King paimon and rosary beads

Hey guys I was wondering of I use black basil rosary beads to do king paimon’s enn chanting.

My question is will it be alright ? As in basil is not scent or plant for king paimon.

What do y’all feel about this?

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it doesnt matter in my opinion, just do what feels right

in my opinion, King Paymon appreciates things done with effort and from the heart, much like Lucifer


Paimon corresponds to the path number 31, thus by that logic, to channel him I should be made of nettle

It doesn’t really matter. As long as you’re respectful, he won’t mind.

Demons of Magick.

Paimon is associated with a dark blue, like a stormy ocean. There is a texture like parched earth and a sound like thunderous destruction. There is a smell of roses and a taste like rose water.

Hope that helps, I’m looking to contact him myself soon.

:blush: Thank you I’ll do it full and heart and good intentions

Can you help me with understanding this dream. I’ve posted here, but it looks like no one saw it.

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dream interpretation is not my area sorry :slight_smile:

Ohh he sounds so legendary. He is amazing to work with. Go for it bud.

That’s fine. My question is it’s just. The big black and gold snake in my dream. Was it king paimon?

What can I do to get my post seen?

i guess you can repost it

comment under it and it will go on top of forum again

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I’ll look for more information on Nettle.

i dont interpret dreams sorry

Thanks for help :blush:

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I said it in a humorous way, I don’t know if my English failed, however I was serious with the information, according to the Liber 777 correspondences, the plants related to path 31 are red poppy, hibiscus and nettle, and the crystal is fire opal

Oh I mistook “I” of “It”
Thank you for the information :blush:

Can you help me understand this dream ? I’ve kind of reached my depth here.

I always consecrate beads to a specific demon I’m working with and will have those beads with me at all times. Actually if anyone of you are interested in this potent technique I use, I can make a post about it ?


I’m interested. I want to know more about this process. Please make post about it. Guide me to it. Thank you


Thank you man :grin: