Just want to forget my ex and move on

Hi all,

I got blindsidedly dumped about 4 months ago. It was right when I had two family members die within 2 days of each other and was having panic attacks from long covid ( Had no idea that could happen until it happened to me. Apparently it can make your nerves swell and it makes some folk have weird neurological symptoms). It was really rough going and I lost 14 kilos in 2 1/2 months (nothing like a heartbreak diet- but damn, at what cost?). I also went to therapy to help me work through this.

So I originally got on here to try to get my ex back. But the real change was when I started working with Lucifer and meditating and meditating and even more meditating when it became obvious that I just moving on. Lucifer really helped me start to remember who I was. Now I just want to focus on letting go and being unfuckable with.

I am doing so much better and having fun, meeting lots of interesting men and making friends… ( Thank you Sallos and Dantalion) but of course I’m not over him- and over the past few days, its like the work I’ve been doing has been wearing off. Obviously healing is not linear and its going to take me a while but geez, any ideas to top up my progress would be welcome.

I just want to be free of this dude and work on myself.

Any suggestions for reinforcements?


Have you looked into cord cutting at all?

If that interests you I have a poppet spell that’s related to destroy ask emotional links with a person, by making a poppet that represents the relationship, which you bury. I thinkof it as cord cutting on steroids. I’ll look it up if you like.


I’m not OP, but I’m interested!


Thanks for responding -cause yes, absolutely yes.

I have the pefect doll to use as a poppet. It’s like he was out of my head a while and back in again and , nope. I’ve wasted enough time and most importantly energy on this person.


Wow, I didn’t know poppets were cord cutting on steroids! That’s kind of awesome. I think I may make one of these things hehe. I think I may feel a bit silly, but hey, if it works, it works!

Also… I know it may be hard… I know it has been for me… but forgiveness sometimes lets you move on. It can just kind of suck.

A big trick I learned from a psych in Toronto is that if you can’t bring yourself to forgive someone else, at least forgive yourself for being involved with them. You could also forgive yourself for being semi-obsessed with him.

In other words, forgive your part. Not even things you necessarily did (unless you want to), but more what you allowed or got somehow caught up in. These unusual angles seem to work very well, too.


I’ll describe my process and then you’ll be able to see if you want to adapt that doll to it. :slight_smile:

It was getting long so I’ve added it as it’s own topic and here’s the link… :smiley:

I also posted some ideas I’d saved, from when I had to deal with something deeper than Infatuation:

I think this may have been from an old PM but I forgot :blush:


For me, there was no blame to need forgiveness. Forgiveness doesn’t feature in the poppet spell for this reason, but there’s no reason you can’t add it in if you want to :slight_smile:


Yeah, I can understand that. That makes total sense.

I thought that way, too, and still mostly do.

However, for the heck of it, I tried doing forgiveness for things where I didn’t think there was any blame… and for a couple of things, just a couple, there was still a profound emotional release. Maybe some sort of accidental cord cutting, I don’t know.

Didn’t expect that AT ALL. It was weird, really. I can’t say anything definitive about it at all, as it was an experiment. Will keep experimenting with it to figure it out.

I think I’m definitely going to try making a poppet over the upcoming month! It sounds fascinating.

I read up a little more on the forum about it. How the poppet IS the person. How amazing is that?!

Also it’s cool because it feels like you’re doing something Tim Burtonesque. I love that!! Fun and whimsy really add to life.


Well said bro forgiveness is the key.because I have a brother who already had a forgiveness upon his ex lover who almost ruin his life and bring emotional altercation

and I gotta tell you that my brother went in the Same situation months ago and he’s been told that he must visit our friend of mine who’s a very skilled sorcerer and healer that this man can heal various conditions and he’s well skilled enough in cord cutting then he performs a rite he ask me to bring him something necessary which one of those is a hen I don’t understand how the ritual was perform but the ritual was some sort of sacrifice I cant even remember whether he perform a full blown ceremonial stuff I mean this is just for a cord cutting session but I guess he might suspect my brother is a victim of black Magick love spell which is intentionally done by his ex here in the Philippines we kinda have a very simple stuff that might be labeled as black Magick and I guess it’s all done in simplicity maybe this would probably belongs to a superstition told by many but otherwise I’m unconvinced considering that it was done by a chant and some sort of personal belongings or a body parts like fingernails or hair which seems like a voodoo or hoodoo related types of sorcery which has an energetic signature of oneself that many Filipino believes that when it was being intentionally put into someone’s food or drinks this person would cause a tremendous amount of romantic passion to whomever it place those of course in combination with a chant before it being place