Lady Freya

I just wanted to share something about what Freya means to me. So often I see her from a male perspective where her death and warrior aspects are thought of most.

I hear people describe her as sexual, frightening and dark. Some are even afraid to work with her.

I am a woman and I find that Freya may work differently with women than with men. But I don’t see a lot about Freya from the female perspective.

When Freya works with women she often brings messages of female empowerment. How we are different than men and we should feel proud of that. Freya can help women get in touch with their bodies and feel more confident.

Yes she is sexual but I find her sexuality to be empowering for women (and even men) I feel her sexuality is confused for being a nymphomaniac who is constantly d.t.f.

Instead she shows you how to EMBRACE your sexuality. She is not a nymphomanic she is just proud and unashamed. She does not hide it. She does not have the sexual appetite of a man she has the appetite of a woman. She flings the covers off the myth that women have never wanted sex just as much as men.

Working with Freya in her love and beauty aspect, I have never felt more beautiful or empowered.

If you need more strength and more confidence in yourself. If you need to be able to gain the upperhand in relationships where you are taken advantage of…Freya can help. She’s been there she knows what it’s like.

She too is a woman.

What does Freya mean to you?


Freya is “like” family to me, we have a long history, not really in working together but I would say a bit closer than that, kind of like a sister. A little sister or older sister, eeeeh lol. A pretty strong willed woman.


I have literally been thinking about her all day.

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Freyja is a bit of a vast concept/goddess for me. She is sometimes thought to be Gullveig, who was a seeress and sorceress who the Aesir failed to kill, because when they stabbed and burned her, she came back, more powerful than before, laughing at their foolishness, which eventually caused her to ascend as Heid, a goddess. As you said, she’s a goddess of female empowerment, sensuality, war and death among a few other things.

To me, Freyja is that timeless essence of the Völva, that can never be destroyed. That unconquerable power within every witch, warlock, etc. Amongst some other things that you will typically hear from other practitioners that aren’t degrading.


Yeah I dated her and to this day the only one I’ve ever missed and would take back.

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Of the gods who reached out to me, she was the first. She adopted me as her Sister, so to me she’s family. She encourages me not to give up on love, I’ve heard her voice before. It’s very…airy if that’s a good way of describing it. She likes cats, passion fruit tea, pink & red and books.


Thank you for sharing this! Been looking all over the forum for something just like it!

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why do you think shes lady ?

Freya’s name literally translates into “Lady” while her twin brother Freyr translates into “Lord”


Okay :slight_smile: thanks for anserw :slight_smile:

I just talked to her today and she didnt like me calling her lady, so i just wanted to ask your opinion about it.

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Just go with the flow and try to find a way to honor her that is fitting for you. Drop the lady stuff if she doesn’t like it. Just call her Freya or ask what she would prefer and see what she tells you

I met her recently but she’s always been a strong motherly figure to me. I still call on her for banishing and cleansing and often seek her guidance when I get rune and tarot readings (online).


Not much to be honest. I prefer more primordial forces when it comes to my goddesses.

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