King paimon experiences


When he get angry it really go way wrong wiz me … Last time I didn’t do what he asked me to do and that was really disaster… I love working with him … And i have to listen and take it serious


I channeled either him or one of his helpers a few hours ago. He told me was proud of me. I wrote it down as it happened. The page is going into my journal.


What can he do if he really gets angry, furious or angry?


He can bring destruction, or shout and stuff like that. I mean, you shouldn’t take that lightly, but also don’t be scared of something like that. He understands if you do mistakes and he doesn’t get angry over that.


Right King Paimon is more likely to cause bedlam over being disrespected not over a simple mistake, if anything would show you the mistake and how to correct,


Can you explain this in more detail?


@Mayawi King Paimon very much understands human flaw, we make mistakes it’s inevitable. King Paimon helps me to be better at things like art and music, if I’m doing something wrong or if something I’m doing is slowing me down or non beneficial, then King Paimon will show me the mistake im making, I become overly conscious of the mistake and then i manage my time and efforts the best i can to do better so that King Paimon will be happy with my progress. Our relationship is like symbiotic business partnership. Now If someone was to call King Paimon and show great disrespect and not give the efforts needed to compel The King, you might then find yourself in a dissarray seeing all the goals you wished to accomplish backfire on you, you might find that legions of demons are showing up in your home and workspaces just to cause problems, you might have very bad dreams, or I suppose if you managed to mess up bad enough maybe even physical harm could come to you. Your business could fail, youre salsa garden might die things of the nasty sort… King Paimon for the most part is very wise and understanding, and also from what I’ve seen wonderfully kind. Definitely not an entity you want to piss off, definitely also not an entity that would become pissed off without a real good reason.


@Mystic Thanks for the answer. I understood mainly the part of things happening to the contrary, I’m not sure, but I think I made a mistake that made him do it, well I may be wrong and this is just my head.


Maybe you should ask King Paimon if you did anything offensive, or make a thoughtfully arranged offering to compel King Paimon to forgive you. In my experience King Paimon only got upset once with me because i didnt meditate for a while and i failed at quitting smoking tobacco


@Mystic Can I ask you a private question? Do not worry the question has to do with evocation.


Of course you can and anybody who reads this thread in the future with questions feel more than free to PM me this forums for learning purposes :blush:


@Mystic You explained it well indeed!


I dont really believe it the car asmodeus promised me actually came through. I went on a road trip across country a couple months back and the kid I went with annoys me endlessly so we havent talked since. This morning he hit me up completely out of the blue offering me the car we took (which has no problems at all) for no cost but simply because he felt he had to. So now im the owner of a nice truck that i didnt pay for I wonder if there will be some kind of karmatic consequence for this or if it truly is just a gift…


I mean, it could be a gift. Though to every action, there’s a reaction. But you may not see the reaction at all, it may happen to someone else.


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Thanks for the heads up with that, much appreciated.


An update on the work that King Paimon and I have been doing. It’s been 14 days since the decree that I’ll wear his sigil in the back of my hand in order to test my resolve for 16 days. I have more energy, more willpower, and I’m eating a lot less than I was. Also, I’ve been doing a lot more rituals, I’ve been getting back into the swing of things, and I’m really coming into my own. Not to mention the fact that I’m probably going to be joining a gym in the next few weeks. I don’t know what percentage of that is thanks to King Paimon, but I’m not questioning a single bit of it. Once the 16 days have expired, I wonder what he’s got in store for me… It’s bound to be something good.


Keep up the good work!

I suggest you to believe in his power and wait for the results and the knowledge you seek!


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