Knight Musings


I’ve been feeling pretty low recently, and took several days away from all magick, including my mantra work, so there wasn’t anything worth entering in this journal until now. I resumed my normal practices today, with the energetic attachment, psychic powers, and spiritual perfection mantras.

Sandalphon was next in my unlocking operation. His energy felt very stable, and grounding. When I asked him to unlock the part of my mind he was associated with, he handed me a scroll, and when I unrolled it and looked at it, I saw some Hebrew letters, which then rose up from the parchment, and entered my eyes. I felt a soothing energy flow through my head. It was probably the most unique way my mind has conceptualized the unlocking so far.

The adventures begin anew.



Energetic attachment mantra, enhancing psychic powers mantra, and the spiritual perfection mantra, each for about twenty minutes. Meditation to a theta binaural track for an hour.

It occurred to me that the spiritual perfection mantra just might be the most powerful mantra I’ve channelled. It creates a profound effect on the spiritual bodies and brings notice from the higher planes. I think, with continued use, and focused commitment, it could possibly lead to Ascension directly. A subtle secret hiding in plain sight.

Onward to adventure.



Mantras, and meditation, as usual.

Not a lot to report from my daily adventures. My awareness has been heightened a bit, and I’m still seeing movement in my periphery all the time. There is a sense of something drawing near, but whether it is something in the real world, or something spiritual, I don’t know. I’ve had a similar feeling before, as I’ve mentioned in earlier posts in this journal, but I can never seem to tie it to anything specific, even in hindsight.

The adventures continue.



Mantras and meditation.

Tzadkiel was next in my unlocking operation. He manifested in my imagination as a black man in overalls, digging in the soil of a garden. When I asked him to unlock the part of my mind he is associated with, he plucked a white flower, and told me to smell it. When I did, I felt a gentle energy flow into me. I thanked him, and Raziel, and came out of trance.

The adventures go on.



Had another low day, but managed to get in a few reps of the high vibration and psychic power mantras.

I’m beginning to wonder if my low days might be related to the unlocking operation. I am afflicted with chronic depression, but these moods lately seem to mostly occur the day after an unlocking. Not an unexpected side effect of such operations, though a little surprising, with solely archangels.

I’ve been receiving nudges to resume my work with the Fae. I’ll be honest, I have neglected my connection with them in favour of my angelic work, but I can feel that they are still aware of me, maybe even watching. Now that it is summer, the Unseelie Court is in full swing, so maybe it’s time to visit the fairy mounds once again.

To adventure!



Mantras, and meditation.

Kamael was the next for my unlocking operation. One of his pathworking images is a field of wheat, and he manifested in my mind as a stern looking man, in farmer’s overalls. I kind of felt like he was going to yell at me to get off his property lol

I asked Kamael to open the part of my mind that he was associated with, and his scowl deepened, but he reached out and pressed his fingertips into my temples, and then again above my eyes. I didn’t feel any energy flow into me, but there was a sort of… stretching sensation in the middle of my head. “It is done,” he said, in a gruff manner. I thanked him, and Raziel, then came out of trance.

Did a little energy work before bed to end the day’s adventures.



The usual adventures in mantra and meditation. Chanted the attachment mantra, psychic powers mantra, and the spiritual perfection mantra. Meditated to a theta binaural.

Performed a prosperity ritual from the book Angelic Trance Magick by Ben Woodcroft.

i’m contemplating returning to the Course in Miracles Experiment I started back in 2020, and detailed in this journal. I’m 45 days into my 100 Day Manifestation Challenge, and I’ve lost the momentum and playfulness with which I started, so the Course might be a way to get back into the groove again.

End of the adventures.



Attachment and psychic powers mantras, and binaural meditation.

Contacted Bime/Bune on behalf of a friend via Corwin Hargrove’s Goetia Pathworking. It was the first time using the book, though I’ve had it for quite awhile, and I didn’t receive any visuals, but there was a strong sense of presence.

Received a message from a friend on behalf of another spirit who wants to talk to me about my mantras. It seems that they have caught attention from the higher realms.

And the adventures continue.



Had another low day. Didn’t do much of anything, no mantras, but did manage some meditation. Mood improved slightly by the time I went to bed.

One of the things I struggle with is deciding on what, exactly, I want. When you can have anything, how do you choose? And how can you tell what is a legitimate desire, coming from yourself, and what is just something society says you should want?

End of the adventures.


Hmmm…they love to dangle choices, don’t they?
As if all choices are the same…



Back to my mantras and meditation.

Uriel was next in my unlocking operation. He appeared as an attendant, dressed in simple clothing (one of his pathworking images is of a sacred stone circle in a forest glen, and his attire fit that motif). I asked him to open the aspect of my consciousness with which he is associated and he placed his forehead to mine. I didn’t feel any real transfer of energy like some of the earlier unlockings, but he said it was done, so I thanked him and Raziel, and came up out of trance.

End of the adventures.



Today was a weird day. Something about it just felt a bit off.

Mood wasn’t low, but I did feel rather lethargic, and focused my practice mostly on meditation. I did manage some casual chanting of the attachment and psychic powers mantras while engaged in some mindless tasks, though.

Read through The Game of Life by Florence Scovel-Shinn. It was good, but I think I prefer Neville Goddard. They both say the same thing, but I feel Goddard’s writing is more direct, while Scovel-Shinn seems to talk in circles.

I also read The Miracle of A Definite Chief Aim by Mitch Horowitz. It’s based on a chapter of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Basically, it boils down to, you need to know what exactly you’re aiming for before you can bring the full power of your efforts to bear.

The adventures continue.



Attachment and psychic powers mantras for about twenty minutes each, and meditation to a theta binaural for an hour.

I connected with Hermes, using a personal pathworking from the imitable @ReyCuervo, and the Greek god had some very interesting things to say about the mantras given to me by archangel Raziel. He seemed a bit tense and frenetic or, dare I say it, mercurial, and told me that there are cosmic forces at play, and that I needed to get more people to use the mantras, especially the spiritual perfection mantra, which, as I surmised, can indeed lead directly to spiritual Ascension if used consistently.

He also said that Raziel “started something” when he gave me the mantras, and that he “knew what he was doing” when he did so. Apparently, i am a cog in some vast plan, involving many different forces and powers.

It seems the adventures really do never end.


Lately I’m having similar problems and because I didn’t decide in time, I missed several chances.

It seems like something easy to decide, but it’s not, once I make a choice, for some reason I change my mind and it becomes an endless cycle that returns to the beginning.

I’ll wait for you to post more about it and how you solved it. :pray:


Crap I need to start adding these back into my routine again. I’ll start with the perfection mantra.

Once in a while I still catch myself softly chanting the Mesh Ka mantra out of habbit.

Keep up the amazing work.



Attachment, psychic powers, and spiritual perfection mantras.

I was watching a movie and had the sudden image of Papa Legba grinning at me flash into my head. I had planned to do an evocation of the Lwa late at night, but, unfortunately, my landlady returned today, and was too active, making me afraid of being overheard. Chanting mantras with roommates is one thing, but talking out loud to something no one else can see is quite another, so I postponed the ritual for another day.

End of the day’s adventures.



The day was very hot.

Attachment, psychic powers, and spiritual perfection mantras, along with binaural meditation.

Continuing the Goddard Lullaby method before sleep, though quite inconsistently. It’s a bit difficult to maintain “faith” when things on the outside do not yet reflect the changes on the inside, though, but I am encountering a lot of synchronicity in regards to the subject matter of consciousness being reality.

The adventures go on.



Attachment, psychic powers, and spiritual perfection mantras.

Iophiel was next in my unlocking operation. I chanted the trance mantra for a few minutes before doing the pathworking. Iophiel touched the middle of my forehead, and I felt a light beam of energy enter me. I thanked him, and Raziel, and came out of trance.

One angel remains of the twelve main archangels, Tzaphkiel, but I’m thinking of adding in Samael as well to finish off this initial operation.

End of the adventures.



Mantras and meditation.

I changed from chanting the attachment mantra to the god-self invocation mantra, and thought I’d also experiment with the mantra for manifesting material desires that I got from the archangel Sandalphon. I haven’t really used it before, so it felt a little awkward chanting it for the first time. As the instructions that were given to me said to infuse the image of your desire with energy, I used another mantra to open the gates of the Divine to fill myself with power before chanting, and directed that into my visualization.

After meditating to a binaural, I chanted the spiritual perfection mantra to end the day’s adventures.



God-Self and trance mantras. Binaural meditation.

Tzaphkiel was next for unlocking. For some reason, my mind had a difficult time connecting to him, though, and his appearance was quite fuzzy and indistinct, though I heard his voice fairly clearly. I felt him press his fingers into my temples, and send energy into me. I thanked him, and Raziel and came up out of trance.

End of the adventures.