Jimy's Journal: A Succubus journey (discussion thread)

Ok i see. Its good if you had a partner so that partner protected you when all the othere succubus keep on coming at you.

I don’t mean they are bad but i would not recomend one human with 100 succubis. :sunglasses:

I have 2 and think of get to know a queen. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if some othere succubis wisit me but i belive my spirits won’t let them just walk in on me. :grin:

I actuly talked to her with my pendulum today. Interesting chat.

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Would you like to feel your succubus, your incubus or other love (or not) spirits more? I guess, who wouldn’t…

Right now, I started working on a tutorial about how to develop clairsentience and more specifically the ability of perceiving your partners physical touches and presence with your body, which I plan to publish here for everyone.

With Adda, the grade of physical touch manifestation has surpassed now for me everything else from before. It has nearly come to the point, where I would look if a real person got into the room unnoticed and jumped on the bed, if she’s gonna manifest just 3% more. Just the recent days, at 2-3 moments where I achieved even deeper relaxation, her manifestation did became even so strong, that I was left wow’d for minutes, despite all the previous experiences.

In many other areas, I wouldn’t consider myself an expert, by far not even immediate level, and in many just a beginner. However, regarding clairsentience I’ve done endless experiments and worked consistently and made huge steps over the years on it. If I had someone, who would have teached me what is right and what wrong and what I should try straight ahead, I would have reached these results probably in 50% of the time or less.

So, I feel the desire to share some techniques and also my personal techniques (which I haven’t seen elsewhere), so that others may achieve the similar results much sooner.

Please tell me, which things would matter to you?
What would you like to know more about?
What is it, where you have tried and seen no progress with?
What are other questions you would like to be answered in that regard?

With your input, I will try to put more emphasis in the tutorial on these things.


Well you got one potential student share the info when ready

Something specific you are more interested in?

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Training for being able to feel her more and help for sight, for sight I typically just stare at the mirror any other tricks would be nice.

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I reckon a bunch of us on here who have incubi and succubi need our own discord channel where we just talk about stuff like this.

That’s so sad that your succubus left… Did you ask her why she had to go and what she was doing?? Maybe fighting in a war or something. I’d hate it if my Allan left me. But we’re bonding at a much deeper level now so I’m sure he won’t.

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