King Belial

1- After watching a video which mentioned Belial passively, my interest of working with him arose. Thought I have marked long before as one of my favorites. Just the thought of working with King Belial and he gave me a sign:

  • Bedside Lamp and TV all came on in the Morning 04/05/2021. I have not used that TV for a couple of weeks and my bedside lamp was turned off in the morning.
    2- After my first invocation of Belial on the 04/06/2021,
  • I found out in the morning on 04/07/2021 that one of the candles (red) on my alter lit up. I turned off all the candle and remained in the dark for about a minute before leaving my ritual chambers. So I know I was in completes darkness before leaving.

After this experience I made an alter for Belial, offer him gifts and do invocation for him. I am new here any ideas will help me work better with him. I wanted to work with him for power, knowledge and financial success.

Have anyone experienced this things before or does King Belial show you he is willing to work with you if you want to.

For starters, personally one of the possible things I plan is to do like the OP of this thread (some nice practical suggestions):

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