Leaving Satanism


So afrer some time, I have realized that Satanism and it’s currents are not for me. However I’m curious as to how one would uninitiate out of it and it’s currents?

Can I just move onto a new path or must I uninitiate myself?

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It depends on the initiation. Leaving a current has its own procedures and it’s not universal. But, arguably, you already are out of the current and “uninitiated” since you fell out of resonance with it and want to move on.

Your best bet? Ask your Patron or Patroness.


To get uninitiated you must have been before initiated through a mass, a Minerval , a Sacred ceremony of a coven or similar. If you were practising alone you can write a Statement down and ask your spirit guides to witness it. Spirit guides are mostly dead relatives who take a serious task to assist and help. PS if you are psychic you might be interested in a kardecian coven, has Real Mediums. Is very nice i was very involved for some years.


I’m not a psychic and

I did a self Initiation. I have stated several times to my Higher Self and Gods that I’m leaving the Path to persue something I resonate with,I also asked my Higher Self to Block me from entering the Qliphoth and many of its other domains.

Unfortunately, I’m not a Psychic but thanks for the offer!


If you don’t mind my asking, why do you feel like you no longer resonate with Satanism?


If I’m honest, I joined because I just wanted to stand out and be cool. Now that I’ve realized that there are more paths for one to join I figured mine lies elsewhere.

Don’t get me wrong, I respect Satan and Demons, I don’t really want to incorporate them into my path (this also Includes Angels though I feel a connection to Yahweh).


You have the wrong idea about Satanism. Its not simply an energy or current, but more so a Path Working an approach to life, spirituallity and magick. Once you embark you cannot really leave because its about facing the truth and dealing with ascent.

The only other way for the most part is burying your head in the sand and even that only lasts so long unless you want to remain completely brain dead.


Its not about working with demons or any of that Hollywood Stuff, although that is part of it.


It really doesn’t feel right for me though. I would personally prefer ascending via another path…


Well you can evoke any spirit you want or do any system, but like I said…Satanism isnt a “thing” you gain or lose like you thought it was.


This was the goal of most religions, at least for those who went deeper and were maybe drawn to priesthood, prior to the Abrahamic faiths… so putting them all under the lable of “satanism” is doing the Church’s work for it.

Are absolutely all satanists even concerned with truth and ascent? I think we’re heading for a “no true scotsman” scenario.

Entire cultures have risen and ended (ascended, even) having never heard the name (or title) “satan.”


Well my pathbof satanism is more concerned with working with occult secrets. He could evoke Barney for all I care (lol) but there are certain knowledge sets of the fundamentals and asvamced teachings you gain from each of the demons (Gods). They arent just DeMonZ. :smiley:


Depends on how you were initiated. Initiation can be serious , specially when any kind of being/entity is planted into your Mind/ Ajna chakra. In some cases it will have the same effect of doing certain practice for hundreds of hours. The seed will remain in mind even if it hasn’t sprout yet. ANd will always pull you in certain direction.


Yes they were Gods Demonized by man.

Demonic Reputations & Morality

I disagree with your dichotomy that there are two sides: Satanism, and a desire for truth and ascent; or putting your head in sand [i.e. ignoring reality for an illusion].

I am definitely not a Satanist. I am a Rodnover, a Slavic Pagan. I don’t summon demons or angels, I travel to the world tree by altering my consciousness. I certainly am concerned with truth and ascent. I am not a Satanist. To say otherwise is to agree with the Church that demonized the gods of my ancestors. To say otherwise is to agree with my ignorant Christian friend that when she heard that I was a Pagan asked if that means I worship Satan.

Satanism is absolutely a path. It is a belief in the authority and power of Satan. It’s not a catchall term for all magic, it is a specific branch. And if OP doesn’t want to acknowledge Satan or any Demon in his life, as i do, then he gets the liberty not to be called a Satanist anymore.


Witnessed for truth. :+1:

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I will disagree with you because it has nothing to do witj the church. How about this, your “Rodnovery” has to do with the church. Hows that for putting you in a Box?

Slave Boggyum.


That’s fine. The Orthodox Church accepted and allowed many of our festivals and holidays to survive. I am not ashamed of that connection.

But, of course, Rodnovery predates the influence of the Church. The word Rodnovery itself just means “Native Faith”.


Back to OPs original statement before this became a thread on demon morality:

@Twilight_Dragon, what system where you thinking of going now that you’re leaving Satan?


Also, how did you get initiated?