Keep having a strange entity show up

Mostly in dreams but feel it’s presence a lot as well. Has a super weird energy. Looks roughly like a human figure but slightly larger and completely crystallized in yellow flaky crystals. Bit like citrine. It’s got crazy mind control abilities and says it’s “God” when asked to identify itself :roll_eyes: it’s a male energy. Anyone know who it is or had dealings with it?

Maybe its yahweh, cause he could be trying to be making himself “all pretty” in crystal to try to trick anybody. Plus the crazy mind control ability sounds like him lol.

It has not been my experience that Yahwe calls himself ‘God.’ I’d ask it why it has come and what it wants.

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While Yahweh is/was a bit pompous I don’t have an experience of him calling himself just “God” despite his weird desire that I’ve mentioned a few times. However, it could be a entity that wants to screw with you or a thoughtform that gets energy from people believing it’s a god or god:craving worship.

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What an odd coincidence. I had the same experience with the same entity only weeks ago! Humanoid…slightly taller…crazy mind abilities…claims to be God with a capital G…only his crystal-like skin was white and glowing, not yellow.

I’d be very careful in trusting such an entity. His relationship with me didn’t end well. Anyone who claims such a high status as ‘God‘ needs to be watched with a careful eye. Test him…see what he wants. It could simply be a thought form or a random spirit. It may be Yahweh.

If you want to see my experiences with this entity in the past, read my two journals:

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Yeah that kind of ties in to a lot of my experiences with it but I never trusted it. Always got an icky vibe from it and it’s presence brought on more what I’d call annoyance than foreboding. Funnily enough in a few of the dreams it was in it was controlling everyone around me but couldn’t control me which kind of fits into your whole trying to trick people back into Christianity thing. I’ll prob banish it soon. Haven’t yet because I was curious.