Knight Musings


Another day of rest. Slept late and didn’t do hardly any adventuring.

Performed Ritual 34 of Success Magick very late in the day, around 930 PM.

Meditated to the Concordia Booster track and fell asleep.



Today was an easy day.

Vibrated the magical potential mantra for 30 minutes and followed it with Ritual 34 of Success Magick.

I’ve been rereading various books on the Law Attraction, and trying to decide which protocol to follow for my little experiment. I have been mainly doing internal work with the angels so, with the exception of Brand’s Success Magick, I haven’t tasked any spirits for material results since my search for a new tenant on behalf of my landlady, which means I do have some small goals with which to test the principles of the LOA.

Spent some time in meditation in the late evening. Listened to the Concordia Booster before bed.

End of the day’s adventures.



Woke up with a painful cramp in my upper back. Couldn’t seem to work it out at all, no matter what stretches I did.

It was a bit difficult to relax with the cramp but I started my adventures with vibrating the magical potential mantra for 30 minutes, followed by Ritual 34 of Success Magick. I am finding this mantra to be a good pre-ritual warm up, though I have not used it before an evocation as of yet.

Pulled power through my chakras and vibrated the Bija mantras in the early evening. Some blockages in my energy system seem to have worked themselves out, so the energy flowed well.

Meditated to the Concordia Booster before sleep.

Thus ended the day’s adventures in praxis.



Well, today was interesting.

Started off the adventures with pulling power through my chakras using EA’s exercise from the Soul Travel course, and then meditated on my breath for a few minutes.

Several hours later, after my first meal of the day, I vibrated the magical potential mantra for 20 minutes, and followed it with Ritual 34 of Success Magick.

In the early evening, I meditated to the Concordia Booster for about an hour before supper. I came close to falling asleep and it was a bit difficult to rouse myself.

I took another journey to my Higher Self. This time, I was successful.

I found Sam waiting patiently for me at the World Tree, and after greeting him and giving him some ear scritches, he took his usual place upon my shoulder and we began our ascent to the Upper World.

The climb was quick, and it was easier to get through the membrane than the previous time. We came out upon a mountain top. The air was crisp, and cool, and there was a light breeze blowing. We were on a small, rocky path that lead to a wooden bridge over a crevasse, and on the other side stood a large pyramid made of grey stone.

We crossed the bridge, which was a bit unnerving, and approached the temple. There were statues of large cats, possibly jaguars or panthers, on each side of the entrance, and inside the inner chamber was lit with torches. Sam jumped from my shoulder and padded down a hall and I followed him.

We stepped into what seemed to be the main chamber, in the centre of which was a large throne, in which a regal looking figure was seated. He greeted us, and his voice was warm and rich. Its depth reverberated around the room. Sam walked up to him and jumped on his lap, settling down for some pets. The figure laughed, and did as Sam wanted, lovingly stroking his back. I could hear Sam’s contented purrs even from where I was standing.

The figure looked at me, and smiled. “Welcome back.” He must have noticed my hesitation and nodded. “Yes, I am the one you seek.”

I told him the purpose of my visit, which was to learn about myself, and how to overcome whatever chains are holding back the full expression of my magical power. He nodded again, and stood up, cradling Sam in the crook of his arm. He was tall, probably close to seven feet, with an Egyptian like complexion. It was a big change from my last interaction with him as an wizened old man with a long beard. He wore a tunic adorned with a jewel pendant, and a cloak of shimmering material.

"Come with me, " he bade me, as he began walking down a darkened hallway, which sprang into light as he walked. I followed slightly behind him, a bit wary from my last encounter with the impostor thing. I asked him about the “servant” I met on my last journey and he replied, “Yes, that was unfortunate. They distracted your mind, and were able to redirect you to arrive in the place they wanted you to instead of where you intended.” He didn’t elaborate on who “they” were and I didn’t feel like asking. “However, you don’t have to worry. They are being dealt with.”

He led me to a door which appeared to be locked. My HS produced a key, and slid it into a recess within the wall, and the door opened. Inside I could see statues of figures receding into the distance. We stepped into the room almost side by side, and he spoke, “These are the mortal incarnations I have been connected to since my…creation.” There seemed to be quite a lot of them.

I stopped in front of the figure of a woman in an Egyptian headdress. He eyes seemed to blaze with an inner fire, and I felt myself drawn into her gaze. “Who is this?” I practically whispered, and my Higher Self responded with a cryptic, “Maybe you will find out one day. Come, I want to show you something.” I reluctantly tore my eyes from the fascinating figure, and followed the HS to a far corner of the room. There, on a pedestal, was a thick, leather bound book.

"This, he said, gesturing towards it, “is your Book of Secrets. It contains all that you are, everything about yourself, and your, how do you phrase it? Oh, yes, your spiritual baggage. The information within is…dangerous, a double edged sword.”

I reached out to the book but my hand was deflected by some kind of invisible force. I saw glyphs on the pedestal glowing with a fierce blue fire. My HS sighed, and said, “Perhaps when you are ready, you can look inside.”

“But how will I know if I’m ready? What do I need to do? I’m tired of not getting any answers and my patience is running out. I’m close to just saying, fuck it all, and walking away. How can I break the chains that hold me back?”

My Higher Self looked at me straight. His eyes were a deep green, and bore into me. Then he let out another sigh, and said, “I forget sometimes how limited the mortal perspective can be. You are an intelligent man, but you do not use your most powerful weapon.” He poked his finger into my forehead. “There is nothing holding back your power. There are no chains that bind you. It’s all in your head. You chain yourself. You know this, yet you would prefer to look outside instead of within for the keys.”

“Leave now. Think about what I have told you.” He turned away and walked to the door of the room. He glanced back and said, “Work more with Sam. He has much to teach you, for he is more than just a guide and a protector against those who are not what they seem. So much more.” Then he was gone.

I looked down at Sam. “Guess it’s time to blow this Popsicle stand, huh?” Sam led me out of the room, back down the hall and out of the entrance. We ran across the bridge, before Sam once more took his place on my shoulder, and we descended the Tree.

Once more at the roots of the Tree, I sat down, with Sam on my lap, and wondered about what my HS said. I talked to Sam, asking about things. He stood up and gave me a head bonk, pressing against my chin. I felt an outpouring of love for Sam, and wished I could have a physical version in my life. I sighed and hugged him. There was a change in the tempo of the drum track, signalling it was time to return, so I stood up, promising Sam I would see him again in a few days. Then I opened my eyes.

End of the adventure.


Comedy Hour with DK, Spirits and CO.


What an amazing journey.


Baby Girl got the goods :kissing_heart:

Thanks, Daddy! :kiss::sparkling_heart::heart:


Wow, what a journey! I love Sam sooo much and I hope you can learn and grow with him more (cats are the best. Also loving the panther motif on the temple.)
So these HS journeys are shamanic journeying? Is there a specific track you use? Ive tried a few tracks on yt to see if I could have a similar experience but nothing as detailed as yours has happened for me. I guess I need to work on my trance state more.
Your HS sounds like such a badass. He is right though our minds can really hold us back but at the same time its our strongest weapon…


Yes, I use a core shamanism technique I learned from @Lady_Eva.

I use several. Most of my journeys seems to last around 20-30 minutes, so I have bookmarked a couple of tracks on YouTube around that length. It is generally hit and miss, though, in finding a track that is the right tempo for you, Something in the middle ground, not too fast, but not too slow either, seems to work the best for me personally, but your results may vary.


This is everything.

Same. :cat2:

I need to work on doing this kind of journeying.

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GIF heavy af but no words can describe

Me everytime:




Such a mood.




This was a less adventurous day. I didn’t do much in my praxis except Ritual 34 of Success Magick, and meditation to the Concordia Booster before bed.

Had some delicious pizza for supper though :yum:



Went on a shopping adventure for some new pants and shoes. It felt really good to have enough money in my bank account for such things. It’s been too long.

Moved on to Ritual 35 of Success Magick, but performed it late in the evening, around 10 PM.

End of the day’s adventures.



I received a reading from King_kemet on the spiritual obstacles dragging on my material prosperity, and one of the things that came up was that my expectations of success may not be realistic, and that I should change my ideas of what success means. This is something that has come up for me before, and is a question I’ve been grappling with off and on for a while.

The final outcome of the reading dovetailed with what my Higher Self told me in my last journey, that the main obstacle I need to overcome in my quest for more prosperity is my own my mind. It is mainly the internal negative influences and thoughts that hinder me, not some nebulous external force.

I spent some time in contemplation today, and the only adventure I took was Ritual 35 of Success Magick. This particular ritual is labelled Story, and is about how one’s personal past is more than just a collection of incidents and resentments, and that it does not dictate one’s success, which is very relevant to what I am grappling with. This is not the first time i have moved on to a particular ritual in the book only to have it illuminate whatever questions I am dwelling on.

I’ve decided to undertake a No-Fap challenge for 100 days to see if it will have a positive effect on my ability to manifest. In some of the Taoist literature I’ve read over the years, it is stated that when a man has depleted his jing through excessive masturbation, he should abstain for a minimum of 100 days in order to build it back up before beginning cultivation, so I’m going to experiment and see if I can settle the question for myself.

I fell asleep listening to the Condordia Booster, and thus ended the day.


Sounds like a success to me, even if is a small one! You went from homelessness to a roof over your head and a decent landlady and tenet. Plus they allow you to practice your art without too much disturbance. Focus on the small successes and keep putting energy where its needed, the bigger ones will come with time. It sucks but good things come to those who wait. : D



It was a productive day of praxis.

The adventures started with some stretching and yoga, followed by 30 minutes of no-mind meditation.

Later, I pulled power through my chakras using the preliminary exercise from the soul travel course, and practiced getting out of my body.

In the evening, I chanted the magical potential mantra for 20 minutes, and then followed it with Ritual 35 of Success Magick.

I’ve been considering asking for mantras from all seven of the main archangels, instead of only Raziel. One of the requests in my thread was for a mantra for physical energy, and when considering it, Michael’s name popped into my head as archangel of the Sun, so I thought, why not ask all of the main seven?

Ended the adventures with meditation to the Concordia Booster.


That’d be badass af dude

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Silly question but isn’t Raphael the archangel of the sun (tiphareth) and Michael the archangel of hod? (Mercury) It might be better to ask Kamael ruler of the sphere of Gevurah for the mantra since he is associated with mars? (physical strength)

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It actually depends on which version of Kabbalah you look at. In some, Michael and Raphael swap places. It’s similar to how the Golden Dawn swapped the cardinal directions of Fire and Air. According to Damon Brand, the oldest sources actually place Fire, and hence Michael, in the East, the direction of the rising sun, and Air, and Raphael, in the South, but Aleister Cowley switched them, and that became the default attribution.

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Thank you for expanding my knowledge, I was just used to Raphael because of the middle pillar ritual.

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