**Lamiamorphis 🧛🏻 The body of the Vampire**



This work is intented for the left hand path Practitioners and Black Magicians.For the one who cultivate the black flame,vampirism, wholeness, the unity of your energys and the self. And especially the Power and Evolution of thyself and the Dark Soul.

It is a work in wich your Chakras are being manipulated desolved and bringeth unto death to resurect it with dark vampiric forces and the forces of yourself unto a single center wich will be established like a black hole. It serves to constantly consume all of lights and all energys and transfiguering/transmute it into personal empowerment and evolution.

Why Desolve ,Deathing,Resurect Chakras:

I see and expirience it that way. I do not want to be vulnerable energetically ,and to me these chakras are just too fragile .You do this and that and than this chakra becomes inbalanced and of such. For me chakras are a fracturing of your normal Modus operandi.You are allready a complete sexuel energy being these chakras are not the origin of your sexual energys. I mean youf been created purely out of a sexual act and exchanging of its energys as one.

I see no point in that pining my sexual energys into different points instead of embracing it all as one being. And i find it profound that the 7 chakras are exactly colored like the 7 lower sephiras of the three of life. It seems to me that they propagade that one fails the crossing of the abyss because ones being is allready programed and installed to only stay and reach the seventh and more not.
And there a certain lodges and sects who uses these chakras as point of entering and using warfare upon it.No thanks.

It is a shitshow to me.

I do know that chakras are a natural part of the human body .But at todays time it is just being too corrupted to go the “traditional” way of practicing them. Chakras are not fixed on my expirience they are very well malleable and changeable. Thats why if you do not have a awareness of them it is being nefariously programed to damn you on the long run, on a constant basis you arent aware of, or at least most of the time…

So thats why i decided to kill and destroy the old ones off . And resurect them in the image and way it needed to be for my path i am going for my life and its overal Black magical Ascension and Evolution.

And if you feel necessary and it resonates with you.

You should also listen to this inner voice of whisdom and just do it.


We are the Children of the kindred all consuming Blackflame ! We are the gods, the Lords, the Schoolars, the Mystics and Magicians of Darkness.

The Black flame allready has all colors in it of all the Spektrums there is, because of the nature of Black itself. So allready trough pursuing infernal Alchemy and practices your chakras will be desolved naturaly.That explains for me ,why when i Scanned a satanic high priest there where no chakras present only this infernal might of our kindred Black flame that i had so often whitnessed in our kind.Unless one decides counciously to have them than such thinks will not take place.

Chakras are also a storehouse for multiple traumas be it ancestorally be it your own current and past lifes ones . It all comes together as a giant pile of shit that is unnecessary for you to bear trough your all lifes to come.

So that is also a point why i did it. I had enough of that and since that day i pursued it and succesfully finished that spiritual occult Operation all of it went away like dirt in runing water.

So that is also a point to think about.

I have more control over my energys.I am more councious what is going on .I am more protected than usualy.I am liberated on so many aspects.And i am growing on a constant basis because of the nature in wich i transformed them.


How long every stage of this Spiritual undertaking depends on every Individual.Your guidance, your Daimon, your Instinct will surely tell you how long it needs for it to work because we are all different, it is the same on the spiritual level. That means listen to it and tweak it freely how or long you need it to be.

So you can follow my examples how long it should be but it isnt a must.


The first calling will be Composed of Lucifer, Zaenara, Abbadon,And my Daimon,
How my daimon reveals itself for this work is Kozne.

Youll need:
Sigil of Lucifer
Sigil of Zaenara
Sigil of Abbadon
Sigil of my Daimon

All activated

And at the end of it a offering of your choosing of blood,incense,candle,saliva,sexual energys,gratitude and of such


(The right one is Lucifer, the left above is Abbadon ,the left under is Zaenara )

(My Sigil of my Daimon)


Traessa sal lar Rasua _ Lucifer i call you forth to desolve my chakras and let its essences be freed! Zaenara Galanara, Zaenara i call you forth to empower this process of Chakra desolution and the Rebirth of it anew as one. Kzschia ilna uvar rehal_ Abbadon destroy all of my Chakras troughoughly lets its essences be completely freed out of its shells and be formed and refined anew. 3 Times

Kozne emil ilo zuan moez zizbah ulmareh 10 times

After that you should Meditate with the Mantra KASANARA and the Visualization.

This Mantra is energetically composed of Lucifer, Abbadon,Kozne,Zaenara, in Kombination for the purpose of chakra desolutionment and essence refinment/preparation.

Konzentrate from the feed slowly up to the head all possible energypoints you can contact and read per your mindseye.Allign all of them by shear will how per your nature it should be aligned(Youll know per gut).Than repeat oraly KASANARA how it naturaly feels right for you When you slowly feel it should go inward become slowly silent until the Mantra is in your mind. At minimum do this Meditation for around 20 to 32 minutes maximum 71 minutes.

Visualze each and every point glowing up in green flames alike.See all these points desolute like a Aspirin or Soda powder in water, its energys being freed that way.See al of it becoming one, your Aura also absorbing its power and becoming exponantionaly bigger (Depends on how much energys where Traped and how much power you have).Feel so much shit and influences who are not yours being let completely loose and let go off, nothing can hold unto you now and forever.

After a while practicing youll see and feel complete ,without any fractioning of the self anymore.And than your essence is anew and waiting to be rebirthed as something completely new and aligned to the dark way of yours😉.


When stop meditating you can use your Wand(right hand) or right pointyfinger to pull resedue of each of the 7 middle chakras out.It seems to be a empty shell a structure waiting to be refilled and making anew pining hole for your sexual energys to fload away into being controled or used up by other malicious entitys or Programms that have not your best interests at heart. See this Strukture before the sight where youve pulled that think out.Now make around it counterclockwhise Spiral movements,see it filled up by destructive dark energys until its completely consumed and colapses(Ive seen it like a death of a Star it literally exploded and vanished in darkness) than you can stop and move to the next one until you are finished. When you see the structure is dead or injured swing it into the direction of the east imagine at the east direction a opened portal unto the hell of destruction.Throw it in there and let it vanish, each one of them(If youve actually read the holy kabbalah by Ae Waite u shouldve known that the Directionary System of East, West,South is totaly corrupted. East is fire, West is Air,South is water ,north is earth.is actuall the true system)

Repeat this whole cycle (By me )7 times if you need longer or shorter just go for it youll be fine and right just trust yourself.


This section is where all your desolved chakra essences shall come together at the middle of the body wich is the solar plexus not the heart.
There your Energycenter resurects as one vampiric all consuming black hole. Wich will be here programed and established to consume all energys and transmuting it simoltainiously into personal empowerment and evolution(Keywords).

This Work is established by none other than•°○

Amalek draytala
Tiamat Al’lar
Kingu Olloren
Absu Oschos
Qualilitu Umale
Alaxum the vampiric collective
Lilith Abar et Hekate Akataro
Unified Vampiric forces for resurection
My Daimon


The hymn for vampiric dark essences from the Lamianic Numinous ones.The prework for the coming visualisation of force gathering.

This will cleanse the previous Chakric structures completely by vampiric dark forces. And be sealed and destroyed for the resurection of the one and only center youll ever need.

Emae Amalek te hos sura oh tiamat kuthuru emeo is a Kingu roh ova eh Absu tu kol lur roz se Qualilitu zu to kobor roz se Alaxum mor re jos sor re i ke at tie oh usur risch sche k Lillith k et mhe Hekate rooo star robar ritkar ine. 3 times



From the four corners of your room coming pitch black smokelike dusty energys together above your head as a big black amassed vampiric powersphere.When you feel and see it has amassed enough.VIBRATE: Zzzzschauuban. See out of the black amassed sphere a black flasch descending down from top of the head deep into your crotch in the way of a zikzak flash motion passing trough the prerooms of the killed off chakras. Hold that so long that the whole sphere of energys has ammased down into your crotch.
Done so .
Say in a row each vampiric seedseal powerword.


See all the sigilic structures glow up from bottom to the top.(SEE PICTURE).


Now concentrate on each body place where the chakras where from bottom to the top. Each place visualize the Sigil apropriate with its name repeat its name now silent in your psyche so long as naturaly is apropriate for you, at the same time see the sigil more and more desolve and breaking up and filled up with the dark vampiric essences,when its gone with the visual and mantra, than go to the next one until the last one atop of the head. Having all the absorbed energy essences from the crotch assembled into every previous cleansed chakra rooms from bottom slowly to the top.Everything distributed evenly.

For me i repeated it for 13 days.But it does depend on your selffeeling and instinct.it can happen that one place has allready asembled when this is the case than just move to the ones that arent and work on them until its finished.

When the process is going at the end of each session feel all the energys slowly draging itself down into the center of your body the center where traditionaly the manipura chakra should be located but instead…There amasses itself a Vampiric Black hole hungry for devourment…

Oh you Athavistic one know than, your hunger shall be unsatiable, but all your Reich ever expanding!

Give at the end of all this the previous mentioned forces a circle offering . Create theyre Sigils bloody them . Go into the forest .Place each sigil into Formation of a circle you stand at the middle anoint each Dragonsblood Incense stick as a sacrifice for each being lit it in its name. Put on each incense a litle whine on it before liting.Each whine shot shall be concrecrated as a offering for each being and spilled on the ground at their direction where the sigil lies and also drinked in theire honor right after. Done with everyone sit peacufully ,a litle tipsy, and lightly in a trance in the midle of them all.Feel their power possesing you strenghtening you, flowing trough you.Refining every fiber of your being. Speak in tongues when the urge.Let it naturaly play out.When its done you will deeply know, take the sigils home or burn them, its your decision. Dont look back. Fin.


This is a optional section but highly suggested on my behalf.I worked with Claytern to further refine my and this Vampiric black hole body for further evolution and empowerment.

The last bit of Alchemy for further vampiric ascend whas revealed to me when i had fullfilled my offering promise unto Claytern in my Astral dream projection.He guided my Astral body unto his world of teachings where he showed me how to draw the ultimate Bloodsigil refinement on the gray walls.It whas fascinating.


Claytern Sigil:

This operation should be peformed 4 days. Delineation per personal guidance are almost allways welcomed.

Have a in his name, one concecrated black candle offering and in his name, concecrated Dragonsblood incencestick offerings for each operation.


Claytern,Claytern,Claytern, come manifest and appear.3 times

“Claytern glorious Demonic Power whos hailing from Satariel, arise as the mighty fire the shining light of the Numinous forces from the qlipoth”


Chant Clayterns Enn 32 times “Trodda Vee Yod”

5 .
“Claytern i command you to unify all of my vampiric black holes as one mighty, permanent constant, consuming force of a Vampiric Black hole, in wich it takes and consumes all of lights and energys transforming it all constantly into personal selfempowerment and evolution.
Oh Refine this undertaking and empower it all manifoldly.”

(Channeled words of Clayterns Alchemy power)

Repeat this Mantra how much your instinct tells you to repeat inwardly as of outwardly .It is a next Refinement Alchemy power words Mantra.


So mote it be!


For this to be usefull you must offer Claytern beforehand in his name concecrated light blue or just blue colored Candle and 2 in his name concecrated Jasmin incense offering. Stating this is your offering unto him for using this spiritual technology .If not it is futile to bloody it, or anything you offer unto it for the purpose of further self refinement and empowerment.

If you feel you offered unto it enough and the alchemy is complete , you should burn it on a Sunday .

So this is my Halloween present unto all of the Black Lodge,The Left hand Path, Myself, The Vampiric forces and Intelligences, unto all the Demons.

But especially for our Generation of Black Magicians and the next Generations to come!

We shall prosper, We shall Conquer it all, yet we first start with our own selfes first!

The day is here where we take the reigns of our lifes and beyond completely into our mighty claws!

We than, shall reign evermore with our refined Darkened Selfes.

Shining our Light of Nox as the Black Diamond, as the apex predator, the Vampire, the Drakul, the Nosferatu, unto this vast ripe world for our kind to come, and stay Ruler ad sempiternum!

:vampire:t2: LUX :skull_and_crossbones: ANGUIS :bat:




(The hymn for the Black sphere)












This working will be when time goes on be further refined .The refinement+further workings will most likely only work for you if you had either personally established a vampiric black hole or something similar like that or done so by this working .

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