Journal detailing demonic workings and more

not from the US, but I’d love to see them, I guess.

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So my friend got $7000 randomly and this is what he just sent me.

  1. Eligos - Titan attracts the attention of one who is superior to him in status.
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I could read into an enemies life today, it was very powerful. I could sense his fear and discomfort of me yet I still pimped his ass and made him think we were friends.

I definitely have the available knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to move out as well as the opportunity to move out through a new job, so still quite haven’t got the money but things are coming along.

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This one hit different today, I met an old rival and former best friend. He tried to ruin me multiple times and he was a sorry excuse of a man compared to me. He was shaking to his core I also pretended to act like I would put him on game, haha. Fucking hilarious.

Belial is so great this took awhile but it well worth the wait. And I know the results aren’t over since I did another ritual!

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  1. Paimon (Demons of magick connective evocation) - “Titan improves his musical compositions and performance”

Paimon in ritual: “Yes you do, and you are already getting better with the help of angels”

Offering: Public recognition.

I just bought a course from one do the best rappers alive and he has more courses. The course was $40 and well worth it, and I’m not even through the first video.

Thank you to the angels as well from helping me get to this point.
The demon Paimon worked quickly and influenced others to get me what I wanted gently and with grace.

Thank you Paimon you really out did yourself this time.

Not only did I get the rap course but I also got a free beat making course as well!

This journal reflects some shit i went through too. Glad to know it gets better when craving that original feeling of love plagues you and twists your mind.

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Created like 7 songs this month and everyone told me they were good and I just freestyled for a girl and she likes it a lot and only had one criticism, that can easily be fixed