Knight Musings

Always unusual and strange feeling when that happens. Do you have a gut feeling about who it could be?


Well, you did do a romance or love ritual, perhaps women are checking you out?

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No, the ritual form Mystic Words of Power isn’t a romance kind of thing. It’s more Agape than Eros.

Not really. There’s nothing definitive, just a feeling that there is something just on the periphery of my awareness.


I’ve had that before, it might just remain a mystery but I’m fairly certain you were right about it.



It was a strange day. I wasn’t able to sleep last night, though I think I might have slipped away for an hour or two around 10 AM. I’m really not sure if it was actual sleep, though, or a trance state. It was a bit weird, however, and when I awoke, I was briefly uncertain of where I was.

While unable to sleep, I had spent some time on reddit, reading about experiences with the work of Neville Goddard. It reminded me of some of the entries I had read in @Veil’s journal on the forum regarding her use of Goddard’s work, so I decided to start my adventures with a basic I AM meditation for thirty minutes. It wasn’t as easy as it seems.

Several hours later, I performed the Ritual of Love from Mystical Words of Power.

After a heavy meal of turkey with all the fixin’s, I ended the day’s adventures with meditation to a theta binaural track for an hour, before finally falling asleep.



A day of…interesting adventures.

Began with the usual chanting of the spiritual perfection mantra for thirty minutes.

An hour or so later, I began the Ritual of Healing from Mystical Words of Power.

In the evening, I did an “I AM” meditation for thirty minutes.

Later, I did an hour or so of energy work, using a variety of techniques from the work of Robert Bruce, Jason Miller, and Jason Newcomb.

Then I took a journey to the Fae, described here

i found the experience of the journey very odd, so I ruminated on it for a while, before letting it go, and listening to a binaural track to clear my mind before falling asleep.



'Twas a day full of adventures.

Chanted the spiritual perfection mantra for thirty minutes.

Performed the Ritual of Healing from Damon Brand’s Mystical Word’s of Power.

Decided to experiment with the Sandalphon mantra for manifesting material desires, so I chanted it for about fifteen minutes. It was bit difficult to maintain focus on the image of what I wanted to manifest while reading the mantra, though, as it’s one of the few I’ve never used and have not memorized.

Ended the adventures with an I AM meditation to a theta binaural track before bed.


Your said in that entry you had trouble finding your guide. Do you think it would be possible to get in contact with her through the meditation she gave you last time? Iirc it was a meditation on breathing element through the body…or something. I remember you saying at one point when you did it you could feel her watching you. Worth a shot if anything. Good luck!

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An easy and relaxed day.

Performed the Ritual of Healing from Mystical Words of Power

Meditated to the Solfeggio frequencies for an hour.

Spend some time contemplating who or what might have been watching me, as I mentioned previously in this journal. Something tells me it was a goddess, though which goddess, I have no idea. My magical practices have been mainly centred on demons and angels, so I have had very limited dealings with godforms, having only recently introduced myself to Hacate.

Wrapped the day’s adventures with some trance work.


This was my gut feeling too.

I think you’re on to something. :+1:


Another nice, easy, day.

Performed the Ritual of Healing from Mystical Words of Power.

Meditated to a theta binaural track for an hour.

I’ve been having some odd dreams lately, but I never seem to be able to retain them upon waking up. I just wake up with a general sense of weirdness.


Would you prefer to remember your odd dreams or forget them?

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It was a weird night. I was listening to a theta binaural track and it led to a weird state where I couldn’t tell if I was awake or sleeping. I saw some shadows moving about in the dark, and could hear strange whispers which I wrote off as just my next door neighbours talking out on their back deck, but i’m not sure that’s what they actually were.

Woke up feeling exhausted, and not sure if I actually slept.

Once my brain stuttered to some semblance of life, the magical adventures started with chanting of the spiritual perfection mantra.

My focus has recently turned to embodying the god state in my every day life, so when I now chant the mantra, I am no longer seeing spiritual perfection as something to obtain, but rather my natural state, and I simply need to clear away the mud obscuring it.

An hour or so later, I performed the Ritual of Healing from Mystical Words of Power.

in the early evening, I meditated to the Solfeggio frequencies for an hour. I sunk into a nice, relaxed state, and didn’t want to come out of it.

I am thinking of getting back to my experiment with the Course In Miracles that I put on pause last year. Its ideas fit with my current work to embody the god state, as does the work of Neville Goddard, which I’ve been recently reading. The framework of each is very similar, the basic premise being that we are God, that our mind is the Mind of God, and thus connected to all things in existence and manifesting our desires isn’t so much a matter of “attraction” so much as it is taking on the state of being associated with having them.

Ended the adventures with some contemplation on these idea before bed.



A nice, relaxed day.

The adventures were light, consisting only of meditation to the Solfeggio frequencies, and the Ritual of Healing from Mystical Words of Power.

Did some light trance work before bed.


22/10/21 and 23/10/21

The weather has taken a turn, with a heavy storm on the way. My mind has been feeling a bit oppressive as of late, with lots of rumination. Not sure why exactly. Just another funk, I guess.

Magical adventures have been limited to the rituals from Mystical Words of Power.



The storm hit so it’s been raining non stop all day. Fortunately, we did not lose power.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the figure that was watching me a week or so ago. I went back in my memory to see if I could remember any specific details about it, but since it was all in shadow, I couldn’t recall much. It was wearing a cloak, though that is pretty standard for mysterious figures, so it is hardly a helpful detail in identifying it.

As I mentioned, I had the impression that this figure was a goddess, so, after talking to a friend who works with several goddesses, I’ve been mentally going through a list of possible candidates. Unfortunately, my knowledge of goddesses is far from extensive, so after mentally holding up the names of some of the most popular, and not receiving any sort of intuitive flash or sign (I kind of expected a big glowing arrow emblazoned with “THIS ONE!!” when I hit the upon correct name lol), I figured I may perhaps need to look for a list of lesser known names.

When going over some of my journal entries regarding my journeys to my Higher Self, I recalled there was a lot of Egyptian symbolism present, and, though I could not identify anything about the figure that could define it as Egyptian, it is an avenue to look into.


25/10/21 and 26/10/21

Things are beginning to pick up with work, and I’m heading into a heavy rehearsal period starting this weekend, so I’ve knocked back my adventures to mainly meditation and the short rituals from Mystical Words of Power. I’ve dropped my mantra chanting down to 15 or 20 minutes from the usual 30.

Due to the upcoming schedule, most of my praxis will probably have to be done in the evening. I could probably squeeze something into the mornings, but with the way my ability to sleep has been going, I will be lucky to wake up with enough time to get dressed before having to run off to the theatre.


27/10/21 and 28/10/21

Been busy, and haven’t been adventuring as much as usual. Mostly I’ve been squeezing in some meditation, and the rituals of Mystical Words of Power, in the evenings before bed.

I’m hoping to do an offering to the dead on Halloween, utilizing the mantra I channelled from Azrael.



Wow, hard to believe it’s November already. Time just seems to fly by with the speed of Mercury these days.

I think I’m beginning to reap the results of the Success Magick workings that I did last year. I have two jobs coming up that will put at least two or three thousand dollars extra in my pocket, and keep me busy into the spring.

I’m continuing with the mantras, and I’m almost finished the last ritual in Mystical Words of Power, the Ritual of the Empowered Mind.

I still haven’t investigated the goddess that may have paid me a visit, but it’s on my rather long list of waiting adventures. I did not end up using the mantra for the dead or giving an offering on Halloween as I had originally planned. I was pretty drained after work, and wound up just zoning out with mindless television, before falling asleep early in the evening.

There hasn’t been much to journal about, so that’s it for now.



I’ve been thinking about where to take my magick next, once my angelic work is completed. I kind of feel like I have a queue of spirits waiting for me.

I estimate my angelic work will be finished by spring, so the next thing I’m looking at doing is a pact with Belial. He’s been in my corner for a while, but I’ve always kept him off to the side in favour of the next shiny thing, so I figure it is time to finally work deeply with the great king. He’s been patient long enough.

Before that, however, I’m going to be following the angelic pathworking from EA’s book Evoking Eternity, as well as working through Bill Duvendack’s Enochian book, Wails of the Wandering Angels. Plus, I still have my ongoing work with the LWA and the Fae.