Korinthians' Journal

Hello all,

This is my journal documenting both my insights, dross and practical working with spirits. Recently, I had success with several of the Goetics in one layered fuckfest of a working that somehow ended up being so powerful that I got exactly what I wanted in less than a month despite lust for results etc.

I plan to do another layered working this time with the same spirits for a complex personal goal as well as internal alchemy. I’ve been caught up in the concept of buying the “The Pearl of Great Price” and understand the nuances of how belief plays a part in magick - or not. I’ve read combative insights from people who have said the belief of the practitioner can negate the working and others who have divulged personal gnosis’ from spirits such as King Belial who have apparently laughed in their faces saying no power in the world would be able to stop them from giving the petitioner what they asked for if they said they would work on it. And then there are conflicting gnosis’ with the same spirit that magick fails if it is not in alignment with the ‘true intention’ of the gestalt consciousness which we are all extrapolations of (courtesy of D.H Thorne’s video on King Belial). These intricacies are crucial in terms of maximising magickal efficacy/success rates and will determine how I approach buying the pearl and getting rid of my egoic limitations and/or beliefs which do not serve me.

In any case, I would like to work with the Goetics for a very complex working but will first probably need a divination/channeled messages from the spirits on how to attack the problem and whether it’s feasible. Hopefully I’ll be able to find someone who can do this for me before long as I’m excited to get things rolling!

To the staff members if any are present, are there any rules regarding reaching out to people to contact the spirits on my behalf?

You can make a request for a member to do work on your behalf in this thread you just have to follow the guidelines outlined.

You can read the BALG rules discussing forum etiquette here:


Thank you for this!

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