King paimon experiences


I suggest you to do one step at a time. I plan on finishing my trainning with everyone too, before going any further. But first, I need to (once more probably) master astral projection.


So if you want to cleanse using the sigil it means you meditate on it…Right…!?



You have to open it through meditation yes. When youve opened it you should be able to feel a burning sensation from within your own energy. This is the power of enochian light energy burning all that is unclean from your soul. Also i reccomend drawing it yourself if you can, because this was only a copy i made in a dream state for my notes, and i want to redo bigger and make it perfectly semetrical.


Okay thanks :blush:


I have yet to reveal my ultimate goal from these sessions. My ultimate goal is to master being a frontman guitarist. I want to make beautiful music that creates a vibe which causes feeling. This is my main goal of my sessions with King Paimon, i am a year deep and have made incredible progress with my instrument thanks to advice about scales, modes, rhythms and bends on stringed instruments from King Paimon. i learned all major chords and positions VERY quickly i did not have to think about the sounds more than once and remembered them permanently immediately. I have dreams now where we practice together and King Paimon teaches me exotic modes and scales, although currently he has me immensely focused on american blues music.


I was immensely worried revealing my goal would spoil the results but it has now been made very clear that will have no outcome on my results


Congrats! I’m glad that you progress so quickly!
I hope King Paimon teaches you new and interesting things all the time!


Thanks @Manosman i had a question for you if thats okay


Sure, go on ahead.


Ive talked to the king about growing with my music and opportunity’s. My voice has jumped to a other level and different opportunities have arisen to help me grow. I know with more time I’ll end up with exactly what i originally asked.

I wanted to give a shout out, the King has a great presence and am honored to work with him. We’re more professional than close but still I appreciate the great King!


Hail King Paimon!


Im very impressed today i learned basic chords and notes on a piano in about 5 minutes, on a campus i was visiting in the lobby, when i turned around there was a bunch of people watching and they all said it was beautiful. Let it be noted i havent ever tried to play piano before and dont really have a clue of what i was doing while it was happening. i just kinda ended up jamming out. In the past months ive started learning guitar, bass, percussion instruments, ukelele, mandolin, xylophone, and now grand piano. Thanks King Paimon!


This thread was a pleasure to read. Keep it up!

That Moment When 2

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Im going to try to contact lucifer with the help of King Paimon. I want to arrange it like a business meeting i have an enn, a sigil, and a painting as an offering. Instead of creating another page in the forum i figured since This will be worked through King Paimon as a delegate this is a fitting place for it.


Actually, it’s common to ask help from a spirit to summon another spirit. So it’s a good way to do that. Especially when it comes to Lucifer and King Paimon.


I am starting work with him tonight, I have some work to do, but the end result will be AMAZING!!!


Do your best and good luck!


Quick update on our work. King Paimon has increased my willpower and I am turning away from eating so much. IN ONE DAY!!!

The next 15 days are gonna be awesome.

Although I already told him this the last time we work together, thank you King Paimon.


That’s really nice!