Knight Musings


God-self mantra, spiritual perfection mantra, and binaural mediation.

I was successful in manifesting the promotion I applied for. However, in the middle of the application and interview process, the company altered the criteria of the job, so it has now become basically a non-promotion promotion. At least it is an official position, though, as I was already doing the work for years now, but without any kind of standing.

The adventures continue.



Mantras and meditation. I found myself switching back to the attachment mantra out of habit instead of continuing with the god-self mantra. I haven’t quite gotten into the rhythm of that one yet, I guess, so it’s easy for my brain to fall back into the groove worn by the mantras I’ve previously been using for months. The psychic powers mantra has even begun to randomly repeat itself in my mind whenever I’m doing something that does not required focus, like watching a movie or listening to music.

End of the adventures.


You’re reaching a siddhi in that one. Good job friend.


27/7/22 and 28/7/22

Attachment, psychic powers, and spiritual perfection mantras.

Performed a prosperity ritual from Angels of Omnipotence.

Was going through some of my old journals and found my Invocation of Eternity ritual that I had created two or three years ago. It had originally come to me in a dream, and is an amalgamation of several different things, including Lady_Eva’s Invocation of Inner Divinity, the LBRP, and Jason Miller’s pillar exercise. I only used it a few times, and then put it aside for the next shiny thing, and forgot about it.

It’s still a work in progress, and I’m thinking of tinkering with it again, so I thought I’d post it here in my BALG journal, just in case I misplace my offline one again.

Invocation of Eternity

Stand in the centre of your Temple or room.

Say authoritatively, "I AM He, the one who stands between the Heavens and the Hells.

Visualize yourself growing larger, feeling yourself begging to fill all the space. See your legs extend through the floor, the earth beneath you, and down into the underworld and infernal places. See your upper body expand upwards, higher and higher, passed the atmosphere, then the solar system, then the galaxy, and into the celestial and heavenly realms.

Maintain the feeling of expansion, sink your awareness deep within yourself, to the very centre of your being. See a golden seed floating there in the internal void. This is your Divine spark, your Eternal essence.

Keeping awareness on the seed within you, feel the Celestial and infernal powers stir around you. Breathe in, and draw the celestial power into you. Feel it flow through you, filling you with power, and when you exhale, see the power wrapping around the golden seed within you, and bursting into white fire. Feel the purity of the cleansing blaze, and see the seed stir, and begin to grow within it. The Sleeping God awakens.

Breathe in again, and draw the Infernal power up into you. Feel it fill you with its raw, atavistic power. Exhale, and bring the power up into the golden seed. See it wrap around the blazing white celestial fire with its own black flame, with the seed in the centre. Feel the Celestial and Infernal Flames writhe together, expanding into a sphere of Power in the very centre of your Being. Feel the Divine seed begin to crack, its shell melting, and begin to merge with the dance of the Flames, turning the sphere into a golden sun. See the sun, swollen with cosmic power, grow larger and larger, until it fills your entire body. Feel it push itself out of your skin. The Sleeping God stands.

Feel the power coursing through you. Know that you are Eternal. This power is yours, and always has been. Focus on your power; feel it coursing through every vein, charging every cell, firing every synapse.

With your awareness still on the power flowing within, feel it expand, ripping outward, passed your skin, expanding until it fills the entire room. Know that your power is burning away everything you do not want in your reality. No other power, force, or being, can resist your divine might. See and feel the power sink into the walls, and floor, and ceiling. Know, deep inside, that nothing can breach this barrier without your permission.

If it moves you to do so, push your power further, passed your individual room, cleansing and purifying ever nook and cranny of your home. Expand it passed the walls, as far as you will it to go.
Declare, “I cleanse and seal this place, as an impenetrable barrier to all that would do me harm, in the name of the Most High, which is mine own.”

Once you have sealed the barrier, once more bring your awareness inside yourself. Feel the power move at the touch of your consciousness. Move your consciousness outward into your environment, and the world. Know that, with the wave of your hand, the stars will move, the earth will crack, and the heavens will burn, if it so be your will.

State: Hear me, thou who art subject to me, and know that every spell and scourge of the Vast One is available to me. By the power of my will, I do command all life, all elements, and all the things that are."

Bow your head. Become aware of the Celestial power flowing down into you, and say, “As Above,” Feel the Infernal power roiling upwards. Say, “So Below.”

Feel the golden power that is your divine essence coursing through you, and say, “As Within.” Ride the power with your awareness outward and sense how it flows throughout the world. Say, So Without."

Bask in the awareness of your divinity as long as desired. Then withdraw, and resume your normal consciousness.

The adventures continue.


29/7/22 & 30/7/22

Mantras and meditation. Chanted the attachment, psychic powers, and spiritual perfection mantras for about twenty minutes each. Meditated to a binaural track for an hour.

Received an encouraging message from a friend on behalf of a spirit about my mantra praxis. It’s nice to know there is a point to what I’m doing lol

End of the adventures.


My friend you’re mantras are top shelf. I’ve restored my cats to health numerous times. I also frequently recommend your mantra for removal of unwanted attachments for people who are scared they’ve aquirred a parasite.

Keep up the excellent work my friend.



Attachment, psychic powers, and spiritual perfection mantras, and binaural meditation.

Performed another ritual from Angels of Omnipotence. I’m considering working with Labusi for the entire month of August, to see if anything moves in regards to the flow of prosperity through my life.

Samael was the last in the current series of my unlocking operation. When I asked him to unlock the part of my mind he is associated with, he pressed his thumbs to my eyelids, and then said, “Ir is done.” I felt a dull ache in the right side of my head afterwards.

The adventures continue.



Interesting day.

i started chanting the attachment mantra but just wasn’t feeling it. It felt flat, and uninspired, so I only chanted for about five minutes.

I wanted to start the new month with something different, so I performed Jason Miller’s offering ritual, “The Feast.” I went out to the backyard, and, using a cardboard box as a makeshift altar, I made an offering of cherry incense and red wine to all the local spirits, including land spirits, ancestors, Fae, and the gods/goddesses. There is a part of the ritual where you can call the spirits you are close to by name, so I called many of the spirits I’ve worked with to partake, like Belial, Raziel, Michael, Azazel, Hecate, Ereshkigal, and my Unseelie guide, Illyanna.

Not gonna lie, it felt quite awkward. Offerings are not part of my usual MO when it comes to performing magick, and though I have made individual offerings on occasion in the past, the ritual was a bit out of my comfort zone, and being afraid of discovery made it even more so.

After making the offerings, I sat in meditation and reached out with my awareness, trying to sense any presences. I was a bit nervous about neighbours and the roommates coming upon me, or hearing me call out to the spirits, but I think my awareness did touch something that had decided to attend. I’m not sure what it might have been, though, as i’m so used to confining what I do to my room, that my senses were a bit overwhelmed with the energy of the environment, so it could have been almost anything.

A few hours after the offering, I performed another ritual from Angels of Omnipotence. I’ve decided to do a ritual everyday, rotating between the sigils for Opening Yourself to Prosperity, Releasing The Fear of Poverty, and Increasing Abundance.

Later, I chanted the psychic powers mantra for about twenty minutes.

In the evening, I meditated to a binaural track for an hour, and chanted the spiritual perfection mantra before bed.

End of the adventures.



A nice day. The temperature was considerably cooler than it has been lately, and there was a nice breeze coming off the ocean that helped a lot.

Mostly focused on the mantras and meditation. Attachment, psychic powers, and spiritual perfection mantras, along with meditation to a binaural track for an hour in between.

Performed a ritual from Angels of Omnipotence,

Attempted some breath and energy work before bed, but it was a bit haphazard and not really productive.

The adventures continue.



Day was cool. Mood was a bit low.

Chanted the attachment, and psychic powers mantras. Meditated to a binaural track for an hour.

Performed rituals from Angels of Omnipotence, and Henry Archer’s Magick of Angels and Demons. Someone came to me for help with a troublesome spirit so I called upon Murmur and Nitael to deal with it.

Ended the day’s adventures with the spiritual perfection mantra.



A nice, relaxed day.

Attachment and spiritual perfection mantras and binaural track meditation.

Performed the sigil ritual from Angels of Omnipotence.

Still working with the Neville Goddard Lullaby Method, and various morning practices, though have not seen any movement yet. Some days, it is harder to “feel” than others.

The adventures continue.


5/8/22 and 6/8/22

Lazy days.

Mainly working with my mantras, some binaural meditations, and the Labusi sigils from Angels of Omnipotence.

Not much to journal about.



Started the day with the feast of offering. I, again, couldn’t tell if anything showed up, but I sat in silent contemplation regardless, until the incense burned out.

Chanted the spiritual perfection mantra for about half an hour in the early evening.

Later, I silently chanted the psychic powers mantra while watching a movie.

Decided to take a day off from the Angels of Omnipotence work. I think six days, rotating through three sigils, with one day off to let things percolate, is a sustainable schedule,

End of the adventures.


8/8/22 and 9/8/22

Nothing really worth writing about. Continuing with the mantras and binaural meditation, along with the work with the Labusi sigils from Angels of Omnipotence. Finished the day with Neville Goddard’s Lullaby method.



A bad day.

Had a depressive episode so wasn’t very productive. Tried chanting the high vibration mantra but it just didn’t feel right. Spent the day watching bad movies.


11/8/22 and 12/8/22

Chanted the god-self, psychic powers, and spiritual perfection mantras. Meditated to a binaural track.

A little while ago, Prince Orobas told me the mantras are a ladder to climb. However, I have no idea where they will lead, or how far the climb is.

Performed the Labusi ritual from Angels of Omnipotence.

End of the adventures.


13/8/22 & 14/8/22

Chanted the physical vitality mantra, and the spiritual perfection mantra, for about twenty minutes each.

Performed a Labusi ritual from Angels of Omnipotence.

End of the adventures.



A low key day.

Started with Jason Miller’s offering feast ritual. Again, I had no sense of anything around, but remained in contemplation until the incense burned out. My legs fell asleep from sitting cross legged on the ground, so I pulled up a chair to sit in after giving the call and presenting the offerings.

Chanted the physical vitality mantra in the late afternoon. I think I have now experimented with every mantra, with the exception of those I received from Azrael for calling the dead and dealing with loss, and the one for manifesting material desires from Sandalphon.

Performed the Labusi ritual from Angels of Omnipotence.

I’ve been feeling very exhausted lately, as my sleep has not been restful.

The adventures continue.



A nice day. Spent it with a good friend, drinking beer under a warm sun, and enjoying some local stage plays.

No rituals were done, but the adventure still goes on.



An easy day of mantras and meditation. Energetic attachment mantra, and spiritual perfection mantra, for twenty minutes each.

Labusi ritual from Angels of Omnipotence.

Found a nice, meditative affirmation track to fall asleep to.

End of the adventures.