Kitāb al-Fihrist - Unlocking the aspects of the 71 Jinn (and then some)

This will be my journal about my unlocking journey with the 71 Jinn that are mentioned in the
Kitāb al-Fihrist, a knowledge catalogue from out of the tenth century, compiled by the bibliographer Ibn al-Nadīm.

Truth to be told, I started this journey already in 2020, after I finished the unlockings of the 72 (and then some) of the Goetia. I kind of thought that it would be similar; I won’t say easy peasy lemon squeezy but comparing both journeys with each other I found that unlocking the Goetia aspects went much easier, smoother, harmonious, etc.

The project went on the back burner of projects; I found it hard to navigate through the very sparse sources (for someone who is not familiar with the language, that is); also the energies have been more “harshly” to handle for me, knocking me out for several weeks in a row before I would be able to continue with the next spirit. I’d like to joke about how these Jinn aren’t exactly as “customer friendly” as the spirits of the Goetia, who are more accustomed to converse with all kinds of people from all backgrounds and stages of knowledge.

I decided to open this journal so I can hold myself accountable and to keep myself from slacking (yet again). Lets see how that goes.


My first unlocking attempt was with a Jinn called Hamran (جندرب (?) ).
Similar to my Goetia approach I wasn’t going with a particular order, I simply picked the spirit that felt “most right” to me.

When I called on this Jinn I was smelling a very peculiar personal memory: crisp autumn air (the depressing grey one, not the romantic indian summer from movies) mixed with the oily and heavy smoke coming from old chimneys of older houses. It was early September and basically still summer, so I attributed this smell to the presence of this Jinn.

There wasn’t much else going on, so I started rambling away: that I was coming without any other agenda than seeing how it goes, that I could provide a “letter of recommendation” (I am lacking a better term) for this endeavour from three Jinn that I am currently learning from and that I don’t have direct expectations for the unlocking.

While waiting for a response I tried to get rid of the “How will this compare to the Goetia?” question inside of my head. I didn’t want to spoil the experience with a bunch of frontload (my nifty way of saying “I am completely unprepared and have no idea what I am doing”. Please don’t do this, my way to approach things always held high risks of backfiring and I would not recommend this if you have other options).

Before I could see Hamran behind my closed lids, I could hear her. Hamran explained to me that she will act as a road opener for my endeavour and that picking her as the first Jinn was simply a logical consequence of her expertise with “just starting something, no matter how rigid or immovable” something seems to be.

My handwriting gets REALLY messy during the segment of describing her.
It reads:
"female form, everything on her is somehow red and cold, everything is (???)"
Wow, I really slipped with the pencil, there.

She is not talking to me while she is explaining that there will be no fierce clearance but a slow loosening and moving during our session.

I scribbled down a word combination consisting of “Mer” and “Sami(y)a” that I could hear repeatedly during this session. With a big “?”.

Hamran whispered “It is cold, but its actually warm”, before she left.
I can feel a light stretch in the muscles of my body, everywhere at the same time. The incense stick is shaking a little, as if to say “all done”.

I thanked her and left her some offerings.


It was very late October of 2020 already when I was able to continue with the next Jinn.
For some reason it took me much longer to recover from my encounter with Hamran than it took me when I was still working on the Goetia project. Back then I would simply call on one spirit each week; I preferred to let the unlocked energy settle a little inside of my system before I would continue with the next one and it was a good and reasonable pace; I seldomly felt the need for a break.

I found my reaction to the Jinn unlocking odd but not too remarkable, back then.
I continued with Mazahim (مزاحم ?), already having a weird feeling in my gut when I set up the space.

As I crookedly tried to scribble his name in arabic letters onto the paper he was already there. He simply said “Your arabic is bad.” and pulled me straight into the visualization process without giving me more time to prepare myself.

I woke up to find myself sitting in a rubber raft, in front of an oil rig in the middle of winter. It seemed to be night and it was cold that I got actual goosebumps on my skin. I could hear the faint crackle of crystallized ice on the surface of the water and the creaking of the construction in front of me. Mazahim was sitting across from me, he looked so damn out of place like this.

Mazahim appeared to me in the form of a tall and bald man with dark skin and red paintings on his stern face. Instead of eyes there were blue glowing eye sockets, giving a bit of light to the otherwise dark surroundings. He was wearing a sand coloured thawb, this piece of clothing makes him look even more out of place here.

He didn’t start the conversation, in fact he was just staring at me.
I awkwardly introduced myself and asked him if he was willing to help me with the unlocking project. As a response there was a sudden and sharp stabbing pain in my left temple. My surroundings disappeared and as I was coming back to myself in my own practice room I could hear his voice in the left side of my head: "The (redacted) will decide how this will continue. I am going to help you - for now.

The pain in my left temple slowly dissipated and I asked him how his unlocking would make itself known to me. The only response was that I should learn how to direct my natural anger in a more efficient way, making it strike into things instead of getting all over the place.

Where are my stereotypical corny obnoxious oriental desert flutes? :thinking:


The time lag got bigger and bigger and all of a sudden it was March 2021, already.
I waited for some kind of green light or approval from the mentioned but redacted decision makers from here:

The “official go” has been marked by one hell of a day that I’ve experienced in the mundane. I was furious, angry, irritable, you name it. And I wanted to craft this inner turmoil into a precision weapon, not just some blunt stick.

I reached out to Mazahim again, I told him that I was ready to let his interpretation of “weaponizing rage” take root.

There was no immediate change, no click, no “Aha” moment. In retrospect I think that I’ve started to grew less irritable (= lashing out) towards certain things. Instead I was able to cultivate the sensation of rage past its initial trigger for later workings.


Another two months passed until I contacted Sahitun (ساهتون), or rather - was able to contact him. There was a certain kind of “heaviness” connected to the thought of letting these spirits have access to me in such a way. I couldn’t point my finger on it, why it felt so different from conversing with the Goetia and why I actively avoided it to a certain extent.

So there I was, it was May 2021 already and I had some sort of bad conscience. It took me so untypically long that I was concerned to grow lazy. In addition, I fell ill the day I’ve wanted to contact Sahitun and I almost used it as another excuse to postpone it.

Eventually, I forced myself through the process (I hate to write it like that, but no sugarcoating). I called on Sahitun and asked to receive the unlocking of his aspects inside of me.

While meditating on the connection I was unusually tired.
I found myself inside of a visualization that I’d like to call the “spaceship bedroom” because of its futuristic, sleek and white interior (except for the red bedding); no one lives in something like that and I was a bit disappointed that I was missing the classical desert-themed elements yet again.

A familiar blue light illuminated some corners of the otherwise dark and windowless room. I identified it as the same light that Mazahim had going on instead of…you know, eyeballs.

Sahitun was already there, conveniently for him he was standing right in the door frame, where the blue light couldn’t reach him. I couldn’t see him or any details of his features or clothes or if I was talking to an oversized goose instead of a human like figure.

He started the conversation with an accidental fact: “You have encircled me.”
Sahitun was referring to a safety measure I came up with, in agreement with the spirits overseeing the whole procedure. I explained that I don’t have any ill intentions towards him but that its for him to decide if he would consider my precautions as hostile.

He probably didn’t, since he was emitting a rather calming and smooth energy the entire time. While Sahitun stayed in the darkness of the door frame I could feel two hands cupping my face. My headache was gone in an instant, as well as the pain in my muscles. Everything was mellow and soft all of a sudden and my eyes grew heavier.

The crooked lines of my pencil is building the sentence He is healing., I can’t remember having this kind of realization, though.

I fell pretty much asleep after this encounter, feeling at ease as the pain inside of my body was dissolving into blue light.


In my next trick I will stretch a healthy and simple time frame of two months into nine months, for seemingly no reason at all.

Yes, it took me another nine months to reach out to the next Jinn. “Life got in the way” is the widely accepted wankers euphemism for stuff like that, no?

So, life got in the way. Not at all, actually, I found plenty of time for a load of other things.
I could not wrap my mind around the cause for my sudden slack regarding this project. “Maybe its just not for me” I was chirping while happily devouring different sources of middle eastern magickal practice at the same time.

Maybe, deep inside of myself, a lesser retarded part of me knew what was about to happen and that I wouldn’t be able to go back after a certain point. And maybe this lesser retarded part of me was already frightened, here. I was only about to find out how right I was. 2022 happened and everything after that happened and all of a sudden you are concerned with a completely different scale of chain reactions, compared to your manageable and limited sphere of influence.

But before I’ll get to that, lets switch to early February 2022. The good part of February and the rest of 2022, it seems.

Arhbh. (ارهبة). Back then I almost broke my wrist while trying to write out the arabic letters for that one, it came out so bad that I am still surprised that this spirit showed up at all instead of looks at smudged writing on the paper “Arnold”.

As with Hamran, I could hear this one before perceiving him in other ways.
“The light is annoying”. I had a tiny lamp going on because I was struggling with the letters so much. I switched the light off and got pulled into the next visualization.

This time I found myself sitting in an old library, according to the faint noises it was raining.
Arhbh entered the library as well, a black smoke shaped like a human figure. Looking closer I found that the smoke consisted out of fine black lines and threads. He was wearing a broken white porcelain mask in front of his face, no ornaments or other “personal” touches.

He came closer and I started to ask him about the unlocking. The next thing I know: two hands around my neck, pressing together firmly.
Aha, he IS upset about butchering his name was one of the many things that went through my mind while he continued to squeeze my throat shut.
The chokehold lifted eventually and I wondered if that was the unlocking, already (and if yes: weird).

I apologized for being so unprepared for our meeting and asked if he could help me out.
“You have attachment problems.” he simply answered. Yeah, no kidding.
I asked if his unlocking could help with that, already imagining how his rough treatment opened my Vishuddha, lifting my ability to express myself into unknown heights, shaking off the chains of self-imposed limiting beliefs and-
“No, I’m merely pointing out.”

He turned around again, leaving the library obviously without me.
Before he left he pointed to a bookshelf beside him, stating “You should make use of those more often.”

Arhbh had a point; while basically telling me to fuck off he made sure that I would make use of the abundance of knowledge that was more or less laying out on the streets for me.
I would like to think that his unlocking made me more receptive towards certain literature.
This or he simply enjoyed a good choke in the evening.


Five months ago I called on al-Harith (الحرث). It was kind of clear right after talking to (getting choked and flamed by) Arhbh, that I would go to al-Harith, next. I didn’t like this certainty a bit because I thought that I would have enough time until I would have to meet with that one.

I wasn’t ready; not enough knowledge, not enough firmness in my practice.
The events of after February 2022 pushed me further and further into the necessity to ask for his assistance, and after some uncomfortable parallels have been made there was basically no excuse left. I had to act and I needed not only the unlocking but every bit of help he could offer me for the cause I’ve intended to follow. I still do to this day, until its settled.

My handwritten notes got really messy during this meeting; I had to drag the pencil over the paper, because I was so deeply anchored into the visualization that I was afraid to break it if I would move in a wrong way. I will have to redact vital parts of this unlocking because it kinda fuses together with the agenda that I followed when I asked him for assistance.

I found myself at a missile launching site in the middle of a desert (there it finally was!).
Everything was hot and dry and searing, it was hard to breathe because the heat pushed the air out of my lungs with every inhaling. al-Harith and I stood on top of a roof, the missiles flew over our heads, starting from our direction, landing who knows where.

I knew exactly what this place was: we’ve been (redacted).
I couldn’t see his face; he turned his back on me, making no move to turn around anytime soon. From behind he looks like a dude with a simple sand coloured caftan made out of linen and a lighter coloured turban. We are talking about a peculiar part of iranian folk legend (and I had to look that one up after our session, I had no idea, no frontload, no nothing, which probably emphasizes of the authenticity of the whole convo).

al-Harith is telling me that he is not the creator of (redacted). It dampened my hopes for a quick solution because it meant that he could not use his dominion in this case.
I asked him about the unlocking part; it felt inadequate to switch the topic like that but I wasn’t sure how long it would take me yet again to call on him for that. al-Harith agreed.

I was stepping a bit closer towards him, his back still facing me. I wrapped my arms around his torso (I don’t know why, it felt like the right thing to do); al-Harith felt as hot and dry and harsh as the whole place in my arms. I can feel someone wrapping their arms around me from behind at the same time, feeling the same suffocating heat radiating from the body. Thoughts about immersion, merging, breathing, not wanting to open the eyes, not being able to open the eyes, etc. I couldn’t come up with one coherent sentence.

At the end I received something that was not connected to the unlocking but to the task that I needed to start. The feverish hot-cold sensation stuck to my skin and my bones and my eyes for the rest of the day.


Todays unlocking experience: Qdmnh (قدمنة).
I figured that it was time to get on with the task. Looking at my schedule for the next weeks to come I decided that today would be that time.

During todays session I forgot one crucial thing: my “ID”. Since I have started my journey with these Jinn, I decided that it would be a good idea to include something into my sessions that would work as a formal attestation of my agenda. For some dumb reason I completely forgot about it today and paid the price a little bit.

I got sucked faster into the visualization process than I’ve thought; something that looked like the siege of some european small town around 1500? And my dumb ass in the middle of the turmoil. Well done, Pariah. While navigating as low-key as possible through the battlefield I was looking for a clearing out of this violent throng. I was so busy with weaseling my way out of this, that I almost didn’t notice the arrow that nearly hit my left foot but stopped (thankfully) with a loud thud in the ground beside it.

Lifting my gaze towards the direction from which the arrow came I spotted the corny epitome of every fairy tales antagonist (and the protagonist of my suddenly very LARPey visualization): a large dude with black armor on a black horse, attaching a new arrow to the string of his bow. Lifting up my right hand, I opened my mouth to yell “Wait Qdmnh, its me, your new best friend for life!”, to no avail. It was in this moment when I noticed that I forgot to bring my “ID” to the party; at the same time the arrow left the string with a whizzing sound and I could feel my left shoulder getting hit by an invisible iron fist.

In the next sequence I find myself leaning up against something that looks like a brattice; the battle sounds are far away by now. My left shoulder hurts, the arrow is still buried inside, probably right in my subscapularis. Qdmnh leans down and without saying a word he pushes the arrow deeper into my shoulder, until the tip exits the other side. He then breaks the arrow in two halves, pulling both parts out of my shoulder with a swift movement. He still doesn’t speak, instead he pours something that looks like water on my wound, from a silvery drinking bottle. The wound begins to burn by now, the pain creeps up to my neck and down to my arm.

This visualization sucks but I stay because I need to stand up for my blunder. Qdmnh is not a talkative one while I ramble away about my intentions. He quietly tends to the still burning wound; when I ask him if we could consider it as “unlocking” (to brighten up the mood!) he agrees. He calls the unlocking “Saif alriyh” and now I am not sure if he is jabbing his sense of humor at me.

Coming back from the session I find that my shoulder still hurts where the entrance wound would be.


Todays unlocking experience: Zawba’ah (زوبعع )

I have missed the mark a little bit, day wise. Originally I’ve wanted to talk to this one on a Friday. Unfortunately yesterday was cut unexpectedly short by a very sudden onset of COVID, including all of the symptoms in the world :+1:t2:

I decided to use the very small time frame in between fever waves today, in order to try if I could reach out to him at all in my current state.

Instead of using incense I dressed a candle for him with a very fitting perfume oil. I also laid out a necklace and a coin that should be at least familiar to him :thinking: I decided against calling him by the invocation text according to the Shams al - Ma’arif , because it wasn’t really what I wanted out of him for now.

I guess that my exhausted ass wasn’t really into the idea of wild visualizations, this time. Instead of impressive or overwhelming surroundings I found myself inside of a cozy and adorable tree house (?), completely with a fireplace, a recliner and a bed. I wasn’t sure if he heard me or if I just got stuck because of my predicament. When I was about to simply roll with it (= making myself comfortable) I could see a tall silhouette emerging from out of thin air into the room.

I kind of imagined this Jinn king completely differently. The only similarities between the texts and his appearance: a large yellow/golden bulls head with two impressive horns. The similarities stopped right there and made room for a plain black hoodie, dark pants and a pair of white sneakers. Zawba’ah would look like a typical doomer if it wasn’t for the lack of cigarettes and earphones. Great, apparently the fever fucks with my perception.

I apologized for calling on him when I am obviously not in the physical condition to do so; he plopped into the recliner and picked up the coin from the small table in front of him. I watch him, thinking to myself how different families can turn out to be. He must have caught on my trail of thoughts because he simply answered “There aren’t too many differences.”, while still turning the coin around in his fingers. He gets up from the recliner and walks over to my bed, offering me…a pack of chewing gum. I wonder if this is already the unlocking part and pull a piece of wrapped gum out of the box. I shove it into my mouth, it tastes mainly like salt and faintly like mastic. The pain in my throat subsides for a bit. He informs me that this was NOT the unlocking. I am physically not in the right condition to accept his unlocking and I feel disappointed. He tells me that he will be present throughout the entire night. The visualizations ends with this.

I will let his candle burn out today and tomorrow.


I need a Djinn to help me disperse the bad luck in my life

Maybe King Maymun could help you out with this; it is said that he is able to bestow good luck. Given that he is associated with the planet Saturn I would understand this description as some “taking away restrictions/obstacles/bad fate” kind of thing, though.

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I am capricorn and the trident is my symbol. How do I contact this King Maymum?

If you want to stay with the traditional approach I would advise to call him on a Saturday. I don’t believe as much into the strict assignment of days, colours and material but maybe you want to put black colour into the evocation process (as a candle, for example. I could also think of a black scrying mirror, as well) and offer plants/herbs that are corresponding with the Planet (the most easy accesible ones should be Mullein or Comfrey or whatever is your locations equivalent of the Yew tree).

As for the rest of the contacting process: call him in whatever way you’re able to. The arabic language is not mandatory, neither is the old grimoire approach (which would include a corresponding angel, etc).

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I have none of all the ingredients you mentioned. But in 5 minutes I can call on him using my strong vocal power?! would that be ok? I have some incense like frankensense or lavander. is there a special set of words or incantations? so I just call on him and ask help?

Sure, if thats your usual approach you could give it a try!

Use whatever you have available. You have a simple request, so keep the process simple :+1:t2:

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I just evoked him and was mad with fire and rage, It was intense. I will redo it again we are saturday and it is a good set of coincidence. I will call again and again…what signs to look for when he is near me?

This is completely UPG from my side, but to me he smells like a mixture of smoke (like a campfire) and how air smells like after a summer thunderstorm. To me he has a “heavy” kind of energy, really saturating and dense. The air gets thicker, so to speak.

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Ok understood. So it means you have experience first hand with those djinns.

I do, with some. Although I do not utilize them currently for most of my workings, my agenda is to learn from/through them for private studies about certain kind of topics :slightly_smiling_face:

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Fascinating, i will keep you updated about what I did here. alright? Thanks for your assistance. !

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