King Paimon possessed?

I don’t want to create new topic so I gotta ask here, any trainings on "How to know if the spirit that you wanted to call is with you or it is * fake * "

It’s pretty important to me because I don’t want to invite some fake into my life lol.

Ask them to show you their sigil. They can flash something in your vision. Spirits can’t lie when it’s their sigil.


Didn’t know about that, thanks ! If let’s say I will see that this is fake one I shall tell him to leave or get him out with banishing ?

:rofl: draw his sigil and ask him why he came! Sometimes they seek you out and jump at the first opportunity to talk to u! If u want him to leave yes tell him and banish

Also this helps to prevent imposters


I am open to any friendly spirit. If I think some demon is trying to live off someone as a vampire or just feed off someone fear, normal banishing shall work, or calling upon some high hierarchy demon to help me with this prick? (I also wear Unicursal Hexagram shall I fill it with energy or it will protect me without it?)

For me I would fill it with energy just in case? Can never be too careful

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i thought it was just me that felt like that my first time was a few days ago i tried to summon camio he referred me to some one else i felt him completely i was lets just say it was alot to take in as power wise so tonight i was going to contact my second but im unsure because he/she is said to be hard to control and lie i felt strong happy energy almost electric when i was drawing the sigil i believe if you draw it the connection becomes stronger i ended up drawing camio sigil over cause furfurs was much larger and i wanted his to be larger to just in case i decide to call on him tonight instead i think id want some one with me when i invoke furfur it only my second time with a more wild fire spirit any advice about furfur before i get started

It’s true, drawing the sigil of a spirit establishes a link between you and that spirit.

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so there was no actual phyical form with furfur but the energy wow it was strong and fuzzy like sparks and my candles were on off going crazy blowing toward me to neutral very diffrent from camio so im thinking im not sure if i was hear my own thoughts or his tho…this is still new to me

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First off, if you had been possessed by King Paimon, it would be zeroed out. If the king were to actually possess you, the energy surge would be beyond anything you’ve ever felt while on cocaine, simply put, the energy surge would absolutely overwhelm your senses in every way. Of course, you can easily look at this as a great way to initiate yourself into Soul travel.

If you’re over there doing work with that guy, chances are he probably sent one of his lesser entities to give you a taste of what true possession feels like, and I’ll tell you, coming from a possession connoisseur, being possessed is a fucking drug in and of itself.

The energy surge, the information surge, new techniques, new ideas, new ideals that you never would have ever considered taking into yourself, ideas of working with specific entities, the amount of information that gets placed within your mind during an actual possession is staggeringly high, I personally think you simply got influence by bit of the Kings aura, as I’ve been burned by Lucifer’s light in the past unintentionally, I think that the king gave you a small souvenir of his power. Enjoy it, baby, you’re in for one hell of a ride.


I felt that energy, the aura in evocation I did today.
I guess I don’t feel kinda ready for possession even from less power being lol.
I mean everything that it’s going to give me is what I basically want but word possessed sounds crazy even when you can control that, will It feel bad for the first time? I’d like to keep some balance in yin and yang, will it affect on my balance making me more dark that I ever wanted to?

If you are new to magic, why did you begin with such a powerful being like King Paimon?

I rode that he is good for beginners specially when it is going about teaching. And I’d like to be his student, He helped me a lot by opening my hearth chakra it was hard to balance it but I feel I am getting this under my control, I do many times banishings to make sure I don’t have some fake demon. I heard also that Lucifer is good teacher, and he is powerful isn’t he?

Mother Lilith is powerful too but I guess too dark for me. (Everything started from sumonning succubus by her, and that is why I am really grateful to her.)

What would be the best thing to compare to nice possession? LSD, shrooms or another thing?

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I like to think that I’m always possesed by every being with which I work/worked :grin: because They told me multiple times and in different ways that they are internal, that in order to find Them, I have to look in myself. It was a little confusing. That advice with looking inside of myself in order to find Them and then evoke/ make contact with Them helped me immensly, first you have to find Them in yourself.

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Okay strange thing, (Same situation as yesterday) I have done the evoke ritual, to King Paimon and I asked him for dream, now I feel strange pressence in my room I guess it’s big energy, when I asked if it’s King Paimon flame started to dance on candle, what does He want from me? (Yop I was yesterday panicking too becuase he force opened my hearth chakra), He want to help me evolve or what?

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I feel really strong energy on my left side. Anyone have idea for that?

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