Just out of curiosity; Vampiric Alchemy

Just out of curiosity I’ve heard from a couple of more experienced black magicians talk about “becoming a part of the vampiric species” through inner microcosmic alchemy and as a resultant of that actually transcending ones own humanity and becoming a part of the vampiric kind

I was just wondering if anyone could elucidate what this actually entails and what the consequences of
of going through such a change would be

Thanks in advance!

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I would call this a fantasy larp, there’s no such thing, and all you’d be doing is damaging your energy system that is already 100 percent capable of taking energy from anything, including other humans. Why would you remove all your other feeding options and turn yourself into a parasite only able to feed off humans? That’s anti survival.

There’s no one “vampire species”: vampirism is a behaviour and skill not a type of being.

Speaking as a qigong practitioner, honestly I have nothing but contempt for this bullshit and I have made the reasons why very clear many times on this forum. It’s just encouraging you to hurt yourself for no benefit, because goth is cool.

Research the historical source of vampirism and you will see what they really are, and how Bram Stoker romanticised the idea in fiction. It’s one thing to call an egregoric entity created through fiction, it’s another to fuck with your energy system based on a complete misunderstanding of how energy working even works

My main reasoning is here:

If you want to do energy working, of which vampirising a person is a very tiny subset, just learn energy working.

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Thanks for the elucidation, gnosis, and forewarning

Infernal Blessings!

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I wont say that you can become a vampire, but I will type that you can evolve or adapt your energy or related energetic faculties to better vampire on things

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