Journal of a DOFUS


Finally I have decided to start a Journal. I know The trend is already over but can’t help it. While being delivered ( not as a cricket ball, i mean by my late mother ) I came late into this world, delayed and still couldn’t make up for that time. Everywhere I go , be it attending college classes, Exams, Finishing answers sheet, Getting up in the morning I am Always a bit late.

Will be posting some Jokes ( PLZ don’t get offended ) and some real life incidents which will be under the banner ‘’ { SERIOUS } ‘’. Dah !!!

May be will share my thoughts ( the pure one’s, the nasty one’s can make U committee sucide ) .

A small introduction :- Apart from having the blood of Saiyan, I am Indian, sadly look like Italian-German ( I have full faith in my mom, she was a loyal woman :sweat_smile: ). 26 years old on 28-10-2018, leading a Hermits life and Pursuing mainly RHP with the goal of attain atleast some form of enlightment ( there are many form, types of it ). Love philosophy, Knowledge and Instrumental Music.

A declaration from GOKU

Few nights back I woke up at around witching hour. Had an unbelievably hard boner, IT was TORTURE. At that time I could have drilled mines with it to get some relief. Being man can be hard sometimes.

  1. What is DOFUS?

  2. Have you looked into the Vaishnava Gaudiya tradition of bhakti yoga for deliverance, mukti and moksha? The Bhagavad Gita is pretty clear about this.


I really like the title. :rofl:


Personal Bhakti/Devotion is not my path. I am more oriented into mishrachara, combination of all paths, basically anything that works. Have studied Gaudiya Vaishnavism and almost daily practice some form of bhakti. But it’s just one tool out of many.


I woke up like that the other day but my wife had her arm wrapped around me in a way she hadn’t done in like half a year so I suffered through it so I didn’t lose the moment. Being a man really is hard


Today while talking with friends I found a 1 rupee coin on the ground. THought i should go pick it up, then realized how small it would seem in front of others to bend a pick up a ’ One rupee coin’? That also in front of others? They will think of me as some low class cheap dude, doing something even beggars wouldn’t do. But it started to itch me, and my eyes kept looking down at it.

Finally I took out a 100 rupees from my pocket, intentionally dropped it and picked up 101 rupees. Maintained my class. See if there is a will there is a way.


One of my favorite quote ------: ‘’ There is no Love ( True love ) that’s why there is no sadness. ‘’

By- Ichirō Ōkouchi, Through the mouth of Lucifer.


Planning to start some hardcore structuring/visualization techniques. Lets see how fast I can manifest the results. The whole Samayachara school of Occult works only on Imagination, with no external ritual, Possibilities are infinite. Lets see who far I can go in this.

Imagination plays an incredible role in occult, be it energy work or inner alchemy or just basic structuring. Wish there were some good books explaining the mechanics behind it in details.


The problem in The Path of Devotion ------: What’s the difference between Lust and Love? why are they connected? And when does one starts to become the other in the process? Generally for men Lust comes first and then love and for women its the opposite. But generally, its not an Iron rule.

This is the reason I never Loved Jesus, After sometime I may have wanted to Fuck him.

[ The problem of being an Orphan, U have no idea what relationship is :persevere: ]


One of the best. But Joe should have talked a bit less and let the scientist Speak.


GrandPa went for a dental clinic but by mistake went to the next room for Piles check up. The doctor told him to lay down and put flash light on his anus. The poor old fella died of heart attack right there out of horror. Guess what was his last words?


Hold the door, Hold the door, Hold the door- Hold Dor, Hold Dor. HODORR, HODOR. HODOR


After seeing randomness of existence and inevitability of evil and suffering All kinds of question and doubt arises. The funny thing is all questions can be answered with — ‘’ That’s just how it is ! ‘’.


What happens when your thoughts stop?


Didn’t know i have such a dick-jerk vibe. Time to do something about it.


One of the BEST.


Next time a street magician comes to you, a mage , to show magic trick just say that I can kill your mom in next tree months, and leave with a grin .


But what if they say “you’re 6 months late, my mom died 3 months ago” :sweat_smile:


LOL, that would a ‘DOFUS’ moment.