Is YHVH really the god of this world?


If god isn’t powerful why do you the names of god successfully constrain and give authority when doing magick with other entities?


I see things quite differently.

There exists only one thing and that is Satan. There is nothing outside of Satan as it is the all, the absolute, the infinite. Everything and everyone are just parts of Satan. We are like scales on the Dragon which is Satan.
So even Yahweh would be part of Satan only that Yahweh would represent the imperfection, the lower self. It would represent humanity as a whole in it’s lowest form - as it is now. Before all of humanity becomes Satanic (perfected in mind on the most rational terms).

Since the material existence is hell and prison, obviously a perfect being such as Satan (Abraxas) would not create this world but only an imperfect being such as Yahweh. And we ware all prisoners in this hell. The whole idea of promising hell if you won’t believe in “God” is farthering you away from understand that my dear child are already in hell. And your sole purpose is to break free from here.


If you’re talking to me, I don’t use the names of YHWH for anything, neither I give him any authority on me, my works and certainly not over my Gods for over 15 years now.


First I want to say that I respect your perspective BlackMagik even though I see some things differently.

I agree there is only one thing. I call her Goddess. The Romans called her Magna Mater Cybele.

Some Satanists believe that the Egyptian God Set is one and the same as Satan. I have read (though I could be mistaken) that originally in pre-dynastic Egypt (prior to 3000 BCE) the name Set actually meant Queen. So at some time the Goddess/God Set’s gender was changed to male. Which has more to do with human perspective than anything objective about Set.

This is where you and I disagree. The physical world is the divine experiencing itself in embodied form. Being embodied in the physical is an opportunity for creativity, though us humans have fucked it up quite a bit. The idea that this physical world is some how less than is part of the dualism that the Abrahamic faiths perpetuate to keep themselves in power.

As for Yahweh himself, A minor spirit that probably started out as the personal patron of Abraham’s family which his descendants centuries later merged in their mind with one of the the war/sky gods EL. Yahweh didn’t create a thing just conned a group of poor desert people into to thinking that was so.

The whole creation story in Genesis is one of the greatest con jobs. There is evidence that Genesis 2 was not even a part of the oral tradition of the Jewish people but written by their priests during the Babylonian exile to prevent the exiled Jewish people from converting to the Babylonian religion.

So that’s how I see things,


I don’t see these two views as incompatible, and seeing Earth as the lowest density you can get, which equates well to some descriptions of hell, doesn’t make it ‘less than’ - @BlackMagik didn’t say that at all.

That it IS a prison for many is true by definition, we can’t get out by simply choosing and then come back at will. To open the door and just leave means having to suicide, there are many walls to keep us here, emotional, psychological, magical and not least, the elites and Archons that feed on people’s energy treating Earth like a farm.

Creativity is celestial though, it’s got nothing to do with being on this planet as it comes from the spirit in us.

I went to pick a bone with yhvh and for me there’s almost nothing there. It’s barely sentient, I know imps with more ability to communicate. It’s name has been used by something else and it’s pretty beat up and withdrawn.

Which matches some of the gnosis I’m reading above, many spirits have taken this title, some have had it put upon them, the beast that is the xtian “God” is a weird frankengod moslty made by man as the Creator now. That’s why, imo, it’s really quite psychopathic and evil - because it’s been formed by bad people looking for power over millennia.
Kind of like how elites are worshiping ‘Satan’ but they made that up too. Humans are creator beings, is it a surprise we make gods too? Shitty ones, sadly. We wrote the bible as well, proof in point.

The closest I’ve found so far to find a god of all to talk to, animistaically, is a representation of the uni/multi-verse. The whole universe is the “god” of itself, and we and everything in it are how it thinks to itself. It’s not male or female, it’s not an entity as we are used to them, it’s the universe. It’s not alone. There are many universes (I don’t mean dimensions and probabilistic offshoots of this one).

I call the animistic personification of that, “Leviathan”. It’s the intra-universe reflection of the creature you get if you go outside the universe and look back at it, which I call an Akvan (for personal reasons - I know Akvan is a name already used.) There’s lots of Akvans - when I went outside they seemed to hang in nothing as far as you can imagine, sort of sleeping, and the universes inside them were their dreams. I’m not yet clear if I think of that as the same leviathan as the one mentioned in the bible, that description is so limited it’s hard to compare, Lovecraft was closer.

In short, there is no god but a bunch of spirits that are the dreams of the universe, all figuring it out together. Some take roles for more or less order, they give each other titles, and generally live out the dreams because that’s thoughts do.


Cool perspective. You have given me some things to think about.


yehovah elohim is God. allah is not yehovah though. ehyeh asher ehyeh is god. god is also his name. god is not a generic term.


He created the physical plane? I’ve never heard that


I wish there was a way to make a laughing like button like in facebook on the absurdity of some of the comments here.


god is not a generic term???

So Zeus’s or Apollo?

If GAWWWWDDDD… is its name, then it’s a pretty stupid name since there are gods and goddesses long before GOD became the wanna be OMNI-thing.


There was a great post on BALG when someone evoked lady Lilith and she said that some spirits disconnected from the Source and they coexist side by side.
Their inherideted powers are left with them and they keep evolving since then.
If this reply helps then my mission is accomplished :fist:


I really don’t give a shit. I’m never going to worship some thought form with a bigger ego than I, anyway. I know who I consider gods… Those who listen and care, and prove it. Any being that knowingly withholds knowledge and punishes the pursuit of knowledge is straight up evil.


Mega-Egregore! And the Christ… well this makes me think it more likely forgot or doesn’t give a damn.

Edge of Thorns

An offering of reasons (it says surrender and follow)
We put them all away (souls locked up in the faux heaven)
A covering of treasons (shhhhh secrets and deceiving us)
That one by one we let slip away (gets lazy and lets the priests do what they want so long as they get more)

A solitary dancer (a new soul born)
So lost upon her stage (innocent prey to lure and take)

(This section is self-explanatory. It saw us before creation then created, like a spider felt the vibration… but later… meh… it don’t care)
I have seen you on the edge of dawn
Felt you there before you were born
Balanced your dreams upon the edge of thorns
But I don’t think about you anymore

A study made of winter (You’re old)
Of summers long ago (Youth long gone)
And dreams that use to glitter (Your hope and dreams)
Safely now hidden under snow (buried legacy… whatever it be)

And so we end this chapter (You are dying)
And let the stage lights fade (you’re dead and people forget)

(Again like last time it barely cares to glance)
I have seen you on the edge of dawn
Felt you there before you were born
Balanced your dreams upon the edge of thorns
But I don’t think about you anymore

I have seen you on the edge of dawn
Felt you there before you were born
Balanced your dreams upon the edge of thorns
But I don’t think about you anymore
I don’t think about you anymore, anymore
I don’t think about you
I don’t think about you
I don’t think about you
I don’t think about you anymore…

(Yep it hardly gives a damn not even thinking about you). Now that song wasn’t really about that but I think it fit.


I know it’s god for many.
But to me it never was.
I questioned it when i was teached bible.
Later, i found it to be the key of the Tetagrammaton.

I could spoil tons of questions and reasons to why he’s very doubtable.
But that’s not the point here.

The fact that the faith system which is in place around him, runs three main religions of today’s population should answer the original question.

Yet, the Trollgod, as he’s been called here so lovely,
has shown countless times, to harm both those who follow him,
as well as those who oppose him.
So that alone should be enough to categorize him somewhere far away from “all loving and good.”

Let me tell you a secret.
You can make him real for your understanding.
Just don’t expect your prayors to be answered,
as that is considered blasphemy by his own teaching!^^




No. YHVH is a metaphor for the Lord of the Air.
In demonology is symbolized by Lucifer.
In ancient egypt was Horus.


Where did you get that info?


From him, whom you call god.


People are saying he’s a desert god. How do you guys know that. Where did you find this out


You asked Yahweh directly then?


How did you contact him