Lack of motivation

I’m down again. I’m not progressing in my life. Everytime I’m motivated to do something, it only lasts for a day. I don’t know what to do to keep the consistency going. I’m always addicted to my phone. Could anybody come up with a solution so that I could start working hard and never look back? It also seems that I have suicidal thoughts all the time and forgot the purpose of life.

Next week, I’ll also be having an important exam. Can anyone check on what is wrong with me?


You seem to have symptoms of depression. I would go to the doctor if I were you, take some prescribed antidepressants, and have some mental health support as well.


If you’re not poor, change your diet. Quit meat and dairy and drink lots of water. Get some sunshine. If you have alloy fillings, see a dentist and ask for composites. Alloys fuck with your emotions. Exercise.

If none these things are an issue for you then you’re fucked. But it’s likely one of them


Buer is great for blocking out emotions and other people. I don’t know what your specific goals are, so I can’t really suggest anymore specific spirits, but if you look at the various spirits and find ones whose powers you find useful, and who also resonates with you (as in makes you feel better, not worse) you should have this fixed.


You need clarity. Change your diet, write down what it is you want in your life. Do not get into antidepressants. That’s completely reckless. Clarity is essential, know what it is you want in this life and write it down. As an occultist the last thing you want to get into is medications that alter the mind to mask issues you can handle yourself. Get outside help with a therapist just not the drugs.


Wow. Actually that is the most reckless comment that I have ever read. What an oxymoron!:hugs:

“You might be ill, but don’t go to get yourself treated, that is utterly reckless!”



Get your testosterone levels checked. You might have symptoms of low testosterone and maybe some elevated estrogen levels.

If T goes down, your motivation, willpower and everything positive also goes down, along with dopamine. It’s all interconnected. Get a full bloodwork panel:

  • total testosterone
  • free tesosterone
  • SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin)
  • albumine
  • E2 (Estradiol) the most important and active estrogen found in men
  • prolactin
  • LH (Luteinizing hormone) testosterone & sperm production
  • FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) sperm production
  • TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone)

And now don’t go on TRT , that’s really bad! Look into natural hormone optimization. A clean healthy diet with the right kind of fats, enough protein fruits veggies and starchy carbs will balance it out.

I have experience with this stuff, and you can always PM me for more info/advice

Also, exercise is good obviously, get to low bodyfat percentage, and your testosterone to estrogen (T:E ratio) needs to be optimized.


I want to add some additional comments about Buer. Don’t try to follow some old book to the letter and make his seal out of actual mercury or other poisoness blends of metals. Plain paper and pencil is just fine. It is what I used and very effective. Later I made a seal out of colored pencil and cardboard because I wanted something more durable and permanent.

I will also comment on some of the other advice in this thread. Anti-depressants can sometimes cause the opposite effect of what it says they are supposed to do (making a person more depressed and suicidal.) It is why now days they have the black box warning.

Diet is something you have to careful of. Traditionally, people would cut out meat and dairy in order to become more sensitive to various energies, but if that is too much for you, then you may want to have some to be more grounded.

Hormone levels can defiantly effect mood. Your body naturally produces certain hormones, but it is something that can be dealt with in better ways than taking hormones, and is usually secondary to other considerations.

Getting clarity on what you want is necessary for a permanent fix for the issue. The Buer thing, you will feel better right away, but it really isn’t enough to fix long term issues related to lack of clarity on who you are and what you are supposed to be doing.


Here are a few concrete things that help. The assumption is that once you feel better, in 24 hours or so, you’ll do some meditation and spellwork to get back on the path.

  1. Accept that being lazy may be caused by overstimulation due to the dopamine release involved with using smartphones, social media and all that junk we are screwing our minds up with.

  2. Cut out processed foods. Stick to carrots, apples and good stuff. Whatever you can afford. Reach for iron rich foods too. Chug a glass of prune juice, whatever works man.

  3. No masturbation or porn until you rediscover your true potency. (a few days)

  4. Perform some simple cleansing rituals that don’t take up too much energy until you feel better. Maybe just splash a bit of cold water on your face under the bathroom light and recite some affirmations.

  5. Clean your place.

Keep it simple and real.

EDIT: Almost forgot. Turn off the god damn cell phone at night and use an alarm clock.


Actually, that’s not reckless. Antidepressants do more harm than good. It’s better if OP got ahold of some L-Tyrosine instead.

@TheMadManiac Certainly go see a doctor, but ask him/her if you can trial L-tyrosine first before they put you onto anything big pharma. Get full blood works done. Check your test levels.

Do you drink much water? lack of motivation and depression is also linked to dehydration. See if you can boost your water intake to 2 litres +.

Also, NOFAP for at least 7 days. You’ll start to feel a boost in your mood. I’d advise to continue nofap for as long as you can. It will help.


I reccommend this book, Lady Eva suggested it and it is defintely helping me out!


I’ve been there bro. The solution is to keep it simple. Here are the steps you can take:

1- Accept the fact that everything you have in your “life” is your creation. You created all of it. And I mean ALL of it. You have no choice. Every moment you are creating.
2- Once you’re aware that you created everything in your reality you can start creating things you like instead of things you don’t like.

That’s it. It’s really that simple. But like most things in life, simple doesn’t mean easy. Here are some practical things to do:

Motivation doesn’t last:
Sit in meditation and focus on this issue. notice everything that arises. With practice you can be very sensitive to the real underlying emotional issues. For now just accept the fact that your motivation doesn’t last and welcome that feeling as best you can. Take credit for it. You have no choice anyway since you created it. You create everything in your life.

Example of what I found when I went through this phase:
I found that I was wanting to control the outcome of my actions. I wasn’t sure if my work would bring results and I wanted to have more control of whether or not the results will come. Of course I don’t really have control over what results will come, I only have control over my actions. But if I’ve convinced myself that I need to have confirmation of results before I ever do anything it’s no wonder that my motivation doesn’t last.

That was true for me, it may or may not also be true for you.

Use the same steps for all other areas of your life. Always keep it simple.

Sedona Method Six Steps by Lester Levenson. Look him up. All the best. Feel free to PM me if you need any help with this.


With due respect, antidepressants are not what big pharma companies wants us to believe, and they are most certainly not magical pills that can cure biochemical imbalances in our brains that are not even there in the first place.

I strongly suggest you to watch some videos of actual psychiatrists below.


I’m sorry you’ve been feeling this way, @TheMadManiac. I’ve been in the same place.

I think the advice you’ve been given regarding diet, exercise, sunshine, & hormones is good. Sleep plays a big role in my depression, too. It’s hard for me to regulate mine (I usually sleep too little or too much), but when I can, it makes a world of difference.

I don’t want to start a huge debate about anti-depressants. I will just say that they’ve been a literal life-saver for me. But some have also really messed me up. But once I found one that works for me, it has helped A LOT. It doesn’t fix everything, but it makes it bearable for me. The choice whether to take an anti-depressant is a personal one. Talk to a doctor/psychiatrist & decide for yourself whether you want to try them or not. Keep in mind, most take a couple weeks to have an effect. If your depression is caused by trauma, I’d suggest EMDR therapy, too. 2 years of that was WAY more effective than decades of CBT therapy. Seeing a psychotherapist is very important. Having someone “neutral” to talk to about your problems & how you feel can help a lot. Please keep us posted! I hope you start feeling better, soon!




Okay, I’ll try to do bits and pieces. But I can’t really stop fapping. I am fapping for at least 5 to 6 times a day. It’s killing me and consuming 5 hours of my time daily. Today, I almost got busted by my teacher for fapping in class. It was a matter of minutes. What to do about this? My penis also is starting to hurt badly.

And that there is your problem. You’ve got to find distractions. Stay away from porn. Google NoFap forums. You’ll get more ideas from there.


Masturbation kills now?

I shouldn’t continue the antidepressants’ talk because that will derail this thread.

Okay, if this includes magic then it is very common among beginners, get your priorities straight and think about the reasons why you do the things that you do and what you need to do in order to achieve your actual goals and be true to yourself. Would you need motivation to run like an Olympic sprinter if two dogs are chasing you, probably not. Get your priorities straight and focus on your goals.
There are many approaches to get things done, one is doing things because you absolutely have to, like running very fast because dogs are chasing you. Another one is doing things because you want to get results from it, like going to the gym, meditating, raising Kundalini, etc. This is tough because it requires effort from your side but it is less stressful than previous approach because you don’t absolutely have to.

I would suggest you start making a schedule for your entire day and focus on the results that you want and go for it.
Don’t burn yourself out in the process and remember that you can take breaks but don’t stop chasing your goals.

Fuck your phone then, fuck your current phone and get a basic phone that doesn’t even have an mp3 player in it if you can’t use your phone in moderation. Going cold turkey can be hard and I don’t recommend it if you can use your phone in moderation. :slightly_smiling_face: You can call upon Belial if you want, he hates addiction, but be careful and very clear about what you actually want and don’t let Belial fill in the blanks.

This is very important, OP. You should do your own research (for weeks to even months, to the point of ad nauseam), if you ever decide to go to a psychiatrist, extract all the information about medications from them to the point where they are about to say “get lost or I will call the security guards” and check if they hide any side effects of medications from you, if they do then they’re not worth it.

You can go to a psychotherapist, a good psychotherapist can help you a lot. You should also cleanse yourself and get your janm-kundali checked by a good astrologer to know if some astrological remedies can help you and what’s the right time to use them.


It may kill my sex organs.:sweat: