King paimon experiences




Just felt the inclination to thank and give hail to the mighty King with above picture. Hail King Paimon.


King Paimon told me that we were on a good enough level of knowing each other that I dont have to refer to him as King anymore. He also gifted me two familiars to assist with a few things.

But, out of the respect I have for the guy, I’ll still say King Paimon.

Hail, King Paimon…and thank you. I think i have a special place on my arm for you.


King Paimon is a powerhouse of awesomeness

We had 1 ritual done with friends in a cave and we did a majestic setup.
Yesterday i called him again on my own and i offered a pact signed in blood which he accepted.

Hail King Paimon