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Hello members!

So I’ve been praying to king paimon for his guidance and help in learning alchemy and elemental magic. I get this dream and I’m not able to quite understand it.

So I’m sitting in chair in hospital. I’m just visiting and thanking doctors, health workers for their efforts in saving my family member.

All of sudden 2 big snakes comes in room one of the two snakes is red and black in color (full black skin with tints of red in it) and it is big. And then from another side small white crocodile it looked more like alligator comes in the same room. Snakes are quite but The alligator/crocodile is advancing towards me. That’s when one of the doctor puts his ankle in alligator’s mouth, alligator is not bitting it or tearing it. But I’m so scared that’s when I pile up chair to go up higher. Alligator is observing my moments. One of health staff tells me, that it’s fine don’t move he won’t bite. But I’m super scared. And this alligator is observing my every moment, it felt like he is reading me , understanding me and he is still slowly advancing towards me but not attacking me, I’m so scared I’m not able to control my fear that’s when one of the health workers starts petting the alligator to show me its harmless, but I’m scared to death. So to keep me safe health workers gather around me in circle, health workers are now between me and alligator. This alligator tries to attack softly of the health worker who is protecting me.

When alligator tries to move closer to me, that’s when the black and red snake comes and saves me, snakes is super big and before leaving the room the same snake sheds his skin I try to grab the skin that’s when I wake up.

So I am not sure what to make of this.

Note :- King paimon is being protecting me from all sorts of attacks and astral space. He appears when there is danger in my life.

So please share your inputs so I can understand this dream better.

Thanks you!

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Help anyone !!