Jinn question

I think Lucifer is more powerful than a Jinn, but maybe hes not more powerful than the whole of Jinnestan

I don’t gauge things by powerful in that way, a Djinn can best Lucifer, just as any other being can with the right skills.

do you know how to project to there realm ?
i’ll be grateful if you told me how is that.

idk I mean, when I dealt with a Djinn attack, Lucifer and Michael helped me a lot, and Lucifer bested him

I do etheric projection, I was brought there by a Djinn after working with them long enough for them to trust me.

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One Djinn doesn’t speak for every Djinn, just as the right human can best Lucifer so can the right Jinn.


I see

Poor Lucifer’s getting all beaten up today

Shame on him😕

then again Luce maybe negotiated with the Jinn to leave and leave me alone lol

what is the best djinn to work with in your idea ?

lol, Luce is powerful but not All Powerful


I mean we gotta show the guy some mercy first that Jinn beats him up then some human come on he doesn’t deserve this :cry:

It’s just wrong


Or at least give Lucy a little break before the next one comes

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lol Luce is smart, considering he spends his time wandering the astral, hes probably able to negotiate and make friendships instead of fighting, like Velenos :joy:

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We should warn him though the dark streets of New Jinn York have some pretty nasty Jinn

He might get molested or something and what would GOD big G think of that ???

I never met someone so salty cause his attempt to tell someone what they didnt experience was shot down xD



well, considering he doesnt get along with Yahweh i dont think Yahweh might care much

No honey I’m genuinely concerned about Lucy

considered? you mean concerned?

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