King paimon experiences


I hope you accomplish all your goals King Paimon really is great


I was able to have a pretty long evocation of lucifer of which i proved my will and intentions. I began the evocation outdoors by my personal fire pit altar i made out of old garden stones/bricks and a stone bench. I waited til I could the morning star.

Going into this King Paimon assured me this was a good idea and that we would work together in fact with a gift for lucifer out of respect and appreciation; a show of good graces as well as a friendly gift. I was able to create a sigil from research of magicians here as well as other sources, also an enn, I offered a sun flower because its been raining all week and thats why I waited, a granny smith apple, and a painting I made with the advice of King Paimon to begin.
After a short while of the fire burning lucifer came to me as a graciously handsom pale winged young mannish humanoid. “lucifer! Light bearer of the morning star, its really an honor to meet you, and I offer these gifts of appreciation.”
Then the form of a limping goblin looking humanoid with one horse leg appeared from the fire. “Asmodeus is upset youre ignoring him I want you to spend time with him first we wouldnt want his feelings hurt, then I’ll guide you child, if you can understand your own motives.”

So basically Im not going to even sugar coat it, Asmodeus essentially annoyed the living shit out of me for hours on end as my “guest” and hes like innocently the most worst spirit I’ve dealt with. “What are you going to give me?”
I will bring something hold on…
“I’m hungry lucifer got an apple.”
Do you want an apple? I have peaches, and strawberries, and melons?
“I literally like all of those, can I have cigarettes for tobacco? Do you like beer? Can you make food now? Bring food and tea! Im starving do you want me to be hungry? I thought you wanted me here…”
Oh well when you say it like that Im sorry, ill get something. (I basically went in and got those things and watched him go to town on it all the whole tim), then Asmodeus said I like it here can i stay the night? I allowed him too. He wouldnt shut up the entire time about nonsensical BS, or about himself, and how he could crush a civilization with his hand by catching it by the feet and in between thst hed just ask for more shit… He said hed give me a new car and a guitar i said i dont need a guitar from him but thankyou😹… he essentially was asking me things like do i want to smoke do i want to fuck, do i want ro drink wine and do i want to do drugs and eat food the entire night, although i reluctantly made several offerings to Asmodeus as not to be polite but I also made sure to maintain control of the situation by not letting hin have everything and by remembering that I should be nice as not to offend lucifer.

Eventually asmodeus fell asleep under a tree, and i called for lucifer once more. when he showed his face i stated my furthed intentions. “lucifer I have entertained and compelled asmodeus to a point of exhaustion” I would like to now offer you with the help of King Paimon a gift of musical dedication.

For about the next 4 hours i played around 9 different instruments as intensely and meaningfully as i could. When i finished lucifer thanked me and said that my offerings were very beautiful and that he would guide me throughout my goals of ascencion and that he hoped id understood the lessons of greed he taught me through asmodeus.


Haven’t worked with him fully, just partially, mainly communicating via pendulum and sigil casting. He helped me a lot at work after I asked him and things had its ups and down. Deff an absolutely gorgeous experience being in his presence and under his protection. Most notable thing he did for me was at some point when I had a really rough day and I was in need of something dire to change the course of the daily event he sort of knocked my etheric body and after that my eyes were kind of weird seeing all kind of things around people, as it turned out, this made me unconsciously react to them and in turn give them what they needed thus helping me progress further within the office.Truly King Paimon is a Great Mentor!!!


These are all some amazing experiences. Thanks for sharing guys!

@Mystic I saw the lessons Lucifer taught you there, about greed. It’s a really nice story to say though! You should use it in the future, it really teaches a lot about it!

@Alexander12 ing Paimon can indeed teach you a lot of things! He can guide you and help you and he can also defeat any enemy you have. He’s all powerful and his energy is amazing. He really is my favorite spirit! (Though I adore Lucifer and Thoth too, nearly the same).


I need this part that talks about defeating any enemy that you have. More things are complicated here.


I meant that if you ask him to “take care” of someone because he’s your enemy or because he wants to harm you, he can do that. Sometimes, it may take some time, but he’s good!


King Paimon the patron deamon of salesmanship and pitching. He no doubt makes you a better persuasive as well as teaches the techniques of persuasion such as NLP and conversational hypnosis. As well as many other persuasive psychological magical arts of old.
If you want to learn Jedi mind tricks and various Darren Brown type skills King Paimon teaches these.

Don’t be fooled these kinds of subtle communications with the subconscious are very real and have been part of the occult since the beginning.


That’s King Paimon for you!


Wow that’s great to hear ,I would love to learn how to play piano,awsome experience


I knew Thursday I was like evetime I was thinking about clauneck, I would say piamon,he was probably saying ,summons me I will help you on your business, awsome thankyou for that peace Adam hail king piamon


Greetings manos man ,I am sales man I would like to work with king piamon so I can convince my clients to work with me ,and to build clientele for my business, I see how powerfull he is wow!!! No wonder when was thinking about clauneck I kept on saying piamon, I guess he was trying to connect with me .I think that he will be a good comrade to work with and also a teacher ,one thing I notice is when I get every one together on a project ,and everyone agrees ,it starts going bad like I start to have stumbling blocks ,people start chaging their mind ,on the project ,I think I am going to summons him any suggestions manosman,peac3 love grattidude


Greetings Adam can you help me with king piamon ,I want to convince people to work with me and as I say because I am a good leader ,I have lost alot in my life and gained alot, Adam I would greatly appreciated if you can give me some pionteners, wow!! That’s was amazing how he taps in into your conscious mind and convincev pepole ,to see the illusion hail king piamon. I want to summons because I know he can help me also my friend introduce me to him long time ago ,but I never invoked him I ques he was trying to tell me to get in contact with him ,love king paimon, can you help with ,this what I want ,from him ,I want him to convince the people to work with me and agree to do business no matter what it is ,thank for sharing that with the group, peace


I never fully worked with King Paimon fully but I have a story to tell.One of my first contacts with him was thru guided meditation.We made contact and I began asking questions and it was all going well but I learned the hard way that it’s not very nice when you rudely interrupt him.His voice became very loud and deep almost like thunderstorms.And when he explained to me how I won’t do that ever again because it’s very disrespectful and I know it he continued giving me lecture like nothing happened.That day I learned to respect King Paimon.


@Aiden666 You indeed need to respect King Paimon. Besides, he deserves it since he’s a great king.

@William_bey Be respectful and take him seriously. That’s the best advice you need when it comes to King Paimon. He can help you and teach you but don’t expect to do nothing and just have results. You’ll have to work really hard for it, he’ll just be guiding you. Do your best and good luck!


My freind told me about him his name pan lol,that’s was the years ago I quess he was sending me a message thank you brother I love this forum ,:hugs::sunglasses:


I concur. I am still working with him on some things. But, the key is WORKING WITH, he doesn’t just give, you have to earn.


Did you have any suggestion on how to hear him or see him


I know,but at the time I didn’t really know him at that time.I will work with him even more in about a year since thats when I will be doing a mini pathworking with goetic spirits.Paimon demands and really deserves respect.With most spirits if you offend them in some minor way you will feel it in their energy and you will have to say sorry but with King Paimon it’s a bit different.He is one of my favorite spirits anyways


I actually said that.


@Aiden666 It’s King Paimon. Also, he may also get angry and he can really do some stuff, I’ve seen him like that too. However, what you say is correct.

@William_bey Work on your astral senses for that. It’s a must in order to hear or see any spirit. My advice is to listen to your thoughts, for he will try to talk to you through them.