Is YHVH really the god of this world?


It’s the symbol for Spirit without the circle. Try google


No, he’s just another spirit.
The Ritual of Worship and the Ritual of Spirit Summoning are pretty much the same. I believe the Ancients (Jews?) did it more accurately than the watered down bullshit we see in every Church and Synagogue once a week.

There’s the invocation of the name, (god is a fucking title, not a name), incense and candles (or bon-fires) bells and music (probably an attempt at trying to induce the theta/gamma state, so as to make communication with the spirit easier), a sacrifice (the spilling of blood, in Christianity this is symbolized by the blood of Jesus represented by wine or grape juice),
petitions (it’s more like a trade off, offer the spirit what ir wants and get your wish granted). God isn’t a god of love, he’s a god of Trade.

Offer him piss poor wine and you can expect that cancer to kill you. So many fuck’tards don’t know this, and when god fails them, their excuse is that it’s god’s plan or it’s a test of faith. As if this all-powerful asshole needs these piss ant fools. If god wants to fuck your wife, it’s going happen (virgin Mary), ain’t nothing you can do to stop it according to Christian interpretation. But I know how to stop the fucker.


Think you have mixed up Asherah with Astarte. Historically speaking his consort was Asherah.

Astarte and Anat would have been Consorts to Baal.


Demiurge (IHVH) and Sephirothic Angels (Archons) are parasitic vampiric entities and enslavers.

Demiurge and His Angels are the first emanation from the Ain Sof and they separated because they wanted limitation, laws and order, thus they created this dungeons of cosmic materia when they reached the lowest sphere of Malkuth.

In other Hand, Satan/Lucifer and his Demons (Dragons of the Other Side) are the second emanation from the Ain Sof this one to counter and oppose the first, for this reason we call our Master by the word “Satan” because he is the Enemy, the Adversary and the Acusser of the Demiurge IHVH (God) and his Archons.


You have master i thought you wS a mage




From what I gather, this is just a another form of of a lower, pagan god-form. Not the “highest” on the ladder.

If you look into Zoroastrianism, you’ll find the roots of Christianity.

Modern Christianity is closer to black majick than anything else.


Yehovah Elohim is God but there’s other Gods like Horus.


Satan is the Lord of Thaumiel the Highest Sphere in Sitra Achra, not a human (magician) servant


YHVH (IHVH, HVHI) = symbol of balance. This is true meaning of this word.