Lady Lilith’s response to me

I have been researching Lilith quite a bit lately in I hope to build a relationship with her. I felt confident and pulled out my tarot deck. I asked her in my head if she would be interested in working with me. I pulled a card and got the hierophant. I believe this to be a yes but I want to know what you all think. I’m working on an altar for her and plan to make official contact soon.


has Lilith given you permission to ask on here?

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i always ask before looking into stuff myself on behalf of others spirit relations

I’m not sure. I have only spoken to her through my head that one time and got a response through tarot but I can draw again and double check to make sure

Thank you for the advice, I am very new to this and will apologize

draw a card at random with your eyes closed after going through your deck a couple times touching it well

I drew the 6th of pentacles

whats it tell you

I believe it is telling me it is okay and That going around and asking for help from others here is okay.

ok, then i can try a quick 1 before bed, see who wants to work with you (which Being)

Oh thank you very much!!

im seeing a Male demonick King here but its not telling me who it is, keyword here is male, so not Lilith

I once summoned King Paimon when I was VERY naive and new to magic entirely

i now just drew another card intended for me and a woman popped up, a little angry too, I got the thought of Lilith but i am not sure as i am not sure if i still drew intended for you

anyway, i gtg, i would take advice on the 1st card, i dont know about the second

Thank you so much!

i think i angered a bunch of Beings though, its why i dont pry in people personal spiritual relationships, its cool i apologized, i now am trying to mend fences

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There’s nothing to apologise for.
You didn’t need permission to ask anything anyway.

Heirophant is an excellent sign. I think you already got your ‘yes’. :smiley:

I’d say, go with your intuition, and don’t 2nd guess yourself, go with the first gut impulse and it’s usually the right one. It’s worth keeping a journal to keep track.


Meditate on her. If you show your dedication, she would respond.

Can you do this for me too?
I am really new to magic and it will be helpful if I’ll be knowing already that whome i should go for in my best interest.

That will be greatful of you if youll do it.