Kundalini Illumination

Well if have read my introduction
You will know my whole story.

I experienced profoundly mental, Chouncessnes Transformations and openings trough my practice of meditations rituals Mantras etc .(daily basis)

And activated on some part of my Journey early some Kind of powers i wasnt ready for but luckily now i have Guidance from the hosts of hell and can handle it but not Control it at least for now.

Powers like.

You have such a strong Aura that even trough your presence even electric light gets affected starts to flicker and go crazy on a daily Basis.

See energys (dayly)and hear spirits and entitys have visions(not so regular but it occurs often enough)

Read Minds (it occurs daily but firstly i am unaware of it and when i am, i realised it is daily)

Be a sponge and conduit for your enviromental energys sometimes is good sometimes it goes on the nerfs because with time you ask what am than I myself?!

Speak a Language (Whenever i will and Let it happen)
That i Never heard of nor studied

Even unintentionally have a writing style and own styled alphabed (unplaned)

So to speak the whole Pack what magicians Dreams of :joy:and work their asses of sometimes a lifetime

So you have any similar expirience can you help me with some practices to control it bether to further my power and balance?

Thank you in advance

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Intriguing to read, can you tell me more about your kundalini ascension experience?

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Yes i will after my work

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How did you get kundalini awakened? Only through mantra?

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Did you have visions before kundalini awakening?

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Again i will Replay after my work now i dont have the Time .

I will looking dir time to write

Ok it will happen today

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Good i found some Time…

I Experience it like that.

You loose touch with time and daily Cycles

You get more and more energy even so much you dont have to sleep nor eat that much or if completed or perfected anything.

But you simulate that you are Sleeping eating etc that the people around you dont make worrys that something wrong .

At some point your former so called self (self on my opinion is Fluid like water ever changing more or less but it is depends on circumstance) destroys itself transforms itself in my case rapidly everyone goes trough when “normaly” trough years on my case again for my past circumstance RAPID.

I could even decide if becuase at some point of my excessive practices that i could leave my body and the world completely and dont come back because my karma was accumulated and washed away.

But something in my was telling i should stay some people outthere need help in regards of Information and comformation that they arent alone and there is more…if i leave i could say i leave them behind and slower down the kollektive spiritual progress for my nation etc who really needed that spiritual backing.

After that

You can See your electrified Aura surounding energys and the kundalini inside of you that coiles up to your head if you intend to use it . It is sometimes so intense that it makes like a vibrating electric vibration sound (dont worry only you will recocgnise if it occurs) (you body tents/in my case/ be a litle twitchy ichy)

And in that times lights can Fall out and blink and if not using than even be affected to go a litle nuts when you are present.

You will be Automatic set in contact with gods or a God that is best for your progress in that regards of spirituality for me it is Lucifer i Call him Satanas Lucifer Amaymon and the hosts of hell.

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I mention too that you will have a
Concentration that when you concentrate everything around you gets sillent and the concentration is only points in that particullar Topic it is scary firstly but empowering when used corectly in that Moment .

My practice is now a mixture of listening to subliminals and frequenzis meditations invocations of Lucifer .Rituals . Mudras ~ Hand gestures. Yogi practices that are now concentrated on Solar plexus.

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And when you progress further you can see clearly your Aura mines is first Layer white silver next layer rubin dark green and the next layer Dark blue.i am sure that there are more but i must progress further to see it all. And i am sure the Aura changes too with Time so dont fixade.

But overall when your muladhara first chakra isnt stimulated enough activated trough massages Sexual practices of control and activation of such you will not get that much results there lies your raw energys that can be taken to refine trough activation and stimulation but not releasing i find it best to stimulate it before practice but NOT release that is on my sight not a Good idea to do there lies so much Potential energys for youto use and transform.

And that was too a part of my past practice no fap now i just train it and stimulate it
So train to have dry Orgasms.

So if you really want to ascend
And i am sure you will if you go further on your spiritual path .

I tell you as much as i experienced and still do
Some more side efects:
People around you get weirded out because if they dont know you or have a weaker aura or mind get in your surounding out of sync with their own energys and behave only around you strangely , feel attacked intrigued even if you dont do anything to them. Have a raspy voice suddenly because theyr vishudhy chakra theire ether is impacted imediatly of your energys more strongly because from you they are more cultivated than theirs.

You can have a idea it is like when you activate it councesly the kundalini your muladhara emits a orb like energy that feels like electrified ants crawling around your body and the emiting orb and goes up to your head a pressure begins in your head and you feel and see a sense of light emiting out of it.

Than your Aura and surounding starts emidiatly to react or change accordingly.
Because of that power surge.

And i am no proud guy nor master i know i am on my first ever steps because i must learn and practice even this energy that is for some refined energy needs to be more directed and controlled to become as a manifestation of your magical abiltys and powers.

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Dear sir, You have posted the end result well. But how to achieved this result you did not mention the mantra for kundalini activation

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Good i will mention anything that i know how i did it when i find my time .

I know i should be more detailed about the Mantras and Meditations and subliminals and frequnzis i use(d)

Well you people will hear it later.


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I think the mantra is “SAT NAM” for kundalaini activation

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Kundalini Energy everybody has it everybody has a slightly different functions to activate it.

That means

Your Kundalini is everytime activated trough simple thinks like dancing (very helpfull)to loose yourself .Eating thinks you like hear music you like in that states it is activated etc.
Trough your personal means how you know yourself bodily mentaly spiritualy.

Trough Spiritual practices in general
It will be cultivated troughoutly.
Mostly trough lifetimes living a spiritual live in general and taking it to the next level in this you might get it earlier more illuminated as usual.

Spiritual Practice isnt just one deal shot just meditate do ritauls do mantras mudras etc. Two or one time a day.

You must Build gestures~mudras
Build in a Mentality troughout your normal live day and night.

Like get a Mudra posture when you find the Time in bus etc.
Chant the Mantra like i now Renich Tasa ubaraka biasa ikar Lucifer in your head.

Experiment with foods and Diet what suits best for your progress.(food does influence your general energys and how you consume it i Pray a personalised prayer before i eat with gestures or without and make it like a personal offering to my deitys or ancestors if they want to have it i let them decide if they want it)

Be fit and active in general.

Express yourself

Gather your sexual energys.

I use subliminals trough the night and sometimes i mean everyday trough the day what i want to achieve personally that enhances too greatly your energy and achievements that you can greatly personallyse.

But i must ad sometimes going the EXTRA mile isnt allways worth it especial as a very important like kundalini activation.

Because when it happens it isnt anything that you expect to happen like in the books bliss and stuff not allways especially not if you see yourself as a being who wants magical powers rather than be one with the source or God so to speak than dont expect to be it something beatutyfull or too positive.

It is a 50/50 Situation because when you dont have the enviroment dont have understanding people around you or a temple etc.
You end up branded as a mental ill Person and get poisoned forcefully with medicines and drugs that will greatly hinder your path.


To have that much pastlive conections to gods that they help you out after that what i had (hard working me😊)

I got out of it in very short time i never really took it never ever did beacuse i know what really was the people and doctors dont really :joy:

I stoped even nearly all my Bad Habits. Smoking eating meat fish(Debatable) be to much excessive about thinks dont being so hard on myself . Depression at this point never had anymore. Got more in touch with my emotional world and my deepest self in that regards. Dont consume anymor that much Stuff medially that are more stupid or violently reclessly. Excessive Masturbation.

That too means you dont must a morally upright or super clean live to achieve it but expect that that will change when you had any lack of it when the illumination appears.

Wich Mantra i used.

At the beginning
Jesus Christ (greatly regret it but if you are jewish or it works for you do it for me nah he can die and rott away i dont care)
In the middle Satan with Jesus

Than Illumination

Than Subliminals like male Enhancement sexual stuff that is conected to nature of muladhara or money succes Muladhara solar plexus heart stuff.

Lucifer Chant Renich Tasa ubaraka biasa ikar Lucifer and invoke his energy.




Agios o Baphometh

Regular Meditations

And Mudras i dont know now the exactly name of them.

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Yeah that is too a great mantra but I personally dont used it that much but mantras alone dont do the kick in my opinion it is the combination of powerfull practices that makes in the end the brew of Illumination.

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