Is YHVH really the god of this world?


Yahweh is a metaphor for the 4th Chakra, Merkaba.
Yahweh is the sound you make when you breathe, haven’t you noticed?


And how did you find that out…


Breath taught me. As you can find anything only by breath.


That’s interesting. Thanks for sharing





  1. a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable.

““I had fallen through a trapdoor of depression,” said Mark, who was fond of theatrical metaphors”

synonyms: figure of speech, image, trope, analogy, comparison, symbol, word painting/picture

“the profusion of metaphors in her everyday speech has gotten pretty tiresome”

  • a thing regarded as representative or symbolic of something else, especially something abstract.

“the amounts of money being lost by the company were enough to make it a metaphor for an industry that was teetering”

I’m rather curious how metaphor here is applied to this Yahweh.


How synchronized this appeared:

At around 12:37 metaphor is used. Ok, I guess I just never looked at metaphors in this way towards spirituality.

Synchronicities; they just happen at times.


Fucking love the intro :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
P.S. words fit perfectly


I’m omniistant so I believe evry single god and goddess is real


There’s plenty of info out there. Basically, “Yahweh” was a Canaanite tribal god, specifically a god of storms.


If my gnosis is correct then, I HAVE RECENTLY DISCOVERED that YAHWEH IS AN IMPOSTER SPIRIT. He took control from the REAL GOD EL. And sabotaged his position. After researching I found that the god EL of the Canaanite ancient religion is the real god of the universe. You guys were right to say that Yahweh is a tribal war god. He took control and completely alienated the other dieties. So fascinating what I have discovered. It may be news to you or you may have known that already. But EL is usually another name for YHVH But in reality EL and Yahweh are two different dieties and that el is the father of Yahweh and Astarte/astaroth/Ashera is the Mother of the gods. So El and Astarte are the real “gods” that created the universe so to speak. Also if you didn’t know


all names of the gods that the early Hebrews (Jewish) adored.

El shadie, El Elyon, el, all of these are names for the Canaanite god EL. I had thought that Yahweh was the same as EL. But what I also realized is that Yahweh IS NOT THE SAME AS YHVH. Which is a powerful Kabbalahlistic word used to empower rituals and even coerce sprits. Which is pronounced EE-AH-OH-EH.

What do you guys think about this. It’s insane how beliefs can change so quickly when the info gets into your hands.

So EL is the father of the gods and ASTARTE is the mother of the gods. I can only imagine that Astaroth is not “the mother of the gods” but a different mask or facet of the goddess Astarte. Please I would like to hear some feedback thanks.


Have you asked any of these gods weather or not what you just stated is true?


Hm good question. I haven’t. I researched it myself and and used tarot to verify my finding. The cards I got were the high priestess and the pope for two separate readings and it signifies that the info of the divine I was getting is correct. Do you have any methods of contacting the god El?


No I don’t but I’d assume it’s like any other entity. Then again, I only have read his name so I don’t know much about him.


Been looking can’t find anything on the diety. Just as elusive as Yahweh lol. The only thing I found was that El is also associated with Anu the Mesopotamian creator god and the Greek god Cronos. Which means that essentially these spirits have a strong association to Saturn.


I found the sigil of Anu however


Maybe some other people on here know a thing or two. Have you tried calling him with just his name? You could also make a sigil for him and an incantation to summon him.


It makes sense that Saturn would be the “creator” since it rules over boundaries, endings, and essentially everything that these gods like Yahweh and cronos represents. After all the old testement is basically about creation, fear, and discipline. And then the New Testament is about Jesus Christ (who is associated with the Sun, no pun intended he actually is). You can see if you’ve read it that it’s complete opposites. Even in the solar system. The sun is the center. The life force, the Illuminator and Saturn is the at the outside BINDING all the other 7 planets together.( including the moon in astrology)


a vampiric deity…

the ruler of planet earth is related to a second deity as a planet but we must understand that this second deity is just the ruler of the so called planet, not the dimension we are in, we make ourselves believe we are just in this this material realm, but truly there is a higher plane we are living at, call it a 5th dimension. when we are actively living in this higher plane we are the gods of our environment. but in this “planet” we have some stuff going on, let’s say that for de Pisces age (which affects the “planet”) most people are still living, we have two ruler entities (as the duality of the fishes) the “creator” and the second entity; the “creator” relates to the Sun, as it blowed to create the planets orbits etc in a seven “days” procedure, this seven so called days were the creation; after this the “creator” left his rulership, and it passed to the second entity, related to Saturn, (in astrology this manifest in the way we percibe our father, during the first seven years until the square of Saturn we recognize our father figure in the sun after this we recognize it in Saturn).
the sun related creator left his rulership to be divided and scattered amongst us so to speak, the divine spark inside of us (this is what makes us Gods the image alike “God”, the potential to be one, the fire we share, etc), in this sense we are all part of God and he is inside all of us, but we must move forward this age, and not be ruled by the second entity, but for ourselves, the so called “Gods of Aquarius” limitless in the higher plane, where we rule ourselves (in this higher plane there’s no such thing as a rulership more like a guardianship), but anyway, Yhvh is just a vampiric deity not related to the “Creator” neither related to the second entity, he does not rule this world neither this planet.
By the way the planet is Earth (as in the element Earth), the fourth dimension as it has the three dimensions of space plus the dimension of time. When we realize we are not on planet Earth but in the fifth dimension of Water (Spiritual not tangible) we are free from the rulership of the second entity.


Can you post his sigil of anu please that’s enkis father and enlil,and ninti


Blockquote Prior to eating of the tree, Sts. Adam and Eve were immortal, posterior to it, Sts. Adam and Eve were mortal.

That’s what I also thought it meant.