Ladilok invocation and some questions

I am curios, been reading a lot on Ladilock on this forum. But I see a lot of evocation and no invocation mention. Can you invoke Ladilok? and can you invoke via sigil gazing to open the sigil and then calling upon her name and feeding the intent into the sigil etc?

Another question separate to the above, has anyone called on her to tackle to girls in two separate invocations/evocations so for instance to get one girl and then another day to also get another girl? if so any issues or problems with that.


Really, you can invoke just about anything. If you out your mind to it.

You could do it that way.

The way I would go about it is get the sigil active, and then with deep breaths visualize that I’m sucking in their energy/presence into myself.

Here’s a good video:


That’s because Kingdoms of Flame is a system of evocation.

You could, but why would you? Her stated purpose is to make women into sex slaves for men, so I’m not seeing any real advantage to invoking her. Generally, invocation is done to take on some quality or trait of the spirit.


My senses you see with evocation are as existent as the Ninja Turtles are real. I would hardly sense nor be able to commune with her. Though I would assume its done and just give my statement of intent, visuals etc etc and assume its done like any invocation. So you would suggest an evocation is the best for her? Though I know what you mean about invocation, isn’t it just calling that spirit into your personal realm temporarily to give the info you need, commune and send on its way without the process of trying to evoke into physical reality? You would think with invoking her it would give me the aspect she would give women ie the energy would rub in my direction?

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Invocation is the practice of bringing a spirit inside of yourself in order to take on some characteristic or trait. You basically identify yourself with the spirit. Calling out to Thor to lend you his strength before a boxing match, for example, would be a form of invocation.

Religious demonolators, such as the author S. Connolly, have tried to redefine the traditional terms, which causes a lot of confusion, especially for beginners. In that religion, they believe evocation is “offensive,” so they co-opted the word invocation to refer to what is basically evocation lite, where you invite the spirit over, rather than commanding it to appear.

Evocation is the art of calling a spirit before you so you can communicate with it.

Before you invoke Ladilok, you would need to identify which of her characteristics you want to take on.


Ah yes I see what you mean. Have people not used invocation still give forth the intent they want also externally etc say its Sitri for instance and I want to invoke to make a girl lust over me and invoke him. Would that still work as such, yes with some of his energy rubbing off on me to? I have probably been using the demonolators version a lot other than that I tend to do active evocation from DOM and some others.

In terms of Ladilok would the sigil opening work fine with her without the full evocation process so just opening her sigil and giving forth my intent into the sigil as any other spirit seal etc I would assume? never have worked with this spirit before myself. Though in saying about traits, I guess being able to get anyone you liked would be interesting to inherit for a period of time haha.

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Yes, you can use both evocation and invocation at the same time.

Not for invocation, but if you just want to sic her on a certain someone, then yes.

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Ladilock is basically the demon version of a whorehouse madam. Which bit did you want, the pouty lips?
But the warning of her trying to enslave you is one that would make me think twice. If that’s what she wants how will you stop her if you let her inside you?


This is why I am thinking the sigil opening would be beneficial, not sure why I thought of invocation for this spirit to be honest with you… glad I wrote it first and not just did it!

I am mainly wanting to stick her on to someone of interest so my idea really was to bring her forth from the sigil, ie open it and give my intent into the sigil without the full evocation. Though my verbatage of that and invocation lies on a very thin line in what I erroneously class them.

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Yes that is the goal to send her on her merry way on to someone. Will do the usually sigil gazing and opening then with her sigil and send through the intent as the evocation would be wasted with my lack of any clairvoyance, sentience or audio ability.


Towards the end E. A. wrote a bit about summoning with no or poor astral senses:

Once you opened a sigil through gazing, you may also read a question previously written and take note of the thoughts occurring in mind; this in turn improves clairaudience.


So my plan is this, do my banishing routine, use ladilok sigil, gaze upon it to open it up then do the mantra for all powers then do the below

“Etsel Mala’kel

Test’zel Sam’tan’el

Itz Retz Nama’tel

Itz Hel Asta’Rel

Kama’Kala, Kama’Kala

Kama’Kala Satan’el

Ladilok Kama

Ladilok Kala

Ladilok, Kama’Kala Vel.

Me Vaskalla

Me Solvalla

Me Res’Alla Ah’tan’tel

repeat a few times and then
repeat the Ladilok’s name a few times

Ladilok, I call you into manifestation before me. In the name of The Grand Spirit Pendralion I command you to rise up in a form beholdable to me.

give my statement of intent and direct into sigil.

and then the ending:

I license you to depart Ladilok back to where you came with peace between you and I to carry out my request without any harm to me nor anyone else.

Alash Tad Al-Ash Tal Ashtu (or Amen)

Does this seem like the correct format for this particular spirit? or failing the above, call up the powers incantation, gaze at Ladilok’s sigil to open it and call upon her name several times then give my statement while gazing upon sigil, feed it into the sigil as energy and then do license to depart and end. I would assume like anything both would work fine though the last being a quicker method for the basic tasking of her. Without taking on the effect of becoming a man whore ;).

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Both should work just fine

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Hello now that I have figured out how to use voice to text we will be able to talk quite a bit more as this is easier for me so Lottie Locke I’m a video or two calling on her evoking and invoke now although these are different yet always as you begin to call the entity you will at some point fill up with the entity therefore it is invocation you will at some point fill up your environment with the entity and it will begin to appear to take form therefore it is also evocation as I called on ladyhawke as well she wants in me and inside of the circle in the triangle so at the end of the of the day there really is no way to avoid invocation evocation and possession all occurring due to you calling the spirit and it would require a lot of effort two actually keep the spirit exclusively outside not to mention that it’s not really possible because in order for the spirit to appear to your senses it must access you first from within and therefore it is a degree of invocation and possession so lady lock is extraordinarily sweet and sexual to not hammer essence have her essence inside as well as outside is nothing but missing out so at the end of the day you will hit a point where every invocation evocation is both and possession now as through the method it is in the video but the easiest way is that you do what is in kingdoms of flame the evocation formula as well as add I’ll ask that last last two it’s Raju and these various other incantations for maximum effect and automatically by doing that the invocation and possession will occur as well so that the only difference in between these is by degrees and that only matters how much you do it and repeat it it’s sort of like physics wherein building enough of a critical mass inside and outside must produce a manifestation so in fact kingdoms are flying of flame is of course a book of evocation soultrap traveled and invokation and possession and only by uniting all of these as well as pushing this at some point so we possess the spirit itself or enter the threat or enter the triangle where it is fully manifested or enter into the spirit where it is manifested on the astral or wherever when we are out of body do we then get the through fullness of spirit contact and again all these lead into each other so now why would you invoke her not only for the bliss acts dizzy ecstasy beauty sexuality but of course for allowing yourself to become that which enslaves and gains all her traits again I must reemphasize the the sweetness of ladyhawke is itself like a drug and that enough and that is enough to even do it such as Lilith as well there are these spirits they feel so good they cannot even be discarded by that alone because of that alone another example is Krishna as I was saying Hari Krishna in my dream I was filling up with him and the ecstasy was there subjects diseases I may not have had before and then I was going towards him as well I first saw vision up but then I knew that it was incomplete but then I started rising towards him as well and then instead of rising I also started falling down as if I was falling down into heaven into the higher plants and that’s another thing about how rising to him we although we are reaching for him we are already in effect coming down into heaven as well you know already being thrown there we are not just shift raising ourselves but this experience serious strikes very importantly how just by saying unname unname ah name or a mantra or incantation we give the contact the invocation the vision as well as the travel to the spirit so the invocation and the vision will come the travel to the spirit may not be as clearly sensed but as we go deep inside or fall through rings of reality as they say that is also shifting our location so all mouths together in the end I said before now do not worry about your senses when I first started all of this I would feel nothing see nothing and hear nothing as any normal person firstly what can be done is completely blacking out your room and spending as much time as possible in total darkness wherein after seven days or even less time you get natural visions an increase of melatonin and serotonin and finally DMT release all the ayahuasca experiences and so on naturally which I myself am very eager to attempt as much as possible but imagine the power of that cobbled with your spirits and incantations coupled secondly the senses naturally come as you practice even more so when you leave your body your senses may or may not need time to adjust but it may be that you perceive everything clearly so the way to get the senses is to get out of body which Curley says is a far better method than to just simply train yourself to scribe and so on which we must agree with as then your awareness is placed into that body and that body is the sensory body and is of course the vehicle for your site and so on then having left your body again it is a symbol as repeating Lottie lock’s name and at some point it will be a symbol for you as it is for me when I have now repeated her name and feel the sweetness and when you have thought up a thought of any spirit you will feel them too anytime the name is spoken or the thought or thought of course you may or may not know that any character or being or idea can be evoked so therefore success is always possible even when it comes to teenage mutant Ninja Turtles or Bugs Bunny and so on now visualization is not at all necessary the problem with my evocations for a long time was that I was struggling to forceably visualize the spirit and the smoke and when I stopped doing that and distracting myself and just kept on calling and calling and calling and pushing the energy into the smoke which you will get to the point of feeling then the manifestations materializations the big rapture states started occurring slowly anyway it is all a progression no definitely that you have all the senses and all the prerequisites another great practice is to close your eyes look at the darkness of your eyes keep your attention there and repeat in your mind journey ranjan on car run car sohyang so now these are the five names of the five spiritual regions rulers and they pull you in to yourself and this region as well as because we are looking through the eyes we are right now our awareness exist behind the eyes and focusing on that we focus back our attention our awareness into our point of origin that origin is that blackness the darkness and once the focus there is established you will hear sounds and see lights and this is the fundamental soul travel technique that I never got into which in action car and sandmat rather swami they all meditate and practice the same thing therefore this is the way to obtain the vision and the voice not to mention that this all animating sound current is so ecstatic the buy it alone you will have such a treasure incomparable so you will take on her characteristics and evocation is not offensive unless you make it so so for example in the goetia where the threats for the spirit are written it is nothing but a perfect painful curse to use for your enemies humans it means nothing to the 9 gatekeepers that you say I will send you to hell to burn for eternity they are that hell and they bring forth that hell within and without so this is what I have understood very simple now to opt to simply invite or not to do a full evocation all of this is said before also leads to evocation the main point is to keep doing it we can there are some people that like a lot the fact that they can call a name and sense of presence of the spirit instantly and then they say I do not need to call them anymore I do not require repetition I do not require pushing it to its ends or they may feel that they become the same with the being that there is basically no difference and I have felt this way many times in my dreams and soul travels as well as invocations and evocation but the difference is we must not become complacent and we must always think if there is now no difference between me and Jesus for example then I must be able to walk on water and raise the dead and do what he has done if there is now no difference between me and Satan then I shall do and possess all that he possessed so therefore there must be in our mind the drive to always push for more and more evocation could be as simple as saying a large tad a large talash to lady look over and over again until she appears visibly inaudibly this is what I have learned from JS garrett’s calling Alaska Alaska last to Bilal over and over again and then seeing him and then becoming possessed by him and undergoing traumatic experience it was all there I said before together sigill openings always work fine to invoke and evoke the only question is how much time will you have to look at decision who makes the spirit completely appear at some point you will get the presence of the spirit with the sigil and at some point it will theoretically fill up completely and manifest but it is a great I would say it is a greatly extended thing also then why would we not use the gift of language the voice of God to bring forth so remember as far as inheriting traits that will naturally happen the more you are calling the spirit and the more you are manifesting within and without here we go the whole gatekeep pathworking and 90 days with each and then even longer spans and longer so you and you do not need to pick any track lot trait lady luck with author traits will come and that is the point same as Jesus and any other grand spirit demon with all the traits and powers will come all that we need is to keep it out up you see same thing with the Krishna example the only thing that was separating me from Krishna in that instance is to keep calling him and keep getting closer and closer to him meet him in Isabel fuse with him he feels him with me and so on and so forth now what happens let’s say if you stay for a year outside your body which is obviously a vast thing to get into and I have not achieved even a day outside my body yet but for whatever dream span I am there or maybe there if I am aware so you see the implications of this is just the question of time spent and so with evocation and so within vocation and so with soul trap in uniting all of these we may indeed finally for all time obtain the powers of the gods in the flesh now as far as being lagged by all liked there is another way which is actually which is actually these are both very good it is senora the the crowned harlot who enslaves women just like ladyhawke and repeating her whisper you may become perfect that is liked by all and that is all that is required so you see that not only can we get their traits and all their traits by calling on them in general we can also repeat specific words connected to the spirit to them obtain certain powers and things which is true and what you have been talking about so yes sorry invocation and evocation at the same time I just got to this part of your post can you use a spirit invoked for the task outside yourself also yes I have called upon belile he meant to me into me and I have asked him to make this girl talk to me in school he was only inside me and next day she was talking to me now why was he only inside me because I filled up and I felt that that was good enough for them and I spoke to command of course if I had kept going all of this again would have come so for shaking on people you can evoke into the vicinity you can’t invoke into yourself you can’t invoke into people of course my best advice is to simply look at your target if you can get them in front of you and just call the spirit and keep asking for what you want to happen in real time and learn to get that once you get that that means you can influence anyone at anytime or at least you have that power that now you can build upon which you do so it’s all the build and the question of building upon so the beauty will rub off on you and the enslavement will rub off on you and maybe the domination and whatnot but you will experience this through yourself so it is not as though you would not want her you definitely do as you want all of these as you even…as you even want all of them and you 0 and again you become the brass vessel the vessel of all the spirits all of the spirits must be inside and outside all of the spirits must be invoked and be possessed by and manifested these are all just degrees that we are working towards sorry that I repeat myself I am after all speaking somewhat live oh the warning of her trying to enslave you yeah well if you can become enslaved by her then that itself is an achievement that I have not attained yet you see it is funny to think that at some point we might would we might like to protect ourselves but then I asked myself well how could I become possessed to such a degree that I levitate or speak complete languages at a time speak in a completely different voice impossible by my vocal cords or gain superhuman strength and so on and so forth so you see these are the great things that we are seeking after therefore we cannot under any circumstances be dissuaded we must pressure press on until indeed it is had by us and if we become the slave of the demoness and if we please her well then of course she shall please us all the more with all the women not to mention again how sweet she is that itself is like a drug you could replace drugs with lady luck and this is like a almost like an ode to her or somewhat of a little essay that shows how important it is to support that yeah so now even if you would become enslaved then still it would lead to some great and vast experiences so that I would say it is axiomatic to first call the spirits and get what you want and then to completely turn yourself over to them as spoken in evoking eternity and by that we get even more of what we wanted and more than we wanted than we even knew we ever wanted and so yes and by the end of it some measure of absolute power or absolute control or something of the life that we desire more that is more than what normal men are capable of we’ll be ours and that is the whole point if you serve Jesus and you get God or you get the powers of Jesus if you serve Satan and get the kingdoms of the earth and serve lady look and get even more of of men and women then why not get all of this in even more of course nothing is to say that we cannot command in fact whether you command or ask or beg or plead is simply a matter of speech and however you feel that you should speak in order to arrive at your desire speak it if I say lady look bring me all the women then I might as well say that I serve you now and do you want you will with me and show me what to do to get all this and so on of course this is just an example how will you stop it if you let her inside you again well why would we stop her she’s ready to give us female plaything and not to mention again what secrets she might reveal of seduction and enlightenment at the end of the day perhaps you will black out and lie dilok will stand up from the circle in your body and go forth and enslave and you will awaken in a Heron well of course this is a stretch but this is again only scratching the surface of what is possible once we black out and go somewhere unknowingly again it calls me straight to the luciferians in Las Vegas that I encountered through Lucifer and how that how much that benefited him and I would have if only I could completely given myself over and then all the power and then you come out of it and then you’re like I am God and I do what and I do what I want so it is not a question of stopping her it is a question of aligning yourself with her as much as possible or being nice to her as much as possible and she will be as nice to you and she actually is as sweet energetically even in our own essence why would we stop Lilith why would we stop Satan why would we stop any of these gatekeepers they’re not in fact our enemies and whatever happens to us under their influence whatever really bad things may happen is usually around problem because they don’t seek to harm us I’ve been working with abbadon let’s say and during that time my relatives got into a car crash my friend got into a car crash my relatives my relative had broken ribs I never was trying to curse them I didn’t even think about them those specific people so this shows to me just the sheer force of abaddon and how if they wanted to kill us the cat they can but that is why we align ourselves with them rather than to be accidental passengers in the car of life quashed by the demonic Lord squashed so you need nothing that I will protect myself from her if I only use the sigil and so on it is the same attitude as says that you require circles of protection and that you require wards and vanishings and other such things that would inhibit the spirit from expressing itself fully and would maybe actually inhibit you from doing your own evocation so we must not fall into this idea you say glad I wrote it first and not just did it well you see when you write this stuff that’s what happened there’s some opinions that want to stop you well I am not of that opinion arrow and if it is possible and hopefully my answer will be benefit to you as well it is rather always better to do it almost always almost always there is nothing so dangerous as to warrant you to stop or question first in fact have you done it like I did it immediately that is to say without asking prior questions you may have felt how good little kiss yourself so yes if you bring her forth with the sigil it is an invocation of a certain degree bring it forth more it becomes an invocation and possession and so on an evocation is never ever wasted no matter how it may appear it appeared to me as I was sitting for hours and years and months outside um near the fires and spouting into the empty air but this is what required the time was required and then I understood that I had to prolong the time of my invocation to the absolute possible maximum and that is how I began to obtain results and the sentience and clairvoyance and audio ability will never come unless of course you do it first of all and second of all apply these other tips I get get delete that delete vanishing routine is very simple and the Kingdom is a flame banishing champ chant is all that is required very good you already have the incantation everything is very good you have the consideration as well so the only thing is now repeated often you have the power to call addie long for the rest of her life of your life and using that power and using that power on any other spirit or spirits that you may want to call you can now begin to be an evocator greater than you have ever dreamed so I suggest for maximum effect to repeat the incantations and conjurations conjuration as much as you are able every day and to every day give forth the request while also you may ask lady look to stay with you as well you may say go forth if you feel that that is required to get uh to manifest your desire even more but never to simply banish because we want to accumulate her as much as possible unless you feel that banishing is required for a time then you switch back to the kingdoms of flame banishing now as far as causing harm I would say cause whatever harm to whatever woman women you require so long as I may have them but or rather she will do what she requires if there’s no caveat so why not it is not as though it’s some vast risk for example in baneful magic when you desire to kill someone of course you need not say that cause harm to everybody and all around me instead you focus on the target so but in this case lady locks enslaving abilities will only give you more success with any and all she so decides to enslave and the last and the last the last two in fact could be after it’s Rachel or even before I’ll ask her the last the last to be in the grand invocation of pacts of initiating an enforcing also a very grand invocation for the spirits of azazel and those of kingdoms of flame just to even summon them and being a binding invocation it is indispensable to calling the spirit like I said Alaska Alaska last two ladies look could be all you do Alaska Alaska Alaska do any spirit of kingdoms of flame any spirit of azazel any gatekeeper could be all you do until you arrive at vast results that is the whole thing so therefore of course at the end it is just a beautiful sprinkle but the whole meat of it is in the over and over repetition and in magic as I say there is never too much magic and never too much love magic at all you can only do too little as there is of course never too much wealth match and then I mean it’s not at all appropriate here although it is it has a similar meaning but it’s not at all appropriate in the format of the specific demonic tongue of the kingdoms of flame and the specific nabataean Tang that that Alaska Alaska last two years and so on so I’ll save you from that for now it is a good format no not failing the above the powers incantation must be included of course it is the fundamental of incantation it is the flame chant the summoning of all magical powers is also called the flame chant in the OA it is a fundamental incantation of kingdoms of flame which is however I think not included in the book but it is definitely a fundamental incantation like I said that’s what I meant so and all of these had as many incantations as you can like they are astral and so on and besides the fact like I said that if you feel that you say go go forth into the world and enslave that which I have commanded and so on you need not worry about any licensing to the park because all that you desire is that they come as much become presence in your life as much as possible and never even think about an end the fun part is is that your as you’re carrying this invocation invocation possession magic marathon at some point your desire will come forth already and then you’ll be like what I’m done that’s how you get done by doing it over and over and obtaining the desire that is the surest way it never really fails even if it looks like it’s failing then you’re still building your evocation skills your feelings your presence your sentience your everything and you’re building upon it never even think about an end the ends will come themselves and the goals will and the goals will come you have the power to do magic forever ceaselessly breathless that is the main thing that is how such guys as darkest night are born they do it and do it until they master it and that is why we can Revere him and the man hore or whatever doesn’t really matter you’re gonna do it you’re going to feel good you’re going to get extra power you will assume her traits and you will get your successes with daily work this has been me thank you

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You really need to shorten this post up a bit and break it into paragraphs @AnthonyS . It’s just too strenuous for most folks here to read through.


are you on Facebook my man at this point I’d love to talk more there if you’re OK with that or wherever you prefer

I know you work a lot with Ladilok which is your preferred and best method usually with her?

Nothing special. I summon her simply by gazing into her sigil and I imagine the result I want in my head with the right emotion, and then i issue my intent


Do you ask in your intent or command? I assume you ask, just making sure. TY

No, i command. Not in an aggressive way, but you must always remember that you are at the top of the hierarchy @SullaFelix

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