funny seeing peoples reactions when I tell them I fuck demons, but that just cuss I’m proud to be profane lol. As a kid I was always attracted to demons tho (not the scary kind ofc) I always thought in the right light they could be really awesome and I always thought they looked cooler than angels. But much more seriously, these beings are here to help and teach us ascent whether you make that connection through the Satanism, planetary magick, or through Hindu teachings, its all you boo.

Also the term demon comes from the archaic spelling daemon which means
"(in ancient Greek belief) a divinity or supernatural being of a nature between gods and humans.

  • an inner or attendant spirit or inspiring force.

“Socrates claimed to have lived his life according to the dictates of his daimon”

synonyms: inspiring force"
Creds to the great Google

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I wasnt ever offically under a banner of satanism although I worked intensely with the infernal devine for a while. What i did to part ways with the current was commune with what i believed to be the highest authority (in this case Lucifer-Amaymon) and said goodbye for now. The gates closed without incident. Took a bath in salt water with dragons blood incense filling the room. Havent had contact since unless i very intentionally activate a sigil. Hope this is helpful :3


Thank you I will do this!


Is it possible that I may have been lead this way in order to realize that there is no easy route to power or Divinity?

After a discussion with my friend, it appears that I may have been lead there to guide me to my true path…


Anything is possible.


Thats true, there is no easy way to power. Honestly im of the opinion and belief that cosmic/devine power becomes what we need at different parts of our journey, the martian nature of the adversary is a good way to break the mold and take back what power you do have in the beginning and it seems to take bends in many different directions after that. What matters is you growing and development through your story. :slight_smile:


The only thing is I wish that these fears and thoughts will stop…