Jinn question

Um has anyone ever seen a jinn in it’s original form before? cause i always hear many people brining up how they are so ugly and hideous and etc… please elaborate if u ever seen one (male or female) in thier real forms… thanks ^^


In my experience no being is really ugly. Just not human. They could be “ugly” by our standards but the most beautiful thing to their kind. I would assume the same would go for us. They see us as ugly while to some humans we are beautiful.

As for seeing one I their true from I have but it was one that was an animal so nothing way different just looks like a ghost cat to me. I was like 5 or 6 years old the first time she came.


I’ve only seen one type of Jinn before called an Ifrit. The form it took was very humanoid in shape but was composed of a smokey…texture(?) that reminded me of steam coming from blood when spilled onto a raging fire ( it is hard to describe exactly the difference between that and steam in general until you have seen it). I am not sure if that was that particular Ifrit’s “true” form but that has been the closest I have came so far.


I haven’t

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We talked about this in PMs, right?


‘Um has anyone ever seen a jinn in it’s original form before?’.
Yes I have and still do. I first started seeing beings I now know as Djinn (along with other beings) in late 2018.
The Djinn are as humanoid as us. They have muscular bodies, arms, legs and hands - everything the same as us only smaller. I have felt their skin and it is warm like ours. When they walk they have a hunched look so their spines could be different from ours.
Their faces are the most amazing thing about them! One allowed me to see his face close up in a dream. Their mouth makes them look utterly ferocious! Their mouth is double the length of ours. Their teeth are jagged, white but jagged and fill their mouth. Their eyes are utterly beautiful. Their brilliant intellect just shines through them. The shape of their beautiful eyes are different from ours - they are triangular with the point at the top. They did not have a nose as such - not like ours. I was so transfixed with their mouth and eyes to really notice. I think their ears are small and pointed but that is just a sensed perception.
They communicate telepathically and their voices are articulate, formal, sensitive and expressive.
I have seen ethereal Djinn as well. They fly around you extremely fast. I have seen black ones and a light coloured one. I see them in my minds eye usually when I am relaxed, meditating (which I am still learning to do) and getting ready for bed.
I have also seen a fist sized spider entity who speedily zig zags up and down my walls. I have seen him/her usually when I wake up in the middle of the night. I am not sure if the spider entity is a Djinn but I feel it is worth a mention.
I have no fear of them nor have I had any fear of any of the entities I suddenly started seeing and sensing from 2018 onwards.


and what did the ones who fly around look like in their real forms? :o

thats so cool!! :o and wym by “They have muscular bodies, arms, legs and hands - everything the same as us only smaller. I have felt their skin and it is warm like ours. When they walk they have a hunched look so their spines could be different from ours.”

idk how, but i been able to hear them and feel their presence out of everyone in my family somehow, since i was 11 years old but idk how that happened, as i never knew what jinns were nor i was practicing meditation nor was i practicing on my senses

I dont know Mariam. All I can tell you us what I see.

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want to pm instead

Hi Mariam, I will elaborate on my previous reply which was short. Before I became aware of the Djinn I was an avid UFO ‘hunter’. I used to see lots of moving ‘stars’ at night and early in the morning that would suddenly shoot across the sky from a ‘standing’ position! I would also see glowing round orange red orbs which would float overhead, without sound, heading straight for Edinburgh Airport.

For personal reasons I moved to the Scottish Borders. The skies are so clear there. That was where I saw the huge whale like live entity moving in its own clouds. It was being attacked by geese and it shrieked I can tell you. I flattened myself against the nearest building when I saw and heard that! Soon after that I started seeing Djinn.

A singular Djinn person would watch me at night trying to persuade me to ‘open myself to him’ or so he said. I would wake and he would be standing across from my bed, leaning against the wall with his arms folded just watching me. He got angry one night. He woke me shouting in my face about low level demons or some such. I think he was talking about the ethereals which I had become aware of floating around me. I fell asleep but I remembered in the morning what he had said and his angry face was still in my minds eye.

Not long after that I saw a taller humanoid. I am 5ft 3 ins and he was a little taller than me. He was not human and not Djinn but a bit if both I think. He was definitely superior. The strange thing about him is that he was wearing a black tunic and some type of black trousers. He looked like a Djinn ninja! I had just got home after work and he was just standing there in my lobby. He just looked at me and walked into another room. I followed him but he had disappeared although I strongly felt that he was still there but that I just couldnt see him. I only saw him a few times which was usually just giving me a glaring look.

Because I could not understand what was being said to me, I suggested verbally to them that they had my permission, if they so wished, to strengthen our bond in order to increase communication between us. Instantly I was surrounded by their energy which usually means that they are in agreement with what I am either saying or thinking. That night when I was asleep I was awakened by a loud roar, my bed rose up and crashed down, an unimaginable intelligence entered through my back and raced up my spine into my brain roaring as it went. I have never heard such a sound as that roar. Then silence. I asked shakily ‘what was that’? An articulate male voice replied ‘thats my son’. Who ‘he’ is or who his ‘son’ is I am still looking into.

Straight away I felt a change physically. I could feel then, and now, these little invisible insect type delicate creatures scurrying all over me. After the initial possession/joining just over a year ago I can feel the creatures just as strongly today as I did then.
After that, and over the last year since then, more far superior non - Djinn looking beings have shown themselves to me. The funny thing about all this is that I previously had no interest in religion or magick. Nor had I heard of Djinn before then! I was just an ordinary person - if there is such a thing.

Now, through my ongoing experiences, a whole new world has shown itself to me. I became aware of this ‘behind the scenes world’ for want of a better phrase through my love of watching for ufo’s. I feel others may have became aware through their strong leanings towards science, magick or spiritual or religious beliefs.
I have another strange connection via the science aspect of the hidden world. Have you heard of C.E.R.N?
Professor Peter Higgs was awarded the Nobel prize in physics for his work on the Higgs boson, the particle associated with the Higgs field, an energy field that transmits mass to the things that travel through it which recently was confirmed through experiments at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider”.
The reason I mention this is that I’ve seen Professor Higgs. He comes into my work although he is elderly now. One day I will tell you about the appearing and disappearing red post boxes near where I work. That is a real inconvenience I can tell you!

Do you think that the practice of science, the practice of religion (take your pick!) and the practice of magick could all have a strong connection?

These Djinn are super intelligent as more and more people are becoming aware. I honestly dont know what my connection is though recently I did draw Lucifers sigil and recited his enn until the outer ring of his sigil moved anti clockwise and flashed. One of his inner tick shapes flashed as well. I asked Lucifer ‘Who am I’? His reply was immediate. He said in an articulate voice ‘Simeron’ and that’s all I got!

Dont be afraid of the Djinn people around you because they could be around you for a reason. This reason could become apparent as time goes on. Dont force it - just let them come to you.

Take care and stay safe. I say this but I strongly feel that the Djinn around you will make sure of that!


You asked this before in another thread.


They are formless and only take on certain appearances when interacting with humans

Basically imagine balls or clouds of living energy floating around

Djinn aren’t formless :thinking: in Jinestan they have forms, homes, jobs, and even social hierarchies.


Do some hands on research with some Jinn kings present :wink:

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I’ve done research and been to their realm to experience them, not through evocation or divination, so I don’t really see what that changes :thinking: I have experienced the Djinn king Sakhr/Asmodeus and a few others.


Then how exactly have you been to their realm

Projection, not astral/mental but my point being they do have forms, they can choose to be formless as they are polymorphic entities but they do have a form as well as being capable of taking on whatever form they want to from there.


The point of having lims is that we actually need them for living in this physical density but in their realm such is not needed but that doesn’t they cannot take on any forms of course they can but it’s mostly when they appear to humans or when they’re showing their realm to humans and of course remember that if you believe strongly spirits having forms or on not having any forms they’ll show you what you believe to be reality.
I personally have seen spirits both formless as well as having their own unique appearances but I was told that spirits don’t need physical forms therefore they are naturally formless

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