Jinn Magick


Just wanted to relay the experience of working some basic Jinn Magick since it’s not a hot topic around here. I’ll provide a few key differentiators between what we normally see around here and the approach I chose.

So I finally had the opportunity to launch a spell I have been eager to execute in a while. After transcribing the ritual into my notebook, I ran through one of the spells in Practical Jinn Magick by Corwin Hargrove. This time I really wanted to vibrate the names, so had to wait for the perfect time when I was alone. It’s always awesome when you can verbalize and vibrate nice and loud.

The ritual setup is simple. Just a black candle in a pitch black environment, a few sets of divine names to vibrate, and a petition.

It winds up being candle magick, yes, but has a certain depth you can chew on.

What differentiates this type of magick from the candle magick in EA’s books and standard sigil gazing is that the effects of each of the spells is “inferred” based on the Jinn names you provide to the Jinn King. You have little control over what the Jinn will do and you command nobody.

So say you pick the “financial ruin” spell. You petition the particular king by vibrating the name, then making your petition. The difference here is you follow it up with the names of 3 chosen Jinn whom have compatible effects. The King will choose, you do not.

Another aspect of the Jinn rituals in Hargrove’s book is that you must invoke within you the feelings involved in NOT getting your desire. Like how much it sucks to be hungry, or suffering from a creative block , etc.

Basically you show the Jinn what’s it’s like to feel not having what you desire, then you make your petition and the King chooses which Jinn will help.

A quick summary of the Jinn Magick rituals in Corwin Hargrove’s book is as follows:

(Obviously I’m not plagiarizing his stuff here, but if it whets your appetite, then I’m sure he would enjoy an extra sale. It’s a cheap paperback)


  • Darken the room
  • Meditate on El for a few minutes. El as a creative light force of the universe.
  • Light candle
  • Call a set of names from book (always the same)
  • Feel what’s it’s like to NOT have your wish. Show the Jinn. Impart your emotion
  • Call another set of names from book (always the same)
  • Call Archangels (always same)
  • Call Elders (always same)
  • Call the King (changes depending on ritual)
  • Make petition
  • Call three compatible Jinn (suggestions, changes depending on ritual)
  • Stare at candle , the heart of the Jinn

Bottom line, is that the structure is easy to remember. The divine names can be memorized in time since they don’t change.

All in all, I personally enjoy it. I have no issues with divine names and archangels. Using names that have been around for hundreds if not thousands of years helps with legitimacy.


I have that book by Corwin

The candles anyway becomes a problem. White is readily available and the night and hourly correspondence

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I have the book too. Had to perform an emergency ritual this morning, in full daylight, without a candle, and without the visualising part at the beginning, on the wrong day. I just used my intention, the emotional alchemy, and the names provided, along with my request. It still worked like a charm. My point being that the darkness, the candle, etc are props, which are useful, but it isn’t a deal breaker if you have to perform an emergency ritual on the hop without them.


Oh absolutely! The props are nice but no deal breaker like you said.


Hello fellow occultists,

I am trying to do my first Djinn ritual today. I am going to follow the instructions from Corwin Hargrove’s book as well. As always stupid love, but I am being a little tactful, trying to break the resistance first. This is going to be my very second ritual after Archangel Raziel. Anyone has any tips for me. Monday night ritual to weaken the resistance, am I good as long as I do it before 12:00 AM tonight or does that really not bother. I remember the author saying that it doesn’t really bother, but let me know. Also, keep me in your thoughts, hopefully it will all work out!

Just try to rehearse several times before you actually do it. You need to perform it without thinking about the steps and doubting if you did this or that right or wrong. When you feel you memorized it well, you can then perform the ritual with concentration.

It’s relatively complicated compared to his other work but it’s effective if done right.

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I have to use my iPad, memory isn’t my strongest suit, besides, because it is my second ritual, I’d feel more comfortable to look at the instructions and follow them step by step. Is that okay?
I am also going to rub some essential oil on my palms and wrists. I have a feeling a good fragrance would make me attractive. What do you think?

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Whatever works best for you. Ideally, you shouldn’t be looking at instructions except maybe short notes to remind you. Do it your way and if it works, it works. That’s the most important thing.

Is it okay if I am working with Amon on the same issue? or would that cause any issues?

Yes it’s totally fine. You can work with both for the same issue. Better if you use each for a different angle, not exactly the same task.


Whats the difference between jinns and demons?

The jinns I’ve worked with dont have as heavy of an aura as a demon, but are they of the same ‘race’?

Like working with Belial you can FEEL he’s a king, Lillith you can feel how powerful her energy is, but jinns seem closer to humans if that makes sense

Just finished my very first Jinn ritual. Was definitely sweating a little and the candle flame was intense too. So, let’s await the results. Will keep you all posted.

Okay, here is what happened. I went to the gym this morning after waking up, post completing the Djinn ritual last night, and when I came back, in my worship place(a small altar) where I have Vishnu, Ganesh and other hindu gods/goddess, in one section, the photo frames, fell down. I adjusted them back, and went back into the place where I performed the Djinn ritual(dark room) and I said, I will not tolerate that kind of behavior and that everyone has their own belief and faith and that needs to be respected. I don’t know if this is coincidence or something that was done to indicate a presence or something. Let me know your thoughts folks.

I dont think it was necessarily disrespect for having more than one entities to work with but I usually take them as signs of the entities being in your presence.

I started to work with jinns some time ago and have performed a ritual almost every day. And I put emphasis on the word day since it was working better for me. This was from Practical Jinn Magick.

First couple of days I did rituals on wrong days than what was adviced in the book; this was so I could really see if it would affect the outcome. Don’t like to be restricted with the timing of a specific ritual.

I noticed that you shouldn’t change the dates that are in the book but you can easily perform the work during daytime; I usually work in a pitch black room.

Learning the opening ritual takes some time so reading it step by step is also ok, if thats what feels right for you. For me the hardest - as usually - was to form a clear enough petition that would pinpoint my desire. Sometimes what we need is not what we order. I work as an artist and it takes some time for me to feel what are the next steps to take for my practice.

I performed a ritual For Reputation and Fame on Sunday and two days later got an email that I was invited to host a workshop next to my exhibition and also sold a body of work out of the blue.
This is potent and once you learn it, takes 15 minutes to perform.

Highly recommended.


Jinn are fire spirits. You need to have that element active within yourself to be able to deal with them successfully. You manged the situation correctly in my opinion. But be careful… Jinn are backstabbers. It takes more than anger and words to control them.

In the book, lesser keys of Solomon, you’ll find his sigil. Front side and back side. Print it or draw it on a circle of paper, no need to use metal. and keep that sigil-key with you or around you.

Jinn also come from Arabian-Islamic tradition. So if they misbehave in any way, go to Youtube and play a verse from the Kuran called “The Throne” or ( ayatul kursi ) over and over loudly. It’s powerful banishing for bad-evil Jinn.

Not trying to scare, Jinn are really wonderful spirits to work with, they just love to play around and have fun… sometimes in a creepy way lol Totally misunderstood. They’re very playful and love smart people who think fast. Because the concept of time for them is different than ours. When you feel you have to do something or say something, just do it and give it all you got. They will respect you. Fear them or hesitate … they will play you like a piece of paper in a hurricane. No fire without heat. If you can take the heat, fire will serve you well.

Good luck :slight_smile:


Hi @Romina: I did work on the days as mentioned in the book. I do agree about the petition part. A part of me also feels like the examples they mentioned in the book for petitioning are materialistic so it’s easy, but when you are talking about emotions, I think petitioning is way more difficult. I will try to do my next ritual during the day time in a dark room. Hopefully I will see the results manifesting. I shall keep you posted.


When you say that I need to have the fire element active in me, can you emphasize and help me understanding that. As you are aware, I am a total newbie in this. I will take your suggestion about the Solomon sigil and youtube vides. I feel like they were just making their presence felt in a way, because after I went back and mentioned that I will not tolerate them playing with my other god’s and goddesses pictures and statues, nothing out of the blue has happened and honestly for some reason I am not afraid or anything. I feel confident and that I have my head over my heels but at the same time I do have respect for the Djinns. I hope we will be able to work together and get some results. I do plan on performing another ritual either today or tomorrow. I shall keep you posted. :wink:

Sure no problem at all, in Hargrove’s book he mentions that you need to “exaggerate” in your request, right? That’s part of the fire element. I don’t want to distract you with too much details and information at this point. This would get you results so just follow what he suggests and you’ll do great with them.

When you banish them or educate them the way you did, just be very serious… command with respect, like commanding your army of soldiers while respecting what they do. You’re not ordering, but directing them to the right direction. Explain your point to them, you don’t have to just tell them what to do. Let them understand your reasons. But without arguing back or questioning it.

They also love getting rewarded. So give them something when they behave well or do something for you. Incense sticks, candles, simple food etc But make sure what you’re offering to them corresponds with their nature or the nature of the job they’re doing for you. For example, if you asked for baneful magick… then offer raw meat or an egg, bad smelling incense, black or red candles. Offerings are rewards or gifts, not payments. Jinn are sensitive and honor is very important to them. Honor them and they will love working with you. If you don’t have respect for Jinn, don’t work with them. This is my opinion. If you don’t have respect for them, they won’t have respect for you. Probably that’s why they behaved that way with you.


I did try to exaggerate as much as I could in my request. When I did educate them, I was serious but very respectful. I said that I do not appreciate them messing with the portraits of other Gods/Goddesses and I also said that I respect all religions and all entities and that’s how I’d like for us to work.
With regards to rewarding them, I’ve read multiple versions of that. Some people mentioned it was a very bad idea as they will continue to stick with you forever and that if there is no reward they would start bothering you. In the book also the author mentions not rewarding or offering anything.
I do have a lot of respect for Jinn. The more I read about them and understand them, the deeper the respect grows and higher the fascination. :slight_smile: You know when you are a novice everything is fascinating and confusing which leads to questions like am I doing this right? Is this going to work and stuff and let me tell you, patience isn’t my virtue, especially when it comes to relationships. LMAO! I am working on it though.
I genuinely think they behaved that way only to let me know about their presence. I have a good feeling that they will do the best they can to help me out. :slight_smile: because after I went back and asked them to not do that, nothing else has happened.
I have another question for you, but let me PM you.

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Hi! Did your rituals work?