Leaving Satanism


If you feel comfortable to share, what ls bothering you?


Demon names keep popping up and I’m afraid to accidently call them (I always do state that it’s an accident) and thoughts about me accidently (sometimes it’s a thought of me calling a Spirit to hurt or kill someone I’m close too…) . Cursing others has popped up to which I negate it. Fear of accidently entering realms I don’t wanna go to and just feeling like I’m not me.

I’ve taken some advice and it’s been helping me. I believe the Spirit Attachmented to me left but still why do I constantly feel like I’m gonna kill or hurt others with Magick?


If it brings any peace of mind, thoughts alone will not manifest things, it takes a mixture of will and emotion as well. It would be a good idea to do a through uncrossing ritual as well that should seperate you from the whispers. Followed up by clensing your home. As weird as it sounds the most effective way ive found to do this is a dildo and a bowl of salt water, its really hard to be mad while doing this and the laughter of its rediculous nature will super charge the action. This will be a good starting point at the very least.


The thing is that the mind intends this or makes me feel emotions but I don’t… I always say No now when those thoughts pop up.

How does one do this?

:joy::joy::joy: This made my afternoon! Thanks!


Out of curiosity, have you consecrated the dildo? :smiley:


No, it wasnt mine i swear XD


Why not ask Shiva, Kali, or Durga for help?


Seeing as how these Spirits are making me see my deities in a sexual light I’ve grown tired of being nice. Tommrow I will petition Durga Ma and as her to remove them…

I love your suggestion btw!


Did you make self-initiation through the spheres of the Qliphoth?


No I did not…


If somebody puts up boundaries they can shut off everything but the plain vanilla, which would be something along the lines of Jesus-only belief. Some people have to do that or they’re going to have schizophrenia. It’s ok for them to do what they have to do to be healthy, and their needs should be respected.

I think your comments were abusive and I’m shocked nobody did anything about it (unless there’s something I don’t know about). If I were a mod I would’ve checked you right out of here. All I was thinking when I read your stuff was, “This person’s a problem.” It was disturbing enough for me to have to confront you. You show a complete lack of concern for the weak, which makes me think you probably aren’t even the real thing.


My views on Satan is it’s the same being as its supposed opposite. Eh like Two-face from Batman. To me Satanism is so close to adversarialism I wouldn’t be able to find a difference except one wishes to make Satan a Being (when it could be an egregore like say God).

Bit, rule of anything can exist is what it is or as it says “I AM!” If I’m to believe in my dreams then Lucifer is a very liberating fire. Lilith leads to some heavy lust in my experience. Not sure where I stand with any myself but things happen at various times. One the other night tbh. Nothing bad but my path is all about doubting and fighting everything. It’s not easy at all and maddening. In fact I kick myself for working with any spirit but then I do anyways just so I can kick myself again. And I prefer the slow arduous route than the quick and easy.

As to their realms, they have some nice areas that are like resorts and damn nice. I have no idea why my dreams keep taking me there. They don’t treat everyone there so kindly though.


Omg this is so genius lmao banishing entities with a dick to mix in laughter. Laughter is a natural banishing emotion so it makes sense!


I agree, he has been this way on all the posts i just assumed it was him edge lord maybe who knows lol


These are intrusive thoughts, It is not uncommon especially among the community. These beings communicate through telepathy and emotions. They understand very well when a thought accidentally comes in your head, and what you truly desire.

The best thing to do when these thoughts come is notice how you feel. Not judge.

Begin breathing
count your breath or feel into it like you would while meditating. Breath, as you step back from the thought and emotions that it may bring.
When we judge thoughts we are feeding them more attention and energy, this may manifest as more thoughts or more of what you dont want.


Simply stop studying, dont pray to the gods, ignore the signs.

Eventually your brain should block it out. Same process most kids go through when they have the imagination to see ghosts and such, they tell themselves “its not real” until it isnt real.

This is easier said than done, i once tried to take a month break to recenter myself. I lasted 2 days.


I think its important to remember in situations like this that you are the captain of your own ship. You’re the one doing the rituals and the work, the times that the most problems came my way is when I put any of these beings on an alter above me rather than standing side by side.


Yes “at the altar” or when im actively doing magick I be sure to assume the mantle of as the one above all or God. Here magickal energy and prowess is at its most potent there are a few rituals that also help do this but this is essentially the idea.


To me Satanism is a stepping stone to remove fear and guilt.
I still hold a foundation in Lavey Satanism; but I realize the universe is bigger than me.
So I moved on.


Ill say one thing that fucked me up for my first year and a half was power loading magick as a whole. Was doing evocation and spellwork daily and wondering why my mind was ripping itself to shreads. The quote “a mind heavy with knowledge and lore is the most likely to collapse under its own weight” has stuck with me. A reminder to work in moderation and learn in a well rounded way including ‘mundane’ skills as well.