If magick failed...should I still give the offering promised?

No problem, so what have you decided? :rainbow::rainbow:

I think I will give the offerings and start again from a different angle to correct the situation. I think that by the time I did the ritual, things were already in play that I was not aware of and it was too late.

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I give offerings before the result usually, although I also add a little something extra if the result comes my way. It has little to do with actual business on my end though. I just believe in giving gifts to guests in general


That’s really nice. I hope to develop stronger connections to the spirits too. I have done that kind of method once before in a different kind of ritual where I had more flexibility and it involved a special meditation as part of it and I included offerings. It was really good.

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Cool :slight_smile: there are more than one advantage to have friends in other places. I tend to ask for inspiration or instruction on how to handle obstacles in my life and get what I need, but there are times when I need a more active third party help. Usually I call upon spirits I have already have relationships with at that point but offering gifts for just showing up can be a helpful first step to getting to that point.


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I would first consider that the rituals may very well not have failed, at least not in the way that you think they have. You didn’t go into the specifics, but it sounds like you wanted to receive something as a result of certain decisions being made. Have you considered that there may be a different and better pathway to getting what you actually desire?

It could very well be the case that the demons have saved you from being stuck in a situation that would not have worked out well for you. This has happened to me many, many times, and each time the magick “failed” it was due to my own lack of wisdom. There have been countless financial opportunities and potential relationships that I have not pursued because magick closed those doors for me, and in hindsight I am very glad that it did.

Perhaps you may benefit from evoking Buer, for the purpose of gaining a greater understanding of your own needs and desires. Once this unfolds, a more favorable pathway may be revealed to you.

Magick always works if you let it work. It will not always work like you expect it to work, but if done more-or-less correctly it will work every time.

And as for offerings, there are many opinions on this, and my suggestion is to follow the instructions as written by the author of the magick that you are using. As you become more experienced, you will be able to get a feel for these things yourself, but while you are still very new I think it is best that you follow exactly what’s written in the book for best results. Waiting to give the offering until after you receive the results will create a feeling of expectation within you that can aid in manifestation.


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Thanks for your reply @shinri, it’s a complex situation and related to it is a legal case and at the center of it is an adversary that doesn’t know when to stop. Several people are involved in the overall situation.

I have so far tried the sane and reasonable approach and I have played fair. In this part of the situation the spirits didn’t come through to influence people for things to happen in a gentle controlled way. From this point it’s destroy or be destroyed and I was hoping it wouldn’t come to this. I will wait out a bit because I still have Belial and Lucifer for the overall outcome. Lucifer’s team has delivered on a financial component of it to help cover some big costs.

I wish my guardian spirits had saved me from this person a long time ago but this is one of those things where it’s not easy and it doesn’t make sense. The lesson in it is to always have strong boundaries. Now that I’m enforcing boundaries all hell is breaking loose.

It will be interesting to see how it unfolds. There are so many curses to fall back on.

I think that’s what I’ll do, as well as keep the lines of communication flowing with the spirits outside of the rituals.

Thanks for offering your wisdom and experience!

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Yes I think that’s a very good approach and there are times when we need the spirits help. It’s kind of funny when things happen that you know didn’t happen on their own, but you can’t tell anybody that it didn’t happen “naturally” so you just have to hold in a smile.

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Thanks @Angelic!

2 things.
I had a court matter and used the same ritual from Demons of Magic you are referring to, and things did NOT go my way, at all.
My very strong intuition about what went wrong is that I was dealing with fixed personalities. Nutshell, the people I was dealing with were out to get me (essentially I was dealing with a corrupt judiciary) as the only path to an outcome favorable to me would be to have had the judge be fair and impartial, and that was never going to happen as it wasn’t in the realm of possibility. For someone to be softened to your way the person has to have the ability within them to be soft, you can’t coax out of someone something that isn’t there.
I hope that made sense. It sounds like your opponent is a fixed personality. But what do I know?
So I cursed the involved parties to lose their status and livlihood. I know it will take time because judges and lawyers all protect each other.
Fucking hate lawyers.

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curse them

Thanks @Leizl, sorry to hear about all that and thanks for the heads up on it. The judge in this case is reasonable, the opponent and his lawyer are bloodhounds though.

I have done cursing on the opponent but am also planning on hitting his legal team. I will be relentless in that department, (and some bindings too).

My sentiments too. Never a good day when you have to involve such people in your life, however my lawyers help keep me sane by taking some of the pressure off me.

May I ask which of the Demons you enlisted, if you remember?

I called upon Eligos initially when there was still hope, and Raum to curse. I didn’t use the Winterfield book in calling Raum. I hand printed his sigil and meditated on it, and I provided pictures of all persons concerned, burned a dressed candle for each of them.

Interestingly, in the time after I was forced to settle because I knew that going further was just the road to financial ruin, I was obsessed, all I could think of was retribution. Immediately after calling upon Raum for assistance a peace came over me and the obsessing stopped. I just knew that their day was coming. Total certainty.

You are lucky to have a fair judge. I was embroiled in some small town legal system and as I was the outsider I was never going to win. Two different cases. I have never had legal troubles like that, they targeted me because of business dealings and after I saw the writing on the wall I closed up shop in that area, because I was going to continually be a target. It was appalling the rulings made by the respective judges. They don’t even make an attempt to appear reasonable and impartial, they are that powerful. There are a few times in my life where I felt completely taken advantage of and this was one of them.

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Ah, I see, thanks for the input. You may find this post from a bit ago helpful. Someone else was having legal troubles, this time a divorce.

It sounds like you are beyond being able to “play fair,” as you say, and it sounds like you have attempted to influence the judge or other authorities, without much success. My intuition tells me that a direct attack may be what’s best here. Make your enemy crumble from within and make their outside life an absolute living hell. If you know the Master Curse from Winterfield’s Magickal Attack, something along those lines could be very effective, perhaps with a few modifications or additions as the situation dictates.

With this sort of magick working against them, your enemy will start making mistakes, and even act in ways that are actively bad for them and good for you. This will make the other people involved much, much easier to influence. It will also be important for the others to believe that they are changing their own minds about your enemy, so a somewhat indirect influence strategy would likely be best, perhaps with Dantalion after the curse is complete.

I’m sure this is a difficult situation for you right now, so I want you to know that I have gone up against people and institutions with far more resources than I and with everyone involved on the side of my enemies, in the beginning. I was unfairly targeted, and they attempted to punish me for another’s wrongdoings.

Rather than just rolling over and giving in to their demands, I chose to fight back. It took several months, but in the end I emerged victorious. The last time I saw one of these enemies, around perhaps a year or so after the situation had concluded, they quickly lowered their gaze and looked away in shame and defeat. I could only laugh as I strode past them.

I wish you fortune and strength, DragonLady.


Im glad everything worked out well! Im pretty excited right now, i just did an invocation of Lucifer and man it was awesome i had no issue visualizing it and i got all tingly inside and i could feel so much power…i meant to do a spell but i got on here instead…jeez. Im gonna google it but i wanna ask, anyone know a simple money? Im gonna put this power in the right direction lol :laughing:

That’s awful. The persons involved including legal persons deserve the curse that is coming their way.

That’s good to know that the ritual brings you a sense of certainty.

I wonder if Belial might be able to bring them destruction.

Thanks @shinri. I’ll keep all that in mind and refer to your post again as a reminder as the situation unfolds. Thanks for the link too!

I have done the Master Curse from “Magickal Attack” and the enemy is doing things that at this stage is hard to say if things are going worse for me, or could be the effect of the spirits causing more upheaval and letting the enemy’s big ego make him think he can get what he wants. The situation is heating up and is intolerable.

I’m going to repeat the Master Curse with some modifications to the wording to be a bit more tailored to the situation though.

I’m glad you got your victory over your enemies. I love to read success stories here because it gives me more belief and inspiration. Thanks for the well wishes, I really need them.