Journal of a DOFUS


The Buddha said to live is to suffer, it is an existential truth, so find a way out. But what if it is not about you. Then U R Fucked?!?


The universe in expanding greater than the speed of light. We are on the middle of a giant ball which is revolving around the a ball of fire, in the middle of NOWHERE. My heart is pumping by itself , almost all the bodily functions are happening by itself and I have no say what so ever if any of my organ stops working.


Seems i need some drastic measures to break this habit. Or may be I am a bit weak, Hopefully not. Strength, that’s the only thing which matters. Strength and determination.


One of my Favourite.


‘‘Love says you are everything, Wisdom says you are nothing. Between this two my life flows.’’ -

By ----- Nisargadutta.



If some small bad thing happens, we feel Bad; and if some good thing happens we feel Good!!! How Dumb Organism we are??!!!


Why does food in other’s plate look so good???!


We share the same birthday! Nice journal. If you don’t mind I will come by often to read you!


Of course Brother. Anytime.




Oh, sorry :smile: LOL. Sister.

Neither younger sister, nor Older. Just sis :smiley:Rare type




I lost my sis???!!! WTF :sweat_smile::no_mouth::kissing_closed_eyes:


Thinking of taking a left turn. What’s the meaning of all this morality and Goodness? Why be good if no one is good 2 U ? Even existence is a mix of both. One the other hand what if I go a bit far, Once the Shuttle leaves, there is No breaks in it.


If Buddha meets Jesus what will be their first word/sentence? From whom? ANy idea?


Scenario- 1

Jesus–: My Father Loves U. And so do I.

Buddha–: Stay away from me! U creepy Pervert FAG.


Scenario -2

Buddha–: … ( Deep Silence )

Jesus–: Is this some Silent teaching? Or R U just Fucking Dumb?

Jesus–: (Two Hours later) Somebody please bring that Stephen Hawking Guy’s Chair for him, I think he seriously needs it.


Three Durga puja and Diwali went away completely alone. :unamused: Hope all this shit is worth it. Can’t believe one has to go through so much grinding just to Die, Specially in a world where Death is supposed to be the biggest fear, (something to avoid) for almost All. The fucking Irony.


So within 11 days, spending 15 min each One can have complete physical manifestation of Highest level celestial Nymphs, Physical enough to break your jaw by punching U on your face. A practice of Mantra, which any idiot can do. JUST CHANTING.

So why isn’t the practice out in the open? 2 reasons. 1- SECRECY, motherfucker, SECRECY. SECRECY IN OCCULT . And 2- Guru-disciple tradition, which is closely linked with secrecy.

It is said the mantra / entity represented by the mantra chooses you, not the other way around. May be I am just Unlucky in this regard.

Within 11 Fucking days!!! And Other mid-level Non tantric rituals don’t give any results even after 2-3 years of continuous practice. STRANGE.

SUTRA vs TANTRA / RIGHT vs LEFT - the eternal fight may finally get another supporter, With a surprise.


Always, ALmost everyday, every week, every month SOME BAD THINGS HAPPEN and SOME GOOD THINGS HAPPEN. What a strange life it is? What is the solution then? Just become numb and tolerate/experience it? May be just QUIT PLAYING THE FUCKING GAME! That will solve the problem for sure, solve everything!

Oh, MOTHER, the great balancer , WHose nature is ’ 0 ’ WHat the hell do U want?