Law of assumption

Has anyone ever lefts do had their ex leave and imagine them phoning back seeing forgiveness and thought up harsh replies they’d say back? Like getting fully emersed in the thought that it feels real.

This could be beneficial for attracting back the person correct? In conjunction with spell work.

While you’re trying to attract them back? Kinda seems like the two are going to send the wrong message together, don’t you think?

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I mean as negative as it may seem isn’t envisioning you two having a conversation even if negative still telling your subconscious that you two spoke?

YOUR subconscious, sure. My concern was that HER subconscious would pick up on the negativity behind it.

Magic goes both ways


Do you want to attract them back, only to have a negative conversation? Or do you want to be able to have a positive flow of communication between you two? You can envision communicating with them and having a loving or positive conversation. If you’re going to envision having a negative conversation, that you run the possibility of manifesting negative communication, which might push her away even further. Not saying it will happen though, just a possibility it might.

I’ve been dealing with a tough situation and instead of visualizing telling him in so many words to eff off, I visualized positive communication between the two of us, which ended up happening, the very things I wanted us to talk about we did.

I know it may be hard to visualize positive conversation and negative thoughts may flow, but I guess to answer your question, yes you could manifest communication from her that way, just make sure that’s what you want.


I do agree with what your saying, the possibility of it going south is there, however I mean more as in the conversation entails that I’m in control and exerting dominion over her. Wouldn’t that go hand in hand with an obsession spell? So for me it’s not negative it’s almost like she’s called me in a regretful manner and I’m now rightly exacting authority over the situation. So it’s a positive outcome to me.

I mean my intention is purely to bring her back back in regret so my thoughts don’t exactly contradict that, but I do see your point.

I’ve struggled with negative thoughts a lot and detachment. What irks me and throws me off is the idea of her getting jiggy with someone else. If you have advice on detachment that’ll help greatly.

I mainly work with dantalion so perhaps I could ask him idk.

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When it comes to detachment and letting go, whenever I feel the intrusive thoughts creeping in, I use them to reaffirm that whatever I want is going to happen, then distract myself. I focus on the end results, not the present state.

Also, I understand what you’re saying now as far as negative thoughts:

Yes, if you visualize this as the outcome, it can be beneficial to your spell work.

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So earlier @DarkestKnight told me that if the persons will is stronger than yours then you will not be able to manifest them back. Makes hella sense but here me out. If I assume the person is already mine and convince my subconscious mind to believe that to be the case.

I’ve essentially negated her own will because I’ve now extended my reign over hers and convinced my own self that she will do as I say… therefore people saying the law of assumption is false are really forgetting this powerful aspect of it.

It really is a good method to use to overcome a stubborn target because your essentially not taking no for an answer and not just saying it… believing it.

Not really, because she is also you, and her will is winning out over yours, as you.

You have to make her want you as much as you want her, it can’t be one sided.

Also, please make an effort to keep your posts about the same topic in the threads you already started. This is the fourth time I’ve moved a new post, it’s not reasonable to spam the forum with multiple posts on the extract same obsession.

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If this was true everyone would manifest everything they wanted.


With the Law of Assumption, the other person’s will doesn’t factor into it, because in that paradigm, the other person is just another facet of yourself. In other words, it is just a reflection of your inner world.

With the Law, you don’t fight against anything because there is literally nothing to fight.

Your biggest problem with applying the Law of Assumption to your obsession for this other person is that you are currently stuck looking outside of yourself for answers. You have papered this forum with multiple posts asking about spells, and rituals, and demons, etc, all devoted to your drive to get this person back, but you haven’t applied anything to yourself. You haven’t bothered to fix the part of you that reflects the break up to begin with,


Im sure someone has said this before but have you considered shifting from forcing her to come back to refining your weak points so that she comes begging for you instead without you even having to blow a kiss her way? I feel that would be more effective than what you’re doing because seeing as I can’t find you talking about anything other than this specific course of action it clearly hasn’t worked and the likelihood of it reversing seems negligible at best to me. It feels like you’re way too entrenched in whatever mistake you are making right now.

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Yes only when your in a state lack and doubt.

Time passes and the target forgets you… naturally, as they would.

But picture all this time you’ve been visualising them with you… now instead of them wining you’ve flipped the script and it’s now your will over theirs.

Explain this more to me it seems intriguing

You realize you’ve had the most powerful people I have ever seen in almost five years in the occult give you incredible advice and your response is essentially “nah I wanna do it my way so picture this”? I think you could do to just take the advice man…

Which you are. Since you’re posting and still trying. If you thought she was on her way back, you wouldn’t have made 50 posts since January about her.


Improve yourself. Do the most powerful magick I’ve ever experienced. Change yourself and the outside world shall respond. I even got a pastor to agree that’s how that works once. Pretty proud of that ngl. Took the wind out of the whole “no power outside of the father” thing they tend to have going on lol


I’m not disregarding their information I’m taking in to account everything I hear.

I do agree on this… it sounds a lot like self concept those law of assumption people talk about :eyes::joy:

“I and the Father are one”. :sunglasses:

We are all God, confirmed :pray:


Yes, I did that a lot with one person. It manifested after I no longer cared about the outcome (getting him back).


Someone said talking to a persons image as if your speaking thoughts in to them is another good technique. And of course letting go and feeling fulfilled is the main part.