A declaration from GOKU

Some folks here will know me, majority one’s may not ( If not then U can check out my journal -Journal of a DOFUS ) I am feeling INSPIRED right now so I wanna declare right here, right now that In this very life I am going to attain the kind of spiritual attainments that most people cannot even imagine.

So big that I can create the three worlds and then compress it in a mustered seed.

Big enough that my range of knowledge will surpass both the scope of Intellect and Awareness.

Kind of attainments when I can bring all the Gods and laws of nature in front of me and force them to bow to me.

A state when a mere breath of mine will have the force of a thousand exploding sun.

A state when I can experience and then look at all the rasas with slight aloofness all that a man , a god or even THE GOD can ever feel and experience.

Yes, I will get everything even if I have to do all the work by myself. No Motherfucker can stop me.

I went out thinking that the realm of spiritual practitioners / Gurus won’t be like the selfish people of the world. OH ! How wrong I was. It’s more disgusting world than the Samara in some cases. Or may be I was a bit naive.

Nevertheless I went through HELL from my childhood , the kind of experience very few can even imagine and I know very well there are some sad unlucky fucked up souls here.

BUT STILL I AM STANDING, STANDING FUCKING TALL. If i can survive what I have I can reach my goal also JUST BY MYSELF. Even without any help or guide from outside.

I WILL BE A FUCKING DEMI-GOD of the HIGHEST ORDER in this VERY LIFE. And that’s my declaration !!!

Couldn’t vent it out to my friends, other wise they would have tied me up and admitted me to an asylum right now :sweat_smile: . SO I am saying all this here, There is no other place to do. Thanks for reading. U guys are FUCKING Awesome :sunglasses:


That’s a noble goal.

I love going upwards. I’ve unblocked so much chakra issues and feel myself skyrocketting lately. Let’s keep it up.


I’mma hold you to that :metal:
Get to work :ok_hand:



Nice attitude dude



Determination will get you everywhere.
:face_with_monocle: I see that you are ready.


you went missing but im glad your back


Admirable and great :star2::v:


That’s the spirit!!!

Stay dedicated!!!