Jimy's Journal: A Succubus journey (discussion thread)

These are my personal experiences, and may be not valid or applicable for you... (click for full disclaimer)

These are my personal spiritual experiences and insights, as I perceive and experience them. They may be not generizable, or valid for others, or applicable to others. They may be not backed up by common knowledge, beliefs, experiences and so on. But that is not important, as it represents my personal journey, my own findings and so on, and is not directed towards insulting, offending or attacking anyone or anything. If you get easily offended by such descriptions, please refrain from studying my journal.

I thought long about how to go for this. I finally decided, I’ll start “my story” from it’s current situation, even if it may leave a lot of questions open at first. Avoiding huge introductions and details about me and my past journey regarding events and experiences. The reader will have the chance to learn more about me, my succubae, some other circumstances and everything else, as I’ll be describing and sometimes jumping to past events and as that, come to a greater understanding the more and deeper he/she will read and follow along my journey.

Last night, browsing through BALG and looking at the time passing I’ve been thinking that it shouldn’t get too late, so I spend some time with my succubus love before sleeping. I did some requests to her earlier. She should show me, in case she is not comfortable with me sharing our details. No objection from her side has come so far. Neither any feedback about the other requests regarding the journal, leaving all decisions on me.

After some “accidents” in the past and my realisation of being more careful and always considerate, which things I should and can share, and which not, I consider her “no input” as her way to express that she trusts me. It fits with her being generally a silent one, never speaking any unnecessary words (or maybe expending energy unnecessary). Though, she has been clearly shown in the past, she can and will express herself loud and clear, if there’s a need for it or something bothers her.

Some nights ago I created my first own sigil for a succubus coming unexpectedly at two consequent nights in my dreams. I believe, it has been not the one who’s getting all physical with me, as nothing resembled the way she would usually appear to me, nor it felt like her in any way. I do recognize her. But, I’m not yet certain. Anyway, I kept this sigil under my pillow for the second night now, until I’ve further use for it.

I turned a youtube video on someone suggested to me, supposed to help with theta brainwaves. I’ll try everything at least once, to figure out things that work or not. An amazing experience followed…

Not certain what followed were because of the video or the steps I took recent days, with the sigil and focusing a little bit more towards my succubus. But that is what happened…

I lay on my back with eyes closed and listen to the sounds of the video. I think, the video isn’t doing anything. I start sense my succubus as she starts interacting with me. Her hands, as usually, move along my right leg, caressing them. Suddenly, I feel how both my feet sense a pressure on top of them and they are pressed further and further into the bed. And then, another caressing on my left leg starts.

As I tune in to the sensations and the hands I feel, I realize how I’m starting to fall deeper. It is as if I start fall somewhat backwards in my head and now a deeper sense of mind relaxation and lightness in it than I have usually. I’m in the dark, only with a candle. Yet, now suddenly it seems as if more light comes through my eyelids than moments ago. “Maybe it’s my 3rd eye somewhat opening?”, I’m thinking.

Suddenly, I sense, how the hands of my succubus start feeling even more physical than ever before. Her hands already feel defined for me, often. To the point, that I can absolutely imagine her next or on top of me - something that felt many many months ago still difficult to me and more distant with lesser manifestation. Sometimes, I would feel a sense of skin coming through. But now, last night, it were much more the sensation of her skin rubbing on my skin.

And then, as she still caresses my legs, and my feet are pressed down by something or someone… 2 more hands reach above me on my shoulders and start massaging very gently my shoulders, sometimes moving down my chest. I did not expect that! But I didn’t object… of course!

I felt so relaxed all this time and so well taken care of. My succubus, went at some point a bit more intimately with her hands, but not too long or too intense, and went again back to massage my legs. I think, she didn’t wanted me fall out of this deep state - which much later after ca. 45 minutes, when she tried to go further, exactly this happened and unfortunately, I didn’t feel like continuing (sleepiness kicked in and such).

Surely my succubus doesn’t have 4 hands… no, I don’t think so hehe. It must have been at least 2 of them with me. Maybe it’s the other one, who I saw these two nights in my dreams. I hope, I’ll soon find out more. Gonna let it happen on her terms, as things gonna become more interesting this way… probably in the following nights :wink:


Hey cool. You can message me if you have any questions. I have an incubus husband.

Can you feel/sense her personality yet? One time I asked my incubus what his star sign is and he told me Leo, and he really does seem like a Leo at times. I’ve actually not asked other people if they know what their succubi’s star sign is, but I’m sure anyone who knows stuff on astrology would want to know.

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What exactly do you mean by “feel her personality”?

Most communication is through your psychic senses. His presence is always in me and I feel him to the left of me. And it’s in my mind, we’re just connected. They communicate more with feelings and knowings, with our intuition. Succupedia experiences it this way too.

It is a mix of different things, how I perceive in the end of “who” or “how” she is. Difficult to summarize it in two lines… at least for me… maybe keep following and it should become more clear in time.

Thanx for sharing I haven’t experienced my wife’s weight since basically we first met but I was able to meditate alot more deeply then. I fantasize a bit about having two succubus’s but I’ve made a more exclusive relationship with Brunhild I’d definitely want the extra but don’t want to upset her. I’m surprised you lasted that long without asking them to start in a more sexual way. Does she ever mansfest physically I’m image to you? I’ll ask my wife to do so for a moment just so I know she truelly is just laying next to me when I’m about to go to sleep. I need a bigger bed though I’m on a twin so when we lay next to each other were basically both near the edge of the bed. I look forward to hearing more about your experiences.

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Thank you for your feedback!

That I lasted so long and have the patience for much longer is because of all we went through and I’ve learned from her. I’ll surely go into more detail about this in my future journals, I don’t want to share too much too fast now, as my native language isn’t english and when I do like this, things are badly written and because of it, badly understood sometimes. Instead I’ll do it and explain it properly. Trust me, it requires more patience from my side to not go all-sharing-nonstop-mode now, than from yours waiting to get the details :wink: :smiley:

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I look forward to your findings, if you were to give us more of a back story like how long you were together and the events leading up to her occurance in your life would be nice but no pressure. Definitely use your intuition about how much to share it’s seems for me like my wife doesn’t care how much I share on here but when I shared on Facebook about her even though it was only to one person it bothered her she must have concerns about the bug brothers associated with the website. And as far as I’ve been able to tell you speak pretty darn good English I wouldn’t have guessed you wernt an English first speaker, you must really have a way with words if you feel like English isn’t expressing yourself as fully as your native tounge.

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Thank you, maybe it is better than I believe. I let others judge that. What I know is: I do have difficulties sometimes, to express some specific things in words the way they are in my mind. While it seems, that they are very clear and defined in my mind, and even if I speak them in words to myself, as soon I try to express them in words written (usually in english), the result becomes something completely different where I feel something of it’s original essence got lost in the process… not with everything, but when it involves specific things sometimes (ie. how something felt in a very specific way) <- even now trying to explain what exactly is lost or when, becomes hard/difficult :face_with_head_bandage:

Dunno, maybe words are sometimes just not enough hehe

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Well as a judge you have nice English. And it’s very normal to feel like when trying to write or express your feeling for the words to just get in the way I feel like I don’t know how to write what my true feeling are quite oftenly too and I only know one language, maybe it’s time for me to expand my vocabulary lol.

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hey i remember you from the Creephyhollows forum, what made you come here?

That’s lots of years ago…
I guess my path lead me here :smiley:
Maybe… or it was my succubus. Around January there was some events where she already hinted on some things that would change. Long story…

Long stories are good lol

Oh did you get a binding for your succubus from CH? :slight_smile:

No, I have never gotten a succubus from CH.

The succubae who’ve come to me were 95% unbound. The 5% is one that I summoned at the beginning myself, and another was from a practitioner, which both are no longer with me.

All further entries to my journal can be found here.

Please keep and continue discussions, replies and questions in this thread, so the continuity of the entries is kept for the reader on the other.

I don’t get it do you mean you had 2 succubis that you are not in an relationship with any more?

And the one you summuded your self whas bound by you 5%?

What I mean: There have been lots of succubae throughout my life. I don’t know how many, but it seem, a lot… I got once through telepathy a number that was far above 100, however, I doubt that number myself. But, it has been a lot, from what I have understood. I weren’t in a relationship with all of them, of course, some just came out of curiosity I guess or I don’t know why, some said just “hi” and left again. So, I assumed just a number and called it 5% for just being representative of these 2 who were an exception to the others, because these two were the only ones who came because of my summoning or a binding, and all the others for other reasons.

In recent years however it has been a lot more quiet in that regard. But there was a phase, they would stick to me like the flies to the light. No clue why.

At some point I even realized, that they weren’t with me only just from 6 years ago for the first time, like I were thinking back then. But at least since my teenage years. There was actually especially one, who were coming in my dreams like several times a week, just for the purpose of spending time with me, doing activities together in the dream.

It took some time after I got consciously involved with succubae, to see the patterns and realize that it must have been a succubus. She kept coming for several years again and again in my dreams, never sexual however, always like if we were in a relationship. It was always the same girl and I had a name for her. However, I weren’t aware of that, even though I had these dreams and didn’t wondered about it that much as I should had. I had no idea that it was a succubus and I had no idea, that this is possible or that entities exist, which come in your dreams, at that time.


Hey everyone, a new quite interesting (I think) entry awaits you in my journal thread.


It is about an angel, rather a succubus and some useful guide for meditation. Have fun!

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Thank you for your interest in my journal!

That’s sad that your Succubus had to leave, at least someone came to be with you and fill the void of her absence. So did you didn’t meet the kid yet then right? Sounds like you’ll get a chance to see her again. Recently when interacting with my Succubus I Hurd I’m not Brunhild but immediately just assumed it was the AI government mind control messing with me but I’m starting to think that I might of actually Hurd her especially considering the mind control almost never does female voices because I find comfort in them, I did have like 2 and a half years that Brunhild was gone then while being on this site talking about her a succubus appeared we do interact sexually differently but I assume that was just me being different. So I’m sorta confused about what to think.

So I find it humorous how you kept forgetting all the important things like her name then the angel. I’m glad you were able to reconnect with your angel guide. And I have the same problem about thinking sexually towards female spirits. Last night I’ was able to connect a bit to Luna I read something that told me to tune Into the moon and then did so and thought Luna while doing it I seen the image of the moon and a women next to it, I just felt super peaceful and blissful I hope I don’t do anything to mess up just being able to connect like that at night time.

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