King paimon experiences


I have been working with king paimon for quite some time now and currently we are finally about to begin training after years of this relationship. King paimon he told me that to begin my training we will cover botany, as well as astral travel; but first he says i am in need of very heavy spiritual cleansing, he is telling me that i need to burn sage and is going to teach me a candle cleansing magick. King paimon also is having me bathe in salt and cinnoman, and is urging me to drink a tea compromising of honey, chamomile, and bayleaf. Next we will cover astrology by getting more aquainted to the moon, and the sun, from there we will cover the wind, the tides, and then the solar system. He says immediately after cleansing i should meditate on his seal once more, and especially be sure to ritualistically cleanse and meditate on full moon dates. I will update this if i get an update soon. This all sparked recently because i asked him to with help on a spell containing cemetary dirt, which king paimon replied very honestly saying that he would help with my request, but it will not be beneficial for my god form, which is honestly what has me on this site to begin with because after years of studying this stuff i had never heard of god forms… anyways for now he says i must cleanse and that there is actually a curse that has been placed on me. Does anybody have any expertise with curses here??


Take a look through the Baneful Magick section, lots of good info there! :+1:


Not to take away from anything but, are you familiar with what properties cinnamon, salt, and sage have?

I’d be wary of any spirit that is having me do things that will alter my etheric and astral bodies, and Paimon is one to let people fall to their own hubris.

Paimon is fantastic,once you get to really know him and can see the meaning behind what he says and the “games” he plays with humans.

He is close to Lucifer, after all :wink:


They’ve a cleansing function in common right?


Sage and salt, yes.

Cinnamon heats things up, which is fine if that is what OP needs…but chamomile calms things down.


So heres my update so far, i did a nice and thorough cleansing of my room, i shook salt and cinnoman around all areas repeating my own cleansing spell that we worked out together (while this took place i was boiling water for the tea which was absolutely lovely not to mention) i lit a few sage leaf and several white candles and tealights as well. I repeated my spell over and over then bathed in cold water mixed with salt and cinnoman. Where i also lit candles and burned sage, and cleansed the water with the spell i used previously:)… so after all this i returned to my room, with the tea finished, i sat and meditated using King Paimons enn as well as his sigil i have on my wall. After maybe 30 minutes we made contact. King Paimon showed me so much about the astral realm. He showed me my astral body which was pretty fudged up, King Paimon said that the problem is i have made access previously to this realm, but only in dream form and not enough via meditation, and i have never looked at myself, only at others, my astral body is all beat up from traveling around and being attacked without realizing it. King Paimon then proceeded to show me how weak i truly am in that form and how much is needed to learn. I was told to run, so i ran(in the astral realm) i ran as far as i could but then i got stuck, i could not go past certain areas of this world, i had limitations, just as this world has gravity. King Paimon trained me to create a double sided dagger, which i did immediately, (i felt cool) then i was told “now throw it at a taget”… i couldnt reach the taget, after a lot of practice i was able to hit it once, but barely. After this i was told “You have cleansed your room and your body, but your astral being too needs cleanse, for this you must seek the sigils of light”


So after all this, i slept for 9 hours (recently i was told to Do more with time in a session& if i meditate more i will feel replenished with energy.) anyhow, i repeated my cleansing ritual and meditated for a bit on the sigil, it was a beautiful day So i went to the market to get some seeds to start my garden and herbology/botany training. When it all comes together ill show you guys pictures, tomorrow is my day off so ive got alot oftime to practice witchcraft and summon goetic deities. the cleansing spell i used is as follows:

I am the Dark in the Light,
I am the Light in the Dark.
Should the Stars stop Shining,
I would create Stars in all my Glory,
but Should they dare to Shine too Bright,
I should steal their Fire.
In the name of the Highest of Powers, and all that is Pure and Unaltered, i Banish all Negativity from this space in this moment.
Nothing should defy my word,
Fore it would be Obliterated at the mere thought of Obstructing my Path to Ascension.

Be Clean Be Pure Be Unaltered.


Congrats on your experience.

Cleansing your astral body, improving your astral senses and getting more powerful is really important as King Paimon said. You should work hard for it.


thankyou im still cleansing. I am also fasting for 5 days i forgot to mention that. Gotta figure out what a sigil of light would be now.


Sorry i havent posted here in a while but ive been busy with astral self defense crashcourse lessons and the death of a close friend. I have learned much from king Paimon and am making much progress towards my long term goals, over the lapse of time since i last was cleansed ive done battle with an entity, have learned the secrets of constant sustain, ive been taught things about the planets and this one in particular, like where the wind comes from, the the how the earth does not collapse on itself etc, but mostly lately weve been covering self defense and brushing up on baneful magic. Anyways im pretty pyched because king Paimon will be showing me how to magically charge items soon by binding the elements, apparently King Paimon really approves of my work with the dark fae i found and helped recently during summer solstice. King Paimon thinks that my botany skills could increase tenfold if i could higher ascend my elemental magic and fae magic knowledge from where it is. Anyways in the next upcoming weeks i will be practicing charging and binding items. But im actually about to evocation, not really sure what the lesson today will be but ill keep yall posted for sure.


This is a really amazing progress you’ve done! I hope you continue to improve at a fast pace like that!


So i went into this last evocation wondering what my lesson today would be or what King Paimon had to show me. Ive worked ALOT with King Paimon. To the point i was wondering lately if i was running out of things to learn or if anything could surprise me or scare me even. Anyways I evoked the good King Paimon once more and appeared to me a gorgeous female in appearance man riding a dromedary decked out in red and gold, which i was surprised by but also not that much as thats how the lesser key says he appears, normally i do not see the camel. But a the king appears to me a wise man whos faces change from younger and female to masculine and aging… none the less i welcomed and thanked King Paimon for coming, offered a single cut rose as an offering, and asked what we would do today. Instantly i was told that i already knew the answer from the humanoid. I said “King Paimon if you know what i know, then you also know im aware of your trick.” (The man on the dromedary was not King Paimon, it was my understanding King Paimon was indeed the dromedary the humanoid rode atop.) King Paimons voice boomed “very good, you almost got it!” And something touched my hair from behind me :sweat_smile:… i said “I do not evoke you to play hide and go seek, but i can if you would like me too sometime.”
King Paimon- “then let us begin.”

I kid you not when i say this, i felt every chakra open in my body and my energy shot straight up my spine to my brain, my third eye opened in this time and my vision inverted into fragments of reflectional patterns like a koleidoscope. Then a door opened, King Paimon pushed me through it. On the other side was the stratosphere of the north pole. I fell endlessly through the sky, plummeting to the earth, the soil opened up like a giant sink hole and i fell through the abyss into the center of the earth where i continued to fall until i landed in what looked like the colliseum. The sky was blacked red and purple, and the wind was visible and cruel. Here there were hundreds of mirrors aligned all around the arena,

King Paimon-If you can find the light energy in the abyss ive hidden you may pass your lesson today.

I sat for about 20 mins in the dirt looking around wondering what mirror it was in or behind or if it was in a mirror at all, then i thought about what a mirror does. It reflects. The mirrors were a hint, not a lesson or even housing a lesson. I began to dig up the groundi dug and dug and dug, and i dug more, until i found something solid. Well i can assure you what happened next skipped a heart beat. I moved dirt off the object, which was a small handheld mirror, and heard it whisper “dig deep within” and freakin cymbals went off so loud it broke the sky, i was sucked into the mirror and shown the power of raw potential fully harnessed. There were so many cymbals going off it felt like an hour but then everything went white and i was shown it was all done in a fragment of a second. King Paimon reappeared in my quarters, and looks at me and nods, this time in the appearance of an aging feminine wiseman as normally. Its hard to put this stuff into words because its recieved so quickly. I hope i was able to paint a picture.


When i say i dug the ground i mean the ground directly under me i never moved


This is actually a really good experience. He can teach you a lot of things and you’ll never stop having things to do. He taught me that several lifetimes ago.

Do you just summon him or do you soul travel/astral project?


As for me, my trainning has reached a certain point where I can’t continue, until I’ll be able to astral project. I’m almost at the end, according to King Paimon. I guess it’s gonna be hard, especially now. I need my memories from all previous lifetimes (and all other memories), to return, so that I can remember everything I’ve learned.

I’ve had an urge to astral project, I guess that’s the reason why. I should get to it, though it’s not going to be easy. Even though I can soul travel, being able to go to every world in astral projection, just like soul travel, is going to be tricky!


Astral projection is super hard to accomplish, weve been training super hard together to master it for a few years i am able to astral travel very limited though, i am not able to astral travel to King Paimon, but rather King Paimon lowers his own vibration to my own when summoned, then our combined soul power is able to astrally project whereever my lesson is needed to be. For example:
King Paimon had shown me our solar system in seconds using astral projection.
I am able to astrally project without help only very limited range, i can astrally project myself behind someone, and can astrally project within the sanctuary of my own soul about 60% of my past lifes to my knowledge anyhow.


I use soul travel often to check on my close friends, i unfortunately a few months back witnessed my friends house catch fire from the comfort of my living room. Was able to arrive in person just late enough to see firefighters putting out a car fire in his driveway… i also use soul travel for law of attraction and stuff like that, astral project to foreign worlds and dimensions is more for attaining all the knowledge one could need.


Also i found the sigil of light heres my copy of it if anyones wants powerful cleansing. :slight_smile:


I’m aware that astral travel is a hard thing. These techniques to get out of body and stuff aren’t helpful at all. Visualization is key but you need to have a really strong energy vortex so that you can release your soul. Doing this without external help could take weeks or even months, depending on the person.

With Thoth’s help though, I know a really good way to do so, without much work. Though I do need to have a lot of focus when I try it. A clear mind and a lot of focus on the one thing I need to do.


Been thinking of working with thoth lately