Ladilok invocation and some questions

I wonder if any girl gotten by Laidlok has kept in relationship or just sex for one occasion or continuous occasions…

Could you give an example of how to politely command. Just write out what you would say for intent in this situation. Thank you

I personally would say like 'Ladillok bring ‘name’ to me, make her have irresistible lust and passion over me and need me in her life." but thats just me.


A very good example of a “Polite Command”. Mastering the polite command is really key to a lot of this art.


update on this, tried her with a girl who talks to me often to see what shift I could get and nothing at all, left it for a while and tried again to no avail at all. Only thing I seemed to acquire was some form of impostor spirit that kept trying to chat through a pendulum, if associated I cannot say but happened after it.

Did the sigil gazing, stated by the power of the great pendralion of the kingdom of flames I command you ladilok to arise up and come forth. Called her name on repeat as a mantra for a while and then said my statement 3 times, sent the energy of it into the sigil by breathing it in with the visualization etc. But nothing sadly. I left it for 2 months without a thought until I remembered I did this and tried again and that takes us up to now.